Thursday, June 23, 2011

[VIDEO]Replay 君は僕のeverything - Shooting Sketch

Photographer: 1 , 2 ,3 Minho ah , I can't see you

Jonghyun : Seriously can't stand properly like that , it's so shaky haha

Taemin : ahh, it's so ticklish

Minho : Let's start

-the boy's are having fun with the balloons keke! --

Jonghyun : The photo shoot is under the theme of freedom shooting , it's not bored at all it's fun and enjoyable , now I don't have the feeling of working at all

Taemin : Like that? Am I handsome am I handsome?

Minho : In korea now filming for our First Japan debut single how do I put it? It's a new and challenging feeling although it's the first time doing it, but it don't feel like first time we will work hard and present to the Japanese Fans a new look . Everyone please look forward to it Thank you

Replay Mv Filming :

Onew : Now we are at the place for our Mv filming , my role is a engaging art student I am in the process of making a beautiful piece of art

Minho : Hello , now we are filming our Japanese debut single , Replay's MV . My role is a teenager who plays the basketball , while filming I have always been so regretful because there's only 1 chance so I am feeling regretful . If I could see the video , I will do it slightly better I will go film now

Jonghyun : This is the place where SHINee film their Japan debut's Replay Mv scene

Taemin : Japan fans , we are currently shooting a very handsome mv everyone
Please be patient and wait for it

Minho : Everyone thanks for the hard work, thanks for the hard work everyone
The first day of filming ended , it's very fun and we ended the filming smoothly tomorrow we will continue to work harder ! we'll end the filming gorgeously fighting !

Director : music please.

Onew : the most important point is this pair of shoe there's a lot of thing hanging on this shoe while dancing it will sway gracefully

Taemin : ohh~ I have a camera

Interviewer: how do you feel filming a Japanese language mv

Jonghyun : it's very new and refreshing because Japanese there's a difficulty

Onew : It's hard on everyone , it's not the end of everything yet thanks for the hard work

Minho : Everyone thanks for the hard work

Key : Thank you

Taemin : That's the look while practicing dance , now filming look while practicing dance hope that it will turn out nicer

Interviewer : Key what's your role?

Key: Fashion designer , Ah should be a student who dreams to become a fashion designer everyone says that. This time round the filming special point is individual based , everyone act as a person that suits character , the role can make us show more of ourselves . Seems like the filming is smooth and well, looking forward to it and the story line

Taemin : Main hit / Title song , Replay this time round we got a Japanese Version with a different feeling to show everyone now while filming this mv , feeling nervous and curious about how everyone reaction will be how to say it? Looking forward hope that everyone will give us loves of comments and feelings on it , see you in Japan

Jonghyun : The filming for our debut song Replay mv has officially ended there's really a lot of crew has work hard and help us a lot in this filming of the mv hope that everyone will look forward to it we will also work hard with our fresh look to repay everyone's love just a while more , we will comeback soon and let everyone see us on stage we'll meet the next time

Minho : Japanese Mv filming ended just like that, looking forward from the beginning of filming the Japanese debut mv being able to finish the filming successfully , I'm really very happy . We are making our first step [going into Japan] in the future will continue to take step by step and go forward and we will work hard to show everyone our better side , thanks a lot everyone for your support everyone please wait a little while more Bye Bye

Key : Everyone has work hard, It's very happy in today's filming , we will work harder and everyone please root on us WE ARE SHINee , I AM SHINee's KEY

Onew : Hello everyone , I am Onew , really the feeling this time round for releasing album is a different feeling , have been feeling of working even harder all this while now we are not using Korean debut's song , but in Japanese so we will put in more effort , it's like a new feeling of debut-ing again . It feel's like a new challenge and a new environment , so in future will work harder to show everyone a better us .
So above is Onew at Mv filming place, Annyeong

Credit : Minhoney
[Chinese Translation: MINHOney ]
[English Translation: Forever_SHINee]

Please take out with FULL CREDITS

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