Sunday, October 26, 2014

[PHOTO] 141026 Key instagram update

bumkeyk: god never eat something after 10 pm i look so weird lol

bumkeyk: Wearing something like this is good to embrace the weather yoohoo

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[Twitter] 141026 Jonghyun update

@realjonghyun90: 괴로움에 익숙해져 지쳐갈때 들어요
한줄한줄 전부 시야

Translation: "@realjonghyun90: When you're used to the suffering and become tired, listen to it.Each and every single line is a poem. (Song: Blue Spring / Artist: Thornapple)"

Source: realjonghyun90
Translation credit: shiningtweets

Saturday, October 25, 2014

[PHOTO] 141025 Jonghyun on Blue Night Twitter Update with Red Velvet

Credits: MBC Blue Night Twitter

[STREAM] 141024 SHINee at '2014 Incheon Asian Para Games' Closing Ceremony

Credits: cyprus1209 YT

[PHOTO] 141024 Key Instagram Update

"god i know how to take a picture"

Credits: bumkeyk, @sfinee

[PHOTO] 141024 Key & Minho on SMTOWN Facebook Update

Credits: SMTOWN Official Facebook

[PHOTO/TRANS] 141022 Key in SHINee Official Board Update

Zorro has ended!!!
What does the end of this project mean ...
I am relieved and disappointed.
With the tour going on at the same time, I tried to be devoted to every performance. I'm not sure how you felt when watching.
It's a project that I am especially attached to and again, I thank everyone who gave it a lot of love.
Zorro is the flame in everyone's heart.
When you need him, he will appear wearing a mask.
I hope Zorro gave you a little more courage and passion to make your heart race !
Let's hope Zorro comes back !!


Credits: @sfinee

[STREAM] 141022 Minho on 'Cosmopolitan' Magazine Photoshoot

Credits: CosmopolitanKorea

Sunday, October 19, 2014

[YEAR END SALE] SHINee GOODS Clearance Stock 2014

List of item:

1) Why So Serious album - RM60 inc post
Unsealed, perfect condition with Key photocard.

2) SHINee Official 2013 Desk Calendar - RM55 inc post
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3) SHINee Official 2013 Diary - RM50 inc post
Sealed, perfect condition

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List of item:

1) Dream Girl album - RM45 inc postage
Unsealed, perfect condition, w/o photocard

2) Why So Serious album - RM45 inc postage
Unsealed, perfect condition, w/o photocard

3) Taemin "ACE" album (1X Black, 1X White) - RM40 inc postage
Unsealed, perfect condition, w/o photocard

4) SHINee OFFICIAL Everysing Sherlock photo (5PCS) - RM50 inc postage
Unsealed, perfect condition

5) Taemin "Danger" OFFICIAL POLAROID (2 sets) - each set RM70 inc postage
Sealed, perfect condition, ONLY AVAILABLE IN KOREA, RARE merchandise

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1) Please contact Moderator that are in charge with the item
2) Please ask the item availability, NO RESERVATION

Happy Shopping ^^

Saturday, October 18, 2014

[NEWS/PHOTO] 141016 Minho in Cosmopolitan Magazine

SHINee’s rapper, Minho, is all bundled up for the winter for the November Magazine Issue of Cosmopolitan. It was revealed that Minho’s casual but classy photoshoot was taken at Helsinki, Finland!

From the officially released photos of Cosmopolitan, SHINee’s Flaming Charisma can be seen sporting fashionable coats, leather jackets, and boots, achieving the perfect chic and trendy look for the colder seasons.

During his interview, SHINee's visual expressed how much he enjoyed his short trip in Finland despite his jam-packed schedule. He also shared that, "It feels good to be able to communicate with my fans through this interview; it’s been awhile since I participated in a solo magazine shoot, so I hope this can be a special gift to my fans."

SHINee is currently active with their third Japanese Tour that is divided into two parts, the Hall Tour and Arena Tour. "SHINee World 2014 ~I’m Your Boy~" will travel across 24 cities, which already kick started at Ichihara City Hall in Chiba and is scheduled to end at the Kobe World Memorial Hall in Hyogo.

Credits: @sfinee

[PHOTO/TRANS] 141017 Jonghyun Twitter Updates

Update #1

Jonghyun: Ah... What are Minho and Key going to do..... Cries

Jonghyun: Got goosebumps imagining the future.
Go to a marriage meeting between families and say hello!
I am Bling Bling Jonghyun!
Bbuing >_< v
Marriage over

Jonghyun: A habit I got from being bored during the tour
is watching Afreeca tv.
Great Library and Great Spirit, I love you. 
(T/N: Afreeca tv is a site where people post user created content. Great Library and Great Spirit are popular broadcasting jockeys aka BJs who talk about/play games.)

Update #2

Jonghyun: oh ke ty ty (T/N: PD Great Spirit RTed Jonghyun's tweet about him.)

De Jong Ryong PD: Oh my god even your ID is realjonghyun

Jonghyun: Why does it feel like I'm getting dissed
about having a lame ID...?!?!
Must be my imagination. Oh my god.
Great Spirit shiver shiver shiver shiver shiver shiver shiver
Even your ID is great shiver shiver shiver shiver shiver shiver

De Jong Ryong PD: This is a nickname I made when I was young. I haven't even been able to change my name and I've been keeping it. Think about going to a meeting somewhere outside and saying it.
"Hello. I am Great Spirit."

(P/T: "It was such a hard... and long time...")

Jonghyun: My nickname when I first debuted was Bling Bling Jonghyun...

Somehow it feels like we're competing over who can introduce themselves in a more embarrassing way......sob

De Jong Ryong PD: (P/T: Okay, let's stop there)

De Jong Ryong PD:  We both had it bad (P/T: Ah...ah..ah..)

Credits: @sfinee, @shiningtweets

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