Monday, January 31, 2011

[NEWS]Minho and SISTAR Attend ‘2011 KBL All-Star Game’

America’s ‘NBA All-Star‘ weekend is just less than a month away, but Korea’s already kicked off their ‘2010-2011 KBL All-Star game‘ this weekend with a touch of K-Pop glamor to boot!
The KBS All-Star game invited popular girl group SISTAR as performing artists during the half-time interval, and SISTAR Bora also attempted a dunk as a pre-game opener. Meanwhile, SHINee’s Minhowas also spotted amongst the crowd.
Check out the photos and videos below!

> SISTAR’s Bora attempting a dunk with some help.

> SISTAR performing 'PISH PUSH' and 'HOW DARE YOU' .

sc: AKP

[NEWS]SHINee’s Onew shed tears during a SBS New Year’s special broadcast.

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During SBS New Year’s special program, ‘Battle of Star Couples,’ Onew suddenly showed tears while participating in the third round of a corner called ‘Bolbulok (Chance) Eating Table.’This corner involved star couples randomly choosing different kinds of foods and finding out their new year’s fortunes through it. The rules of the game in this corner asks for the couple to choose two food dishes; if they choose a normal food out of the two dishes, they win, but if they do not, they will be punished by being forced to eat a food that is hard to endure.Onew was nicknamed ‘Endurance Onew’ for nonchalantly eating dishes that were hard to eat. Furthermore, Onew started shedding tears while eating rice cakes and caused everyone to be confused over whether or not he acted out the tears or actually ate very spicy rice cakes.On this day, it was said that not only Onew, but all the idol guests showed incredible acting skills to the point where even the MCs who already knew the answers became confused.Meanwhile, the truth behind endurance Onew’s tears can be found out through viewing ‘Battle of Star Couples’ on February 3rd.
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[SCAP]Taemin could never leave his lovely chips since Yunhanam Days

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more caps from Hello Baby
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credit: linyin @ soompi official Taemin picture thread

Sunday, January 30, 2011

[PHOTO] SHINee for Maypole Interview 110130

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[SUBS]Bang Channel A-Port - Get 1 Day With SHINee

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[SPOILER] SHINee’s Onew tackles f(x)’s Luna

On January 23rd, many idol groups came together for the recording of MBC’s Lunar New Year’s special, “Idol Star Athletics Championship“.
During the event, fans caught a hilarious – but almost dangerous – incident between SHINee’s Onewand f(x)’s Luna. In the video, Luna and SHINee’s Minho are celebrating after Luna succeeds in clearing the high jump. As they’re jumping for joy, Onew comes running in to congratulate her and decides that he’s going to run right through the pole.
He ends up tripping over the mat and dives straight into Luna, who reprimands him playfully with a pat. Luckily, no one got hurt and it seems like they both got a good laugh out of the situation.
Check out the epic video below!

Source: Allkpop

[VIDEO]OnKey was on 4Minute Mr.Teacher - "Ideal Type World Cup"

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[PHOTO] Minho @ SBS Star Couple Recording

Credit: DC

[PRE-DEBUT PHOTO] Taemin's pre-debut photos

Credit: as tagged
Source: Baidu

[PRE-DEBUT PHOTO] Minho's pre-debut photos

[PRE-DEBUT PHOTO] Key's pre-debut photos

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Source: Baidu
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