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[FANCAM]SHINee dances to DJ Doc Comeback stage

Credit: PMINHOKEYBUM1 @ YT + Forever_SHINee

[FANCAM]Jonghyun lost something @ Music Bank Encore Performance

Credit: Randy19977 @ YT+ as tagged

They found it ! Luckily !

[PHOTO]SHINee @ LUCIFER Album Fansign


Credit: weareshining

[VIDEO]SHINee Lucifer BTS (2)

Credit: weareshining4 @ YT

[PHOTO]Donghae said SHINee's hairstyle influenced from Dragon Ball

Posted Image

Credit: baidu + Forever_SHINee

[INFO]SHINee leading in Melon Netizen Popular Award

Credit: lala_land @ soompi

[FANCAM]Sexy Onew's Back at MuCore

Credit: weareshining4 @ YT

[VIDEO]SHINee with Lucifer on MuCore 310710

Credit: CrazyCarrot260 @ YT

[VIDEO]Taemin into New World @ SK Recording

Credit: weareshining4 @ YT

I want to know what is he said and make people laugh !

[VIDEO]SHINee @ Sukira Radio Show SUBS

Credit: Dragoness57@ YT

[VIDEO]Onew did Samba Dance @ SK Recording

Credit: MayKyNim @ YT / shakizi

[FANCAM]Taemin wants to Kiss Key during Lucifer on MuCore

Credit: gyapower09@ YT / leeplay

[FANCAM] Minho dance with Piggyride by Taemin

Credit: Randy19977 @ YT / BLINGKEY

Ommo~ So Cuteee ! Taemin is a strong GUY :)

[FANCAM]Minho dance Lucifer with a piggyride by Onew

Credit: Randy19977 @ YT + BLINGKEY


[INFO]Top 10 Korean Idols who look better without clothes

1. Leeteuk
2. Kim Hyun Joong
3. Taemin
4. Siwon
5. Jaejoong
6. Nickhun
7. TOP
8. Yunho
9. Jokwon
10. Dongho

Credits: TVXQBaidu
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Credits : DKPOPNews

[FANPHOTO]Jongkey and TaeKey

Credit : AS TAGGED

when will your fanfic will be post. i'm dying to see the next story..

OHMAIGOD ! IM sorry ! will tonight okayy !

Shawols ! Ask Us ^^

Will "Night star" show at KBSW?? :) Kamsahamnida~

Dont know , will at Korea at Malaysia dnt know

Shawols ! Ask Us ^^

How to pronounce "Shawol"? I heard from my friends[shawols] have different pronounce on it,so it makes me confuse..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

she wols . AHAHAH :D how did she pronounce it ?

Shawols ! Ask Us ^^

What does shawols and MVPs stand for? :D

SHINee World MVP ? Most valuable person

Shawols ! Ask Us ^^

[INFO]SHINee celebrates their Music Bank K-Chart win

SHINee celebrates their Music Bank K-Chart win

SHINee shared celebratory pictures after winning the Music Bank K-Chart.

The boys won their first #1 since their comeback with Lucifer on the 30th and decided to celebrate.

Each of the boys held the trophy and posed for the camera. They look more than satisfied, which makes sense because they probably put a tremendous amount of hard work into this album.

If you’re wondering why Onew doesn’t have a solo picture, it’s because he was crying too hard to take a picture by himself. That is also why he isn’t showing his face in the picture above.

Do you think they’ll win the Mutizen song on Inkigayo?

credit: allkpop

[INFO]SHINee’s Jonghyun penned a song with a hidden meaning?

SHINee’s vocalist Jonghyun recently created a hot issue when he revealed that there is a hidden meaning behind his composed lyrics in the song Obsession.

On the 27th, Jonghyun left a hint for fans to decipher the hidden meaning behind Obsession through a phone call with Star Call. During the call this singer revealed, “There is a song in this album where I participated in composing. Called Obsession, I’m curious as to how fans are deciphering the lyrics for this song.”

Jonghyun then continued by giving two hints that is supposed to help in finding the hidden meaning. According to this idol, the first hint is, “The woman left towards a place that could never be seen again” while the second is, “The man has a dual personality and is suffering from a mental illness.”

The SHINee member also said, “The lyrics of Obsession were written after being inspired by a novel I read, and I think if everyone knew the true meaning behind these lyrics they would be greatly surprised,” emphasizing the fact that the lyrics of this song is not simply about love and break ups.

For those like myself who have no clue as to what the hidden meaning behind Obsession’s lyrics is, be sure to stay tuned until Jonghyun himself reveals it!

Have you guys read it??

CREDITS: Allkpop

[VIDEO]100728 SHINee Live - Electric Heart @ Sukira *mp3 download*

CREDITS: live journal

Friday, July 30, 2010

Jonghyun + Jjang = JJONG ! keke V(^^)V don't forget to watch Music Bank tomorrow ! i can't wait for the LUCIFER fanchant !

If im not mistaken.JJONG is the shortform for JONGHYUN HYUNG BY KEY ~ JONGKEY ~ :D

Shawols ! Ask Us ^^

eonnie~ Variety ‘Night Star’? nnti ade kat tv ke?(yg kte slalu tgk KBS tu?)

No la dear.Mesti lambat kalau nk klua . Yang ada > Music Bank,SGB,Invicible Youth,DreamTeam,Happy together,Open Concert,2 Days 1 Night.

Shawols ! Ask Us ^^

loverholic,robotronic,loverholic,robotronic <---- this was the best line in the lucifer song for mee ;{DD

Same as me (Arqyla)

Shawols ! Ask Us ^^

What does shawols stand for?


Shawols ! Ask Us ^^

[RANDOM] Minho's Bed

Don't stare at Minho's sleeping face'll get distracted. LOL. Look at the side of his bed though..there was a sticker. The pic already explains itself. I just don't actually know WHY it was there. XD

I posted it here cause I found this funny myself... :xD

[RANDOM] Onew's t-shirt, weird coincidence ? lol

Ok, I know this topic is really random, but I wanted to share with you guys something I just noticed XD

Do you remember Onew's t-shirt from Juliette days, right?

Good... XD

While I was watching an american tv show, called 90210, I couldn't help but notice THIS! XD
I laughed so hard when I saw it! LOL

No need to say who wears it better, HAHA!

[PHOTO] Onew Musical Rock of Ages Poster

[Video] Onew's Musical Rock of Ages Promotion

source shinee-ing

[Fancam] SHINee OTW after Performing at Music Bank

source and credit With Taemin
re-upload eijisatoshi
shared by weareshining (WRS)

[VIDEO] SHINee Interview @ MUSIC BANK!

cr: yootinaa @ Youtube


[CHART] Korean Idol Groups Chinese Web Ranking

SNSD 43462
TVXQ 27559
SHINee 26744
F(X) 25644
SS501 24648
T-ARA 12897
2AM/2PM 12135
KARA 12022
BEG 11794
BIG BANG 10232
2NE1 8490
UKISS 5800
ZE:A (Children of Empire) 1581

CREDITS: F(X) Baidu + SJ Baidu
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[NEWS] SHINee Filled with Love for "Lucifer"

Members had participated a lot in the making of this album, and have shown much love for this album. Making a comeback after 9 months of rest, SHINee showed their love for their 2nd album Lucifer.

On a recent interview with SHINee backstage, SHINee shared that :

"The current album is feels more completed and is also very outstanding, therefore we are very pleased. Especially when it is the first time members have taken part in the making of the album, which is why we love this album. From the lyrics to the stage costume, members have expressed their ideas and comments.
Currently a hot topic is the lyrics that Onew and Jonghyun wrote, Onew's heartwarming 'Your Name' and Jonghyun's 'Obsession' that tells a story of a man who missed his chance with his lover. When asked how did they feel when they have never experienced the feelings in the lyrics, Onew said: "The lyrics will be better if we have experienced it before.." while Jonghyun simply said that he has asked around for suggestions.
If SHINee's previous image being noona's boys, then this album has successfully changed them to men. Members are very pleased with the photoshoot of this album, "we had a lot of ideas for this album, how to be more outstanding, how to portray a better image etc, we were really troubled. Between members we also interacted a lot and exchanged ideas, the end product really showed our individual charm so we are very pleased."
Not forgetting their fans that had waited for 9 long months, SHINee said, "Actually, we were quite nervous after not performing on stage for a long time. On our comeback stage there was many fans so we are really thankful, it was good standing on the stage and feeling our fans' love. We will do well in our activities to thank them for waiting for us."

cr : weareshining



SHINee Performance DAEBAK!!!! They all look Gorgeous!!

[NEWS] Miss A and SHINee on Gaon Charts

Korean pop idols miss A continued their winning streak on Gaon's singles chart last week, scoring their third straight win with their debut song "Bad Girl, Good Girl."

According to data released by Gaon on Thursday, the girl group's title song from their single ablum "Bad But Good" remained at the No. 1 spot on the singles chart for the week of July 18 to 24.

miss A, composed of Chinese members Fei and Jia, and Koreans Suzy and Min, splashed onto the local music scene on July 1. Just last week, they took their first win on televised music programs Mnet's "M! Countdown" and KBS' "Music Bank."

Newly released tune "LUCIFER" by five-member boy band SHINee entered the singles chart in second place and "I'll Back Off" by songstress G.Na featuring Junhyung of BEAST made an incredible 15-spot jump to No. 3.

Meanwhile, SHINee's second full-length record, of the same name as their new tune, made its debut atop Gaon's album chart during the fourth week of July.

The recently released single album "Digital Bounce" by singer Se7en successfully bowed into the chart at No. 2, while former 2PM leader Park Jae-beom's debut single "Count On Me" slid two slots to third place.

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{LUCIFER} SHINee wins this week's Music Bank!

Guess what!?
Our Shining boys have done it ! They won this week's K-Chart! SHINee Daebak!! Chukkae!!! SHAWOLS on Twitter! Help keep #lucifer1stwin on Trending Topics okay~ SHINee Hwaiting!

cr: UnknownCarrot150 @ Youtube , Shakizi

[Photo&Message] SHINee with Lucifer Album Type B


우리가 찍은 사진~! 여러분에게 갑니다!^^ B버전이에여~

Pictures we took ourselves~! Here you go everyone!^^ It’s the B-Version~

(Jong hyun)

B버전!!! 저희가 데뷔 때부터 찍은 사진으로 이뤄져 있으니까 재밌게 봐주세요~^^

B-Version!!! It consists of photos we took since our debut so have fun looking at ‘em~^^


폴라로이드를 모아두길 잘 했다!!! 많이 사랑해 주세염!

We did a good job of compiling Polaroids!!! Please give a lot of love!

(Tae min)

샤이니앨범 B버전 저도 사려구요^^;;;

I want to buy SHINee’s album B-Version too^^;;;

source shakizi
credit weareshining (WRS)
translation Joodit@WRS

[News] SHINee, “We are Very Excited and Honoured to be able to Promote in the Same Time Period with BoA”

SHINee reveals their excitement to be able to promote in the same time period as their senior BoA.

Back with their 2nd full length album and title song ‘Lucifer’, with more masculine charms. Not only are fans enjoying the boys with their new image, the album is also selling very well, going up on album sales chart.

Leader Onew told MTStarNews reporter on 29th July, “We are really thankful for the love that everyone gave for ‘Lucifer’ since the beginning. Since this is our full length album release after a while so we hope to promote for a longer period of time.”

August also turns out to be the month when ‘Asia’s star’ BoA will be back after 5 years with her 6th album. The SHINee members said, “We are very excited and honoured to be able to promote in the same time period as BoA seonbaenim. We feel that we can learn a lot by being able to watch her performance from near.”

They added, “Even though until now we are not able to see BoA seonbaenim often, whenever we meet, she would give us encouragement. We have heard BoA seonbaenim’s new song and we really like it.

Source: MTStarnews || K Bites
Credit: weraeshining

[SCAN]SHINee Lucifer Album TYPE B (2)

source shakizi and DCSHINee

Source: Keyboard
Source finder: wyatchina

Source: dcshinee
credit: weareshining

Source: no syrup

Fully Credit: weareshining

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