Thursday, June 23, 2011

[NEWS]SHINee is the ‘Beatles of Asia!” “There hasn’t been such a fever since the Beatles.

SHINee is the ‘Beatles of Asia!” “There hasn’t been such a fever since the Beatles.” 
Japanese Sports Newspapers Highlighted SHINee’s showcase at ‘Abbey Road Studios’ in London!
K-pop fever in Europe to be introduced as well
Japanese sports newspapers highlighted ‘JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION in LONDON’ which was held at ‘Abbey Road Studios’ in London on 19th and has created high expectations.
On 21st, 6 Japanese sports newspapers, including Sports Hochi, Junichi Sports, Sankei Sports, Sports Nippon, Nikkan Sports and Daily Sports published extensive reports of SHINee’s showcase held at ‘Abbey Road Studios’ in London, UK.
In particular, Sports Hochi described about 1,000 of fans waiting in front of ‘Abbey Road Studios’ by quoting from officials that “There hasn’t been such a fever since the Beatles.” And also, they gave a special meaning by explaining that “to perform at a sacred place where masters, such as Stevie Wonder and Rod Stewart, have performed is the first milestone for Asian artists. SHINee has taken the first step towards making their mark in the global music scene.” 
Moreover, by mentioning SHINee’s speech, “we wish to go down in history just like the Beatles,” and also mentioning the success of SMTOWN LIVE concert in Paris, they stated that SHINee’s popularity in London and K-pop’s popularity has been growing remarkably.
Junichi Sports reported, “SHINee is the ‘Beatles of Asia,’ first Asian artist to hold live session in Abbey Road Studios” as the newspapers’ headline article and stated that “SHINee showed full potential with their outstanding dancing and singing ability.  
In addition, Sankei Sports also delivered the news of SHINee fever in London by stating that “An enthusiasm since the Beatles,” and Sports Nippon reported “SHINee made the first step toward the global marketplace.” These broad interests of SHINee are proving how Japan has a high expectation for SHINee’s debut.
Meanwhile, SHINee will release their Japanese debut single “Replay” on June 22nd(today) and will attend “MTV Music Video Awards Japan(VMAJ)” which will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan on June 25th. 

Source : SMTOWN

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