Sunday, June 12, 2011

[VIDEO] SHINee HMV Interview 110610

HMV Online audeince 
Hello everyone , we are shining SHINee!
Hello everyone , I am Leader Onew 
Hello everyone , I am Maknae Taemin
Hello everyone , I am ShINee Key
Hello everyone , I am SHINee Minho
Hello everyone , I am Jonghyun
Key :
Thanks to Japan Fans that we could debut in Japan ,
very thankful to everyone .
Jonghyun :
Let’s introduce some changes that you will feel 
while listening to [Replay] .
Taemin :
Firstly , this time round compare
Japanese version with Korean version , that’s more 
mature feel in it. The atmosphere of the song has slightly
change, hope that everyone while listening to it, feel it.
Jonghyun: Like it? which part of the song?
Taemin: I think that the chorus sound very nice
Jonghyun: so , Taemin please sing some part of it. 
Everyone : aww , clap (so cute keke)
Minho: and also, this is our first time using japanese
lyrics recording a song so, it’s very difficult 
to pronouce , feeling abit awkward .
but after practicing allot of times, we are use to it,
we can naturally sing it out.
Jonghyun : so , let’s see how Minho goon naturally sings it out
Minho: ha , me?
Jonghyun : yes , let’s listen to the rap part
Taemin: That’s interesting 
everyone : laughsss
Jonghyun: about the MV , there’s alot of new role
in it 
Minho : Jonghyun, so what role did you enrol in?
Jonghyun : as for me,my role is a teenager who is working
at a cafe and dream is becoming a singer 
and i practice while working 
Minho: wahh , a actor , Jonghyun can be .
Jonghyun : because i am a part-timer, yoona shi came in the shop
i brought her to her place, Minho what about you?
Minho: For me, i am a teenager while playing basketball
and got high, and love at first sight, and so i was
hit by the ball 
Jonghyun: ahh~ So you focus was attacted by the girl
Minho: so i was blame by my friend, yes this kind of role
Jonghyun: what about you Key goon?
Key: My role is a student who wants to become a designer letting girls wear the
Clothes I design as a model it’s so beautiful and that’s yoona 
Jonghyun : Yoona shi again? 
Onew: What about Taemin goon?
Taemin: As for me, I am a student at the dancing studio and I like a girl
And the person is yoona shi 
Taemin: and I have a feeling where heartbeat goes fast and nervous, ya that’s my role
Onew: As for me , my role is a university art student , and I did
Yoona’s sculpture 
Jonghyun : AGAIN!
Minho: so the moral of the story is , in the MV 5 of us fell for the same girl 
Key: and that person is yoona shi 
Jonghyun : Because the the interesting mv, hope everyone will watch it and also
Watch our dance move 
SHINee: Everyone must watch it 
Onew: so from now onwards, SHINee will count on everyone , So Above was
SHINee: SHINee , Thank you everyone, fighting, byebye 

Trans by ; Forever_SHINee

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