Thursday, June 23, 2011

[INFO]Worldwide fashion show emerged from Paris!

Worldwide fashion show emerged from Paris!
Worldwide music emerged from Abbey Road Studios in London!
‘Worldwide’ SHINee, successful performance at Abbey Road Studios in UK, a sacred place of pop music! 
The first step toward the global marketplace, great start for their debut in Japan! 
SHINee made successful performances on their Japan debut showcase which is the first gateway into the global marketplace at Abbey Road Studios in UK, a sacred place of music as the first Asian singer. 
SHINee had a showcase stage at Abbey Road Studios, London at 3:40 p.m. (local time) on 19 June. The showcase was held in London, in which EMI Music headquarters are located, to celebrate SHINee’s official debut in Japan. They performed for about 30 minutes in front of media and interested parties of the music industry.
Especially, it was unprecedented to have the first debut reception at Abbey Road Studios, a sacred place of music in which musicians such as Stevie Wonder and Brian Adams performed. This special plan was made for SHINee, a team set for global activities on the world stage. SHINee’s official debut in Japan is actually the first step toward their venture into the world, so considering the global team’s nature and color, they planned and pursued a differentiated showcase at Abbey Road Studios hand in hand with EMI Music Japan affiliated with EMI Music, a world-wide record company.
David Kassler, CEO of EMI Music (in Asia and Europe), stated, “SHINee has something overwhelming and unique, not found in the West, in appearance, style, and dance. I think they have potential to stand shoulder to shoulder with great artists in the future” and showed high interest and expectation for SHINee.
SHINee performed their Japanese debut song ‘Replay Kimi Wa Boku No everything,’ which is Japanese version of their Korean debut song ‘Replay’ and the Japanese version of ‘Hello.’ They also attracted attention by singing their hit songs such as ‘Juliette,’ ‘Ring Ding Dong,’ and ‘Lucifer.’ 
In addition, SHINee specially arranged ‘Replay- Kimi Wa Boku No everything’ with the piano and string instrument and presented it under the title of ‘Replay- Kimi Wa Boku No everything- Abbey Road Special.’ The musician from London Metropolitan Orchestra who participated in movie soundtracks and performance of famous artists such as U2, Sting, Pet Shop Boys, Pink Floyd, etc.
After performing total 6 songs, SHINee garnered compliments from the attending interested parties of the music industry. Jonghyun who could not perform in the showcase due to high fever, participated in the last performance 「Replay-Kimi Wa Boku No everything- Abbey Road Special」 with his strong will and received a big applause. 
Also, the UK fashion magazine, ELLE UK flooded with the inquiring calls for attending the showcase due to the news of SHINee’s performance at Abbey Road Studios. So ELLE UK collected entries of the readers who wanted to watch the performance and selected about 40 European fans in random drawings. The selected fans were the envy of many fans who had formed a long line around the Abbey Road Studios since morning. 
After the showcase, a member from SHINee, KEY stated, “My mother is a fan of Beatles so I feel very pleased to perform at the place, where Beatles recorded, as the first Asian singer. I feel so proud to add a new history in this place where the history is breathing.When I saw the pictures of worldwide artists such as Beatles and Steive Wonder hanging on the Abbey Road Studios hallway, I wished we could hang our pictures on the hallway too and thought we should make a greater effort.” The leader, ONEW said, “If Paris is the birthplace of fashion then UK is the birthplace of pop music. It’s a pleasure and honor for SHINee to perform at the Abbey Road Studios, a sacred place of music, as the first Asian singer. Since we made the first step with the meaningful performance, SHINee will be highly active and will extend farther and farther away.” 
Meanwhile, SHINee will leave for Japan on 22nd after finishing their Japan debut showcase in London and start their promotion activities for their debut single ‘Replay.’ They will also participate in ‘MTV Music Video Award Japan (VMAJ)’ to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan

Source :SMTOWN

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