Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[INFO]SHINee Japan Debut Single 120K Copies for First Shipments

On 22 June SHINee is releasing their debut single Replay in Japan. Replay is a Japanese version of Noona Is So Pretty, their Korean debut song. 120,000 copies were out for the first shipments of the single album, which was ranked 4th in the ‘Oricon Degree of Expectation’ for singles.
Local newspapers, including Daily Sports, reported, “With 120,000 copies for the first shipments, it will have a head to head showdown with AKB48 Atsuko’s first solo album. It is highly possible to threaten Atsuko’s position.”
Oricon also complimented, “SHINee has expanded their fanbase since their debut in 2008 and become a big group popular all over in Asia. They are expected to make a new leap with the release of their debut single Replay on 22 June.”
SHINee had their debut showcase in Abbey Road Studios, London, the first ever as Asian singers, on 19 June. They are planning to have a promotion tour in Japan from 22 June.

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