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[FROM SHINee]Key posted on SHINee Site

Translation  :

Hello!’-’ *
after have fun with birthday eve yesterday ,
today is the real time to celebrate Key’s birthday heu heu
yesterday’s birthday eve party with my beloved member and…
with SHINee WORLD to share a good story together
i wish you have a great time!
Every year, i happy to celebrate a fun birthday
i keep thinking of you all, my fans who always sent love to me~
thank you!‘ㅂ’
now, we’re work hard to japan activities
we cant meet very often with korean fans frequently!
but, SHINee still countinue to shine brightly, right?
haha :-)
thank you for all who celebrate the birthday~
we are happy, let’s spend a day together!
i love you♡
my hand is yours and yours is mine, right? keke~

source: shinee’s official page 
Scap by MYShawols 
translated by shinta @ weareshining

Friday, September 9, 2011

[INFO] SHINee’s 3rd Japanese single - ‘Lucifer’ Album Detail

NEW SINGLE「LUCIFER」10月12日(水)発売決定!


初回生産限定盤 [Type A]

★「LUCIFER」1曲収録の缶バッチ型 MP3プレーヤー”PLAYBUTTON”付!!
★全68ページ撮り下ろしのPHOTOBOOKLET付!Music Video撮影のオフショット写真も満載!
★DVDにはMusic VideoやDance Music Videoを収録!
詳細はコチラ PC版 モバイル版 スマートフォン版

初回生産限定盤[Type A]

初回生産限定盤 [Type B]

★全68ページ撮り下ろしのPHOTOBOOKLET付!Music Video撮影のオフショット写真も満載!
★DVDにはMusic VideoやDance Music Videoを収録!
詳細はコチラ PC版 モバイル版 スマートフォン版

★初回生産限定盤[Type B]予約購入者先着特典 : ポスター(B2サイズ:縦型)
初回生産限定盤[Type B]を予約購入すると、先着でポスター(B2サイズ:縦型)をプレゼント!


★DVDにはMusic VideoとJK Shooting Sketch・MV Shooting Sketchも収録!
詳細はコチラ PC版 モバイル版 スマートフォン版

★通常盤予約購入者先着特典 : ポスター(B2サイズ:横型)
※初回生産限定盤[Type B]と通常盤の予約購入者先着特典のポスターの絵柄は異なります。

Credit: SHINee Japan Official Website

Credit: JaneBand @ Soompi
shared by : forevershiningshinee

[PICS] SHINee's Japanese single Lucifer Album Cover


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[VIDEO]SMTown Live In Tokyo Special Edition Highlights

[INFO]SMTown live In New York Confirmed

SMTOWN LIVE, the biggest global brand concert presented by S.M. Entertainment is a massive music festival proceeding over Asia to the world and is the best concert performed by all of the artists belonging to S.M. Entertainment that provides not only the hit song parade but also a combined stage and special joint stage performed by each artist.
The artists performing as part of SMTOWN LIVE are KANGTA, BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, and f(x).
The fancy stage, differentiated performance, and the colorful and finest stage performed by Asia’s top artists, arrives at Madison Square Garden on October 23, 2011, to fascinate New York fans, after great success in Seoul, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Paris.
The October 23, 2011 performance will go on sale Friday, September 9 at 10AM through,, charge by phone             800.745.3000      , and at select Ticketmaster locations.  If tickets remain, the will be available at the Madison Square Garden box office beginning Saturday, Sept. 10.

For More Information, please contact: Allison Canzanella /

Source : SM Town Facebook

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[VIDEO]Taemin's birthday celebration at New Shiny Denim Making

[TRANS] SHINee's E-Mail interview for XINMSN

Korean group SHINee will be holding their first concert this month in Singapore , asking about the content of the concert the five of them is keeping it as a secret and they are willing to only say there’s solo performances!

Posted Image

It has been 3 year plus since SHINee debut,Member consist of Onew Jonghyun Key Minho Taemin , other than their song, 《Replay》(noona you’re so beautiful), 《Ring Ding Dong》 & 《Lucifer》 which is popular , their dress code were the fashion trend for the youngest would try and imitate on.

Last year , SHINee held their first concert in Seoul & Japan, receive lots of response, every concert were FULL house. On July the 16th, when they held their concert in Taiwan, Taipei. The concert ticket were sold our within one hour !

On July 30th for the ticketing sales in Singapore, it also set of a result of 1000 of die hard fans lining up to grab hold of the ticket! 6000 tickets has now been sold out.
It is also reported that on June 10 Singapore’s “SHINee World” concert production costs of up to S $ 1.7 million, about two and a half hours concert,including wire, laser and fireworks, etcSHINee are bound to meet fans expectation .
xinmsn had a email interview through the organizer Running Into The Sun with SHINee, letting the fans know what to expect for!

Posted Image

Q: SHINee has come here for many performances , what is the feel towardsSingapore? Any impressive impression that you can’t forget?
Jonghyun: delicious Chilli Crab!
Onew: I feel that Singapore is a clean country, it give me a feeling of freedom.
Taemin: Singapore fans warmly welcome us when we were at the Airport.
Key: I feel that Singapore is a clean country, everyone is nice, and there’s many delicious food.
Minho: I remember that Singapore has got a lot of beautiful buildings , fresh air and delicious food.

Q: For the impression of Singapore Fans? Which is the food you miss most in Singapore?
Jonghyun/Key/Minho: Chilli Crab!
Onew/Taemin: Fans are really warm and passionate! Chilli Crab!

Q: SHINee is currently promoting in Japan, is it difficult for you all to learn Japanese?
Jonghyun: learning Japanese is interesting to me.
Onew: The way of learning new languages is to practice, I believe in the near future I can show that my Japanese is improving.
Taemin: Key is best in Japanese, to me up till now Japanese is still difficult .
Key: Member are all learning Japanese together, but the fastest way is to watch Japanese drama.
Minho: Japanese to me is difficult, I still can’t get use to speaking Japanese.

Q: In the future is there a possibility in singing Chinese song, and work towards developing in the Chinese market?
Jonghyun: if there’s a chance, we will try it.
Minho: It’s likely to, if there’s a chance , we definitely would try it, we hope that the fans will have a chance to look forward to .

Q: Among the members who are most interested in song writings? In the future will you have the opportunity to express your work?
Jonghyun: Everyone is working towards it, it there’s a chance, for sure!
Onew: I am very interested in composing, we hope that in the near future there’s a chance to show it to the fans.
Taemin: I think that member are all interested in composing and song writing.

Q: When will you make a come back in Korea?
Minho: Up till now, there’s no confirm plan yet.

Posted Image

Q: During the concert in Singapore, What can fans expect from SHINee?
Jonghyun: During that night it will be just for SHINee & Fans wonder performance !
Onew: There will be a lot of performances.
Taemin: Every member will have a solo segment.
Key: I hope that they can look forward to my solo segment.
Minho: Solo performance will be great!

Q: Any words that you would like to tell the Singapore fans?
Jonghyun: Please look forward to our arrival, we will put up the best performance.
Onew: It’s been long since we came to Singapore to perform, Fans let’s wait and watch the BEST SHINee performance!
Taemin: I am really thankful to the fans who give us love and support, please continue to give us the warmest support!
Key: Thanks to the fans who are always waiting for us patiently, we will keep working hard.
Minho: It’s really happy to have a gathering with the fans again. Very fast we will meet on the concert.

Source: XINMSN
Translation by: Forever_SHINee

[NEWS]Yunho VS Minho, Same Bag, Completely Different Styles

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and SHINee’s Minho, two men who are constantly tugging at the heartstrings of women everywhere, have become a hot topic for being caught on camera with the same backpack at the airport.
With an increase in overseas activities due to the Hallyu Wave, stars and their airport fashion are becoming popular amongst netizens as it shows stars in casual wear.

Posted Image

When U-Know Yunho appeared at the airport on the 19th of August to head off to Japan, he wore a pink-sleeved shirt and blue colored cargo pants, showing off a natural and comfortable look. He then finished off his outfit with glasses and a clean-cut black backpack from Calvin Klein Jeans.

SHINee’s Minho also became a hot topic for his airport fashion when he set off for Paris for the ‘SM Town Live World Tour in Paris’ concert.With a black t-shirt and comfortable jeans, Minho used a backpack to provide a focus for what could have been a plain outfit, making the look fashionable and trendy instead.

The backpack that U-Know Yunho and Minho wore is from Calvin Klein Jeans and the pocket detail on it makes it easy to match with any outfit.

Netizens who saw the photos gave a heated response as they said, “They’re everyday items but when these two wear them, they look special” and “Even with casual wear, they’re perfect”.

Posted Image

Source: joy news 24
Translation & Shared by:
Via : SWM

[PHOTO]SHINee at Flash Mob in Old Arbat, Russia

source: diana
reupload: Mrs.Minho

[VIDEO]SMTOWN Live In Tokyo Special Edition Backstage on MNet

[VIDEO]SHINee Interview at SHINee Special

[VIDEO]SHINee Replay Japan at Japan Debut Premium Reception

[VIDEO]SHINee to participate KPOP Music Fest in Sydney

[INFO]SHINee Activities in Russia , Moscow !

SHINee’ll come to Russia and will stay with us for a few days! Activities in which they will take part:

1. 2011/09/06 – There’ll be 3 flash mobs (will be shot by MBC).
2. 2011/09/06 - Cover Dance Festival’ll be held in the Concert Hall “Mir” (will be shot by both MBC and KBS).
3. 2011/09/07 - Shooting programs, reportages, meeting with the famous k-pop band SHINee and other interesting actions will be held in school Won Kwang (will be shot by both MBC and KBS).

1. On the 6th of September there will be three flash mobs in different places in Moscow:
09.00 – Vorob’evy gory;
12.00 – Old Arbat;
15.00 - Red Square.

We have been asked to dance SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong there. The third flashmob will be the most mass one. Anyone can participate in it, even people from other cities.
Details are here:

2. Cover Dance Festival ( will be held in the Concert Hall “Mir” ( in Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard 11, Building 2 (metro station Tsvetnoy Bulvar). The Hall will seat 923. It’ll begin at 19.00 and is scheduled till 23.00.
 SHINee will be judges at the festival and will perform 3-4 songs.

3. If you want to act in MBC program, to take part in an entertaining show about K-POP music, to give an interview on KBS… you should come on the 7th of September 2011 at 11 am (till approximately 4 pm) to school Won Kwang (!

As you can see, there will be also a shooting about K-POP fans in Russia.
The entertaining show will perform Jeong Hendon (정형돈) – the famous Korean comedian! That day everyone’ll be able to take part in a quiz about K-POP, the winner will get a SUPER PRIZE! Also there will be a fanmeeting with the band SHINee!
All of us have been waiting for so long, but at last our dreams will come true!

Thanks to this group
Source : sarangkpop

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[VIDEO]Onew Comment for New Shiny Denim Making

[INTERVIEW]SHINee for Japan Magazine ORISUTA 2nd Sept Issue

[A Korean dish that I recommend to cook is チョングチャン / 청국장 (Cheonggukjang)] 

Q: What song that do you recommend to listen in the summer? 
A: Kiss Kiss Kiss! You’ll be able to feel the summer by listening to love songs. 

Q: Which place do you like in Japan? 
A: Nagoya. The food are very delicious. I want go to Nagoya again to eat. 

Q: Can you recommend a Korean dish that can be cooked for women in Japan? 
A: チョ ングチャン (cheonggukjang), a fermented dish. I generally like the spicy one because of the lactic acid bacteria. It makes your digestion easy. Oh ~! 

[Favorite Place is Tokyo] 

Q: What song do you recomend to listen in the summer? 
A: Juliette! When you listen to it, you will feel like “Oh! It’s a nice song!” 

Q: If you weren’t a singer, then what will you do/be? 
A: Ah, I never tought about that. But, If I’m wasn’t a singer, I’d like to be a composer. Or a music-related career. 

Q: Favorite place in Japan? 
A: Tokyo. When I was walk, looking at the scenery, It looked a little bit like South Korea. It was very interesting. I’m not the kind of person who can adapt to different environments fast. Ah! Tokyo is very suitable for me. 

[to the sun mirror, glasses, clothing supplies] 

Q: What song do you recommend to listen in the summer? 
A: Juliette and Kiss Kiss Kiss ! Both are the best songs! 

Q: Favorite Place in Japan? 
A: I want go to Okinawa. I haven’t been there. I want look at the beautiful sea, and then relax. 

Q: In Replay you’re my everything MV, you wore big glasses! Do you usually wear glasses?
A: Yes -I have several, but to the sun mirror, glasses, clothing supplies- I think the big glasses are suitable. When I came to Japan I lost one. I’ll try to find it back. (weeping expression) 

[The most I like to watch is Takuya Kimura and Yamashita Tomohisa’s drama!] 

Q: What song do you recommend to listen in the summer? 
A: TVXQ’s sunbaenim “Somebody To Love”. (After saying it, then he began to sing). TVXQ sunbaenim sang the song in the summer. 

Q: Favorite Place in Japan? 
A: Sapporo. Just been there once when the snow festival was held. I want to go there again after the snowball event. South Korea’s snow is scattered, it’s difficult to group together. 

Q: You have a speciality in acting. What movie or TV series role would you like to play? 
A: In South Korea, I’d like to be Lee Minho sunbaenim in “Perfect Life”. If I wanted to play that kind of big role, we should study and try hard. But, In Japan, I like to see Takuya Kimura and Yamashita Tomohisa’s drama. It’s really good! But, I think I’m better at playing football. ( Minho won’t forget football) 

[ Doing the choreography for (hello) at the wrong time ] 

Q: What song do you recommend to listen in the summer? 
A: I Like “Sakura” (Key: ah.. Sakura is not summer) 

Q: Favorite Place in Japan? 
A: Sapporo ! I like snow ! 

Q: Recently, the embarassing thing that you faced? 
A: When I was dancing for Hello, I did it at the wrong time. The fans’ expression was like “Ah?? So funny!” They laughed, and I laughed as well. 

Source: lovingbling 
Translation Credit: shawol_indo/shineeworldindonesia, Mrs.CMinho 
Credit: SHINee Forums International (Sfinee)
Find Source: Mrs.CMinho

[INFO]Daum Cafe Ranking August 2011

  1. Source: tohosomnia 

Reuploaded: ☆sunshine @ 

[VIDEO/TRANS]SHINee at Music Fair

Start from 00:28

Ms Yuan : What food do you all like?
MC : In the mean time, how long have you stayed in Japan?
Jonghyun, Minho : 2 months
Guests: Really?
MC : In these 2 months what are the Japanese food make you exclaim “This is really delicious!”
Key : We have eaten all sorts of Japanese food; Tonkatsu Ramen (Pork Noodles) is especially nice!
MC : Tonkatsu Ramen?!
Key : And Beef Rice!
Jonghyun: Eel Rice!
MC : You all really like carbohydates!
Onew : Hairy crab too!
Jonghyun: Hokaido’s Hairy crab
Key : Especially Tonkatsu Ramen. Even though Korea has it, but it tastes different.
MC : Is the taste stronger?
Key : Yes. Korean Ramen are all spicy. Miso ramen has a soothing taste.
Guest : Soft taste?
MC : Ahh.. Soothing taste! So do you think the ramen will be a hit in Korea?
Guest : hahaha! What are you asking! Out of point!
Minho : Everyone should be delighted! It should suit Korean’s tastebuds!
MC : Oh really? good! Then I should start doing this business!
Guest : hahaha! Too fast!

Start from 5:24

Translator : Minho wants to ask Mr Maki a question.
Minho : We heard that Mr Maki is a famous Japanese composer and created many songs that were well loved by the Japanese. Do you mind helping us compose such a great song too?
Mr Maki : Haha~ This really made me happy! Yes Yes, if I were invited, I will sure do it!
MC : I am sorry, this doesnt seem like a question but a plea.
Guest : Hahaha~
MC : Will you really agree to it? I am sorry but if that’s the case, I want it, everybody wants it too!

Japanese-Chinese translation : Minhoney
Chinese-English Translation : Soundtracklove@soompi

[SCAP]SHINee at Music Fair

Credit : minoutshine
 Re-up : Forever_SHINee @ Tumblrx

[PHOTOS]150,000 fans at SMTown Live In Tokyo Special Edition for 3 days

Source : SMTOWN
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