Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[PREORDER] SHINee Swarovski Bracelet / Necklace

Please click on the photo for better view :)

SHINee Swarovski Jewelery  [Bracelet / Necklace]
DEADLINE : 20.3.2016 [3.00PM]

1. How to order ?

Fill the order form below
Item : SHINee [Member name] [Bracelet / Necklace ]
Quantity :

and send to with subject [Preorder] SHINee Swarovski

2. How can i make payment ?
We will reply your email regarding the total price and the payment information

3. What bank do you use?
We use CIMB and Maybank

4. The price include postage or exclude ?

5. When is the deadline?
20.3.2016 [3.00PM]

6. Can i order first and make payment later.
You can make deposit RM80 first. The item will only be sent after full payment have been made.

7. Is the item official ?
Yes! Official merchandise 

[PHOTO] 160127 Key's Instagram Update

진기의 외출
Trans: Jinki's outing

기범은 안외출
Trans: Kibum don't go out

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

[VIDEO] 2015 SHINee At KBS + MBC + SBS Year End Music Festival Full Performance

KBS Gayo Daejun (SHINee Full)

SBS Gayo Daejun (SHINee Full)

MBC Gayo Daejun (SHINee Full)

cr : Polina Choi

Saturday, January 23, 2016

[PHOTO] 160123 Key's Instgram Update


엄마 이거 사달라고
mama i wanna get this one

cr: @bumkeyk

[PHOTO] 160122 Key's Instagram Update

Trans : Luna

cr: @bumkeyk

[VIDEO] 160121 SHINee GDA Speech + Performance

GDA Opening ( SHINee's Entrance at around 2.34)

cr:  Skpb K-Music Live YT

SHINee Popularity Award Speech

cr:  Polina Choi YT

SHINee Bonsang Speech

cr: Polina Choi YT

Jonghyun Bonsang Speech


View + MTTM

cr:  귀염둥이 허영지 / kiri YT

Jonghyun Crazy + Deja-Boo

cr:  Skpb K-Music Live YT

Friday, January 15, 2016

[ARTICLE] SHINee Taemin's Solo Comeback After One And A Half Year... Legendary Performance

[Xportsnews = Jung Jiwon] Group SHINee's Taemin is going to have his solo comeback after one and a half year.

SHINee's Taemin is preparing for his solo comeback which is set to be released in February. Taemin is now putting his effort in preparing for his comeback at the last minute after secretly finishing the shooting of his music video recently. 

Taemin released his first solo mini album 'ACE' with the title track 'Danger' back in August of 2014. This will be Taemin's comeback as a solo singer after one and a half year.

It has been revealed that Taemin's new track this time will be a song which maximize the charisma of performance. This will be a song which is best suited for Taemin who has both performance charisma and skill. The competency of the music industry's unusual 'Live Solo Performer' is going to be disclosed without regret.

During Taemin's 'Danger' promotion, he managed to secure first place in music broadcast shows and music charts and also exhibited his abilities and skills for his successful promotions. It is anticipating to know what kind of achievement will Taemin reach for his solo comeback this time.

This will be the start of a busy year with SM Entertainment's group Super Junior's Ryeowook solo debut and Taemin's solo comeback. Attention is being gathered to see if Ryeowook's comeback power and anticipation can be continued by Taemin.

 cr: xportsnews, naver

[PHOTO] 160115 SHINee's Selfie at 2016 SMA

'빛나는~ 샤이니! 입니다. feat. 키는 어디?'
Trans : It's shining~ SHINee!. feat. Where is Key?

cr:  naver

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

[PHOTO] 160112 Key's Instagram Update

yes!!!!!!! I'm the new model of #jillstuartaccessory

cr: @bumkeyk
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