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[STREAM] 150530 SHINee on Saturday Night Live Korea (SNL} Full

Credits : jjen49

[ENG SUB/STREAM] 150517 SHINee On Blue Night Radio

Credits: Woof Woof Subs YT

[STREAM] 150530 SHINee members cut on Saturday Night Live Korea

You may watch these videos on playlist we made ! HERE

The Memories of Sasaeng Fans [Onew and Taemin Cut]

Beautiful Taemin Cut

Short Onew cut

Short Taemin Cut

[Key + Minho + Taemin Cut]

 Credits : Y.K Kim + MINee Flaming Shawol 2nd + mama1212kuku  

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015



-Banner Preview-

How to participate 

Print the banner, take picture with it and post it on SNS along with #7YearsWithSHINee
Post it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Cyworld, anywhere you can.
Download the banner here

The size of the banner is A4. Just make sure your printer is set to print on landscape view.
Print on coloured A4 paper are really encouraged. Let's make it a more colourful event for SHINee.

It's freestyle on how you want to take picture with the banner. Selca, group picture, with your country flag, with landmark of your place or anything suitable and fun.

The reason we use this slogan for this banner is from SWC3 where Minho asked us to reply with '0 meter' every time they are going to sing Selene 6.23. The song Selene 6.23 are composed by our dear Kim Jonghyun about how he can't reach the moon but he feel so close with the moon. Jonghyun also said Selene 6.23 are dedicated for international fans. *insert touched cry here*
With this, we are going to show SHINee, I-Shawols will always stand beside SHINee no matter how far we are from them.

 Help us spread the event by spreading and RT-ing the picture below :) 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


VERSION A                                     VERSION B

A / B VERSION : RM68 (WM) / RM73 (EM)
A + B VERSION:RM127(WM)/RM132(EM) 
 DEADLINE : 26.5.2015

1. How to order ?
Just click here ->  PREORDER FORM and fill the form given

2. How can i make payment ?
We will send you email regarding the total price and the payment information (please make sure to use correct email address)

3. What bank do you use?
We use CIMB and Maybank

4. The price include postage or exclude ?
Include. For Semenanjung RM68 and Sabah/Sarawak/Labuan RM73

5. When is the deadline?
As stated 26.5.2015

6. Have poster?

7. The poster will be sent in tube or folded?
 In tube

8. Can i order first and make payment later.
You can make deposit RM50 first. The item will only be sent after full payment have been made

9. Can i request other album together ?
Yes. Please fill in the [SPECIAL REQUEST] with the name of the album. Special price await ^^

10. Already ordered in first batch and want to preorder another album. How much should i pay? And do i have to wait or i can receive the first order first?
Just RM59 :) We will combine your order so you will have to wait for the second order to arrive before we send out your order. If you don't want to wait, you have to pay full amount RM68 for the second order

12. If i want to order A + A / B + B , how much will it be?
Same price with A + B , RM127(WM)/RM132(EM) 

13. Any free gift ?
We are planning too. Please anticipate

14. Is the purchase counted in Hanteo chart?
We bought directly from Synnara. Yes. All purchase are counted in Hanteo chart so that all sales reflect in weekly music chart such as Inkigayo, Music Bank, M Countdown and Music Core

15. Differences between the version ?
Please refer to the picture below. Please click on the image for better view :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

[TRANS] 150517 Jonghyun Twitter Update

another hour left!

Source: @realjonghyun 90
Trans by MYShawols

[PHOTO] 150517 Jonghyun at MBC Blue Night Radio

Source : Blue Night

[LIVESTREAM] 150517 How to stream live for SHINee as guest on tonight's Blue Radio

*Click photo to enlarge*

  • Go to this LINK
  • Click '보이는 라디오'

  • Download MBCMINI on PlayStore
  • To watch for tonight, click as shown :

[TRANS] 150517 Kim Jonghyun Twitter Update

An hour and 40 minutes left for party !

Source : @realjonghyun90
Trans by : MYShawols

[PHOTO] 150517 SHINee's Dance Instagram Update

 신나는샤이니월드끄읏~~ 수고하셧습니다. 길준이빼고 #샤이니월드#샤이니#샤이니콘서트#shineeconcert #shineeworld #사과박스#돌다리도두들겨라

 Excited SHINee World~~ You have worked hard. Other than giving way #SHINeeWorld#SHINee#SHINeeConcert#shineeconcert #shineeworld #AppleBox#hitstonebridge(think carefully)

Credit: ilsunna
Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee

[PHOTO/TRANS] 150517 Kim Jonghyun's Twitter Update

 잠시 후 열두시에 샤이니 정규 4집 odd전곡이 공개됩니다!

In a while at 12am SHINee’s official 4th album odd’s songs will be revealed! Please look forward to it♡♡♡ 

내가 제일 어린데 나이 제일 많아보임 동안가족들...
 I’m the youngest in age but I look the oldest baby face family members…

 우리 이뿌닝 아이돌 염색했네~~?? 
My sweetie You dyed your hair like an idol~~?? 

Source : @realjonghyun90
Trans by Forever SHINee

[PHOTO] 150517 Key Instagram Update with VIXX

thanks for coming vixxxx

Source : @bumkeyk

[PHOTO] 150517 Baek Minhyun Instagram Update with Minho and Jonghyun

Credits :

[RECRUITMENT] We're now hiring for Moderators and Graphic Designer !

Join us now in updating the daily dose of SHINee, just fill in the form and wait for our reply. From wherever you are, join us now!

[SUPPORT] Tutorials masterpost on how to support SHINee for Odd Comeback

[PHOTO] 150517 Dancer's Instagram Update at #SWC4SEOULDAY3

샤이니 짱!!! 비록 내가 도착한 타이밍은 나빳지만 가자마자 분위기에 흠뻑 빠지네!! 
마지막까지 콘서트 화이팅입니다 

 SHINee's awesome!!! Although the timing when I arrived was bad but I was soaking up in the atmosphere as soon as I was there!! 
Fighting till the end of the concert 

Source : hyunoj
Trans by Forever_SHINee

[PHOTO] 150517 SHINee at SHINee World Concert IV in Seoul

Source : News
Shared by : bumkeyk (Fansite)

[PHOTO] 150517 Lee Hyosup Instagram update #SWCIVinSeoul

샤이니 콘서트 @bumkeyk @kibumee @popartistnancylang 소진이 모델 기밤이 낸시 우리 패밀리 총출동 !! 화이팅 !! @pd2da 님 뮤비촬영으로 ㅜㅜ 못왓지만 우리모두 고고싱 ㅋㅋ 

우리 밤이 콘서트 축하축하 !!! 소진이 낸시 기범이 그리고 또 다른 기범이 ~ #shinee#key #기범 #낸시랭 #김기범 @kibumee@popartistnancylang @bumkeyk 

"Congrats to our Bummie on his concert!!! Sojin, Nancy, Bummie and the other Kibumie~"

Source: leehyosup
Shared by : kegu
Trans by : debsayys

[PHOTO] 150517 Lee Donghae updated his Instagram with SNSD's Yuri at #SWCIVinSeoul

with YR ! Last day ! Have a good concert !! :)

Source : @leedonghae

[STREAM] 150517 SHINee at 'SHINee World Concert IV' in Seoul Press Conference

 Uploader : krisbrows8

[STREAM] 150517 SHINee on MBC Section TV Entertainment News

Uploader : MBC Entertainment

[STREAM] 150517 SHINee on SBS Inkigayo Preview Next Week Comeback

Uploader : @essence_idols

[PHOTO] 150517 Taemin at 'SHINee World Concert IV' in Seoul Press Conference

[PHOTO] 150517 Minho at 'SHINee World Concert IV' in Seoul Press Conference

[PHOTO] 150517 Key at 'SHINee World Concert IV' in Seoul Press Conference

[PHOTO] 150517 Kim Jonghyun at 'SHINee World Concert IV' in Seoul Press Conference

[PHOTO] 150517 Leader Onew at 'SHINee World Concert IV' in Seoul Press Conference

[PHOTO] 150517 Shining SHINee at 'SHINee World Concert IV' in Seoul Press Conference

[PHOTO] 150517 @rnjsgh45 updated his Twitter for SWCIV and a photo with Taemin

Source : @rnjsgh45

[PHOTO] 150516 이지환 Instagram Updated with Taemin

Source : @94jh_hair on Instagram
Info : Twitter

[PHOTO] 150517 MBC Section TV Twitter Update with SHINee

Credit : mbc_sectiontv

[TRANS] 150517 SHINee Official Site Update

함께 걸어요.^^

Let’s walk on together. ^^ 
 (Banner: We’ll let you walk on flower roads only) 

 Credit: SHINee SMTOWN 
Translation Credit; Choiminhojuseyo/ Minhole 
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