Monday, June 20, 2011

[NEWS] A music critic (Norman Lebrecht) from England writes about SHINee 110620

I passed the studios at 11 this morning and there were a few hundred fans outside. When returned a five there were well over 1,000, mostly teenaged girls, cameras at the ready and shrieking at the first sign of anyone emerging from the entrace.
Posted Image‘Who’s in?’ I asked.‘Shinee,’ said a helpful girl.

‘Shiny who?’

Biggest boy band in Korea, apparently.

Back at my desk I can hear the shrieking half a mile away.

Posted Image
A ShinEE (correct spelling) fan site has asked me to use a more recent picture of the group. Here goes:

Posted Image

read real post here:

*Norman Lebrecht is a Author, novelist, broadcaster, cultural commentator.

Source: Norman Lebrecht's blog
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