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[TRANS] SHINee in PIA Magazine – Part (1)

What is the new generation group SHINee?
SHINee, who continued to twinkle during the photo and interview  sessions, is a boy group of miracle born out of the times. They shine  more on stage to captivate women in Japan as well as in Korea with their  unique aura. We want to find the source of the light in what they show  frankly.

World-level “blowout new artists” to debut

“Blowout new artists” are to debut. Their first solo live concert in  Yoyogi Stadium before their debut received about 100,000 applications.  Examples for the view counts of their music videos on Youtube are 19  million for Lucifer and 22 million for Ring Ding Dong (June 1st).  They will have a Japan debut premium reception in Abbey Road Studios, a  sacred place for Beatles in London. This is a “blowout” for new  artists. These new artists with world-level potential are SHINee,  Korea’s contemporary band of five members—Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho,  and Key.
Contemporary is not a familiar word, but Onew explains, “It means a  group that always presents newest trends, future-oriented in pursuit of  the newest in everything from music and dance to fashion and culture.”
SHINee is a new-generation group from SM Entertainment, a company  that manages BoA, DBSK, Super Junior, and SNSD. They debuted with Noona  Is So Pretty (Replay), a song that expresses love for an older woman, in  May, 2008, and swept all the new artist awards of the year with  absolute support for “the cute younger men.” They are also expanding  their fanbase as “DBSK’s younger brothers” with their upcoming debut.

“We received advice from DBSK sunbaes after our debut was set.”
 In the Korean pop world where most groups are “carnivorous” with  strong dance beat and manly performances, it is understandable that  people are attracted to their fresh “herbivorous” cuteness. However,  with their singing ability and powerful performance, they are in  complete control of songs of “Western music taste” based on dance music.  The gap is the point of their attraction. Now, their popularity goes  beyond Asia to reach the U.S., South America, and Europe, to the extent  even Le Monde made a report on them.

“We have fans all over the world, but fans in different countries  have different characters. Japanese fans are rather pure… they are like  girls whose hearts are pounding at the sight of us?”
“Right, right. The beating heart, we can feel it.” (Key)

Debuting with the same song Replay in Korea and Japan

They are in the third year since their debut. Their album Lucifer  released last year made a big hit. Their album sales show their growth  into top artists to follow Super Junior and SNSD. They grabbed the K-pop  fans’ hearts with this hit, and their popularity soared up. And this  June they are finally debuting in Japan. Their Japanese debut song is  the same one for their Korean debut: Replay – You Are My Everything.

“When we debuted 3 years ago in Korea, maknae Taemin was 14 years  old, and I was 18. Noona Is So Pretty was a song a boy gets  broken-hearted by an older girl. It expresses a teenage boy’s frank and  pure feelings and weakness, dilemma and sadness over his inability to  show his feelings. The Japanese version Replay-You Are My Everything  after 4 years have passed expresses love for a girl the same age or  younger as well as an older woman. It has expanded to include more  generations from the longing for an older woman 3 years ago. We have  also grown up more (laugh).”

“Don’t you think we have quite grown up from 3 years ago when we  looked very young? The choreography is the same with Noona Is So Pretty,  but you will see our moves are more confident.”

“I think it’s meaningful to debut in both Korea and Japan with  the same song. But I feel like it’s a new song, not the same song. This  song is a turning point for us SHINee.”

“People ask us what our goal is. I think it is more important to  make our own stage with the audience than to acquire titles. So our goal  is to show our performances on as many stages in Japan. Because our  duty is singing!
” (Jonghyun)

“We have visited Japan several times before, but after our debut  was set, I feel differently about Japan. We will make a new start. And I  want to continue to make new challenges.”
Now the industry is paying attention to Korean boy groups and fans  are enthusiastic about them more than any time, all Japanese women are  wondering how much shiny shining SHINee will be!

Minho – Exotic looks and athletic physique

“His face is so small! His style is good!,” all the staff said with  one voice. He looks like a prince when he poses before a camera with his  perfect well-proportioned body and big twinkling eyes. He says he likes  “simple basic monotone and jeans with a t-shirt” for his private  fashion. He is not talkative, but speaks what he thinks clearly when he  talks. During a break, he showed his good relationship with members. The  handsome store clerk in the Japanese music video for SNSD’s hit song  Gee was him. He starred in Pianist, a Korean drama, last year.

Key – Sharp sense in fashion and music

“Hello, nice to meet you!” He greeted us in Japanese as he entered  the studio. His Japanese is the best in the group. His composed Japanese  is cute. He is very interested in fashion, and was wearing pretty  street style clothes for the day as SHINee’s fashionista. He said  thoughtfully “I know Pia” to make us happy. When the photo and interview  sessions started, he twinkled more and captivated people. His favorite  food is tonkatsu ramen and jaru soba.

Taemin – excellent dance skill and beautiful looks

He was a 14 year old middle schooler when SHINee debuted. He was  called the maknae of idol world at that time, but three years having  passed (but still a high school student!), he is on the stair from a boy  to an adult. He looks gentle, but doesn’t like losing. In charge of  dance in SHINee. His recent growth as a vocalist is so splendid many  noonas wept deeply moved when he sang Romeo+Juliette for his solo part  in the concert. “DBSK’s Changmin hyung told me, ‘old gags work well in a  variety program.’ I should memorize something!”

Jonghyun – a wide range of vocal and smart thinking

It’s not an exaggeration to say his husky voice unique to an Asian  colors  SHINee’s music. His excellent singing is exceptional among  Korean young singers. During the interview session, he actively answered  questions and showed a positive attitude to brighten up the mood.  Because he had a surgery for his ankle injury last year, he couldn’t  dance in the first solo concert in Tokyo and Seoul. Many fans nearly  died with their heart pounding at his pure aspect when he cried  apologizing for it. “I cried, but Key-goon cried in every round (laugh).  I want to be frank on stage.”

Onew – Leader with gentle looks and sweet voice

He is an ultimate healer with his gentle voice and smiling face. A  blood type O leader leading the free men with blood types AB and B.  “It’s our new challenge. We will enjoy it! This is what expresses my  feeling best,” he says regarding their Japanese debut. He cuddled  Japanese senbei from the gift set the Pia editors brought, and liked it  very much saying “It’s delicious!” Asked “What do you want to eat?”, he  answers “Chicken!” right away. His favorite Japanese food is  “Unagi-dong, hitsumabushi, and katsu-don.”

* You know this may not be 100% accurate as translated from the Korean translation.
[Korean trans by ㄷㅂ29@DC Shinee Gallery | Korean trans by jujugal]

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