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SHINee and B1A4 win artist and rookie of the year for Japan's Tower Records's 'K-POP LOVERS! AWARD 2011'

SHINee and B1A4 have been honored the Artist of the Year’ as well as the ‘Rookie of the Year’ on Japan’s Tower Records!

On December 28th, Tower Records reported the results for the ‘K-Pop Lovers! Awards 2011‘, which combines netizen votes and album sales. In the artist of the year category was SHINee, who was followed by KARA in second and Super Junior in third.

The ‘Rookie of the Year’ category was topped by B1A4, who sold over 20,000 mini-albums as well as gaining the most netizen votes, followed by Boyfriend in second and Block B in third.

B1A4′s Japanese label, Pony Canyon, commented, “It’s a meaningful award in that it’s a combination of votes by consumers of Tower Records.”

Source + Photos: YNA via Naver

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[Trans] SHINee Minho + DBSK Changmin + CN Blue Jonghyun mentioned in Kyuhyun’s Twitter Update 111226

Super Junior Kyuhyun on Christmas day left fans worried after leaving a short message saying he’s sad.

On December 26, Kyuhyun tweeted a photo of hi s”famous” Kyu-line compose of SHINee’s Minho, TVXQ’s Changmin and CNBlue’s Jonghyun.

He tweeted, “Spending last of 2011 with Kyu-line year-end party^^ TVXQ & S.J & SHINee & CNBlue Hard finding time because of four groups’ schedules, we barely met ㅜ Anyway I feel happy^^

In the photo, the four took a selca while smiling widely and brightly showing their close bond despite of being members of different groups.

Fans commented, “Now Kyuhyun is happy!” “His Kyu-line makes him happy!” “Ah you all so happy, I’m happy too!”and so on.

Source: Kyuhyun’s twitter
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[INFO]SM Town to perform for SBS Gayo Daejun on 29th Dec 2011


Fans have uncovered a blog entry by a “Professor Hong Jong Hwa” that details SMTOWN’s participation in the 2011 29th SBS Gayo Daejun. The professor, has been helping produce for SM for decades. His works include Kangta’s albums in 2001, Lee Soo Man’s work in 1988, DJ Doc’s in 1994 and many other titles.

The blog entry outlines that the broadcast will be calling the group, “SM Orchestra” or “SM Special Performance”. It includes a violin performance by Super Junior M’s Henry with SNSD’s Seohyun on the Piano, Tiffany on the Flute, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun on the Harmonica, TRAX’s Jungmo on the guitar, f(x)’s Victoria on the guitar as well. The vocals will be featuring SNSD, SHINee and more.

The special surprise guests will be an appearance from all SM Artists, including EXO, the new boyband. There has yet to be an official release by SM Entertainment on this.

Check out the full blog post below:

[Professor Hong Jong Hwa’s blog entry at 24 Dec 2011, 4.25am] Phew~ I’ve completed the SM Special Concert composition that I’m in charge of, and now I’m with SM singers at the last overnight practice and orchestra accompaniment practice~ It will be broadcasted live on 29th’s SBS Gayo Daejeon~^^ (for now, the broadcast starts around 9 o’clock but at around 10.50~11.00 (Gayo Daejeon part 2), it will be broadcasted as ‘SM Orchestra’ or ‘SM Special Performance’)

It will start with Super Junior M - Henry’s violin, while the Orchestra concerto is going on, SNSD - Seohyun (Piano), Tiffany (Flute), Super Junior - Kyuhyun (Harmonica). Trax - Jungmo (Guitar), f(x) - Victoria (Guitar)..then comes SoShi’s Vocal, SHINee, etc… It ends with the appearance of all SM Artistes~ Rookie group EXO will also be featured live.^^ (t/n: not sure whether the EXO ‘live’ refers to them singing live or just EXO appearing on the live broadcast)

It was originally made to be a composition of around 20 minutes (10 Suites) but because it is a broadcast, it was cut short to around 9 minutes long. There’s a plan to separately show the full version, through music video and performance, as ‘SM Concert’~ (It will also be broadcasted worldwirde through Youtube^^)

Source: Professor Hong Jong Hwa’s Blog and @byulbit
Via : Forever SHINee

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[VIDEO]Taemin on Koala Kid Preview !

Koala Kid Preview #2

[Y-STAR] tae min, sunny, Dubbing 'kiss scene'

[INFO]MBC Music Festival Live broadcast: Times Square, NY

Posted Image

@MBCKPOP : NEW YORKERS! Enjoy the live <2011 MBC Korean Music Festival> at Times Square, on the 31st. More info

Source : MBCKPOP
Credits : Soundtracklove@soompi

[INFO]Stars from SM, YG, & JYP attend launch event for Korea’s iTunes, ‘Genie’

On December 21st, many of Korea’s top stars and idols attended the launch event for the new KT digital music service, ‘Genie‘.

‘Genie’ aims to be a music distribution service like Apple‘s iTunes. Co-produced by KT and KMP Holdings, the ‘Genie’ system breaks away from the standard “pay for song” system by raising the price and including digital songs, music videos, and pictorials as a set package.

The service stands out in that once a digital song is purchased, it can be transferred to your smartphone, PC, MP3, and IPTV through your personal ‘Cloud’.

Since KMP Holdings is in charge of the songs’ distribution, music from SM, YG, JYP, Media Line, Star Empire, Union Can, Music Factory, Sony Music, and avex Entertainment will be made more readily available.
‘Genie’ also increased the amount of proceeds distributed back to the artist and label from 50% to 70%.
CEO Kim Young Min of SM Entertainment stated, “Even if our songs were downloaded a million times on other monthly music services, the amount we benefited from it wouldn’t be enough to even shoot a music video. We hope that ‘Genie’ will be a sensible program to bridge that gap.”

The problem for consumers, however, lies in the fact that other music distribution services are still significantly cheaper. ‘Olleh Music‘ charges 6 cents per song download and tempting certificates like 150 song downloads for $9 USD.
Although ‘Genie’ isn’t in service yet, officials are looking at 10~60 cents per song, especially since labels can price their songs as they wish. Officials predict that new songs will be sold for 60 cents while older songs are available for 10 cents, making it more than double what they would pay for on another service.
A KT representative explained, “For those that download less than the 150 songs offered as a base on other services, it is more beneficial to use ‘Genie’, especially since they can download other items like music videos and pictorial packages that aren’t offered on other platforms.”

Source: Chosun
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source: allkpop

[NEWS]Soompi Gayo Awards [Revisited] - Top 10 K-Pop Songs of 2009

In celebrating our sixth year of the annual Soompi Gayo Awards, we are looking back the past top 10 songs from each year. With K-Pop growing in popularity around the world and evolving every year, it is nice to see what kinds of trends brought us to where we are today.
Our year end awards use the results from our weekly Soompi Music Charts. They take into account sales, air plays and many other factors to give an accurate look at how popular a song really is.

SM groups did very well this year with SHINee’s “Juliette” at #9, Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” at #7 andSNSD’s “Gee” at #4.

Rookie girl groups 4Minute and 2NE1 very strong debuts with “Hot Issue” at #10 and “I Don’t Care” at #3.

This was also a breakout year for Outsider and his “rapid fire” rapping. If you haven’t heard his music before, you must watch his music video of “Loner.” He begins to rap at an incredible speed at 1:45 into the song.

Despite all the mega hits by idol groups, Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain” was the highest scoring song of the year..

If you want to learn more about the singers and see more background info about their song on the chart, check out the original news post from 2009 and the nominees topic. In the news post, you can see what the top 20 songs of 2008 were.

2010’s top 10 video will be released soon!

10. 4minute - Hot Issue
9. SHINee - 줄리엣 (Juliette)
8. FT Island - 바래 (I Hope)
7. Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
6. SG Wannabe - 사랑해 (I Love You)
5. Outsider - 외톨이 (Loner)
4. SNSD - Gee
3. 2NE1 - I Don’t Care
2. Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
1. Kim Tae Woo - 사랑비 (Love Rain)

Credit: Sylphid @ soompi

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[INFO]SHINee The First anked 4th on oricon chart this week

Cr : Twitter

[PHOTO]SHINee Taemin and Koala Kid !

Source:  + 2012 Koala Kid FB

[INFO]SHINee Key,’ My mother already buy 40 books of Son of the Sun

On this lovely afternoon, 13 Desember 2011, SHINee held their press conference for releasing Son Of The Sun, SHINee in Barcelona on Seoul Yeongdeungpo Time Square.

Onew,Key, and Taemin members created a diary of their travels in Barcelona, Spain with the title ’ Son of the Sun’. The book will be included their photos and their stories from the time they enjoyed Barcelona also where the best place to eat there. It’s targeted for people who love travelling and also for SHINee fans who would like to know Onew, Key, Taemin ‘s experiences in Spain.
The Book already available in December 8th and made a huge success.
SHINee Key said, ’ After all this time we work on stage finally we could enjoy our holiday there. Actually, my mother already purchased 40 books and asked us to signed it. She said she will give it as gifts for her friends.’
Meanwhile, Onew who absorbed to Barcelona’s food said, ’ We could eat a lot of delicious food here. Especially in Barcelona, i will never forget that i learned to cook Barcelona’s food.’
Taemin said, ’ It’s surprising seeing Onew hyung cooking Barcelona food and it does taste delicious!”
Recently, SHINee’s getting famous abroad, leading the Kpop Wave.
The leader Onew said, ‘Now that we finally can go to other country, alot of people wondering what experience we have. With our passion, and the collection of our travels in Barcelona, we hope people can give us alot of interest and love.
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[INFO]SHINee awards in 2011 SBS MTV Best of Best

#1 : SHINee - Global Star  
#2  Onew - Most Successful Idol Star If He/She Were To Release A Solo Album?
#2  Onew - Most Intelligent Idols? 
#2  Onew - Which Idol Stars Do You Want To Invite To A Christmas Party? 
#7  Onew - Best Mood Makers? 

Stay tune to SBS MTV as the winners of this voting competition will be announced on these various dates!

Scapped by soundtracklove @ soompi
Translated by soundtracklove @ soompi

[INFO]SHINee : #1 search keyword on Naver 2011 (Women category)

Source : Naver 
Cr : Shakizi

[VIDEO]Just Love JK - SHINee Interview + BTS Subbed

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[INFO]SHINee, DBSK, SNSD, Kara and Super Junior Enter HMV Japan’s Year-End Rankings

Along with the creation of a special year-end chart exclusively for K-Pop releases, HMV Japan has recently released the best-selling albums and singles of 2011, which includes DBSK, SNSD, Kara and Super Junior. 

HMV Japan is one of the country’s top record stores, carrying everything from CDs to DVDs as well as video games, anime, manga and even books. The HMV year-end charts, which is one of the most prestigious in Japan, include categories for international and local (Japanese) albums and singles, while the newly-added K-Pop chart includes online sales figures as well.

SNSD’s debut Japanese album “Girls’ Generation” takes 4th place on HMV’s “International Album Top 30” chart, with Kara’s “Girls Talk” trailing at 5th place. SNSD also has a second entry, with “Hoot” placing at #15. Super Junior’s fifth album “Mr. Simple” is at #23 on the list. The three Korean acts are alongside foreign acts such as Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Rihanna, among others.

DBSK’s “TONE” and “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” have made their way into both J-pop charts, making them the only Korean act to appear on the “Top 30 Japanese Pops Album” and “Top 30 Japanese Pops Single” charts. “TONE,” their fifth Japanese album which was released last September, is ranked #21 and is alongside established Japanese artists such as Mr. Children, AKB48, SMAP, Namie Amuro, EXILE, and others. Meanwhile, the duo’s single “Why? (Keep Your Head Down),” the Japanese version of their Korean comeback single, is ranked #14 on the top singles chart, alongside the likes of KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP! and Kis-My-Ft2.

The top ten of, “K-Pop Top 100,” HMV Japan’s special chart for K-Pop releases is dominated by SNSD,SHINee, Jang Geun Suk and CN Blue. SNSD claims four out of the top ten spots, while CN Blue claims three.

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[AUDIO]The First Japanese Album Audio


See Saw

Always Love

to Your Heart

Amigo, SHINee World, Better and Start cant view since the user removed it . Will search for download link full later !

Cr : loveshineeandbigbang @ YT
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