Sunday, March 22, 2015

[VIDEO] 150322 Key instagram update

bumkeyk: bye taiwan!! where are my eyes!!!!! μ•„λ§žλ‹€ ‪#‎givanchy‬ lol

Source and credit: bumkeyk

[PHOTO/TRANS] 150322 SHINee on Leeteuk's Instagram Update

Photo Credit: special_js1004
Trans Credit: @teaukables

[STREAM] 150321 SHINee Tokyo Dome Special Concert Interview on KBS 'Entertainment Relay'

Credits: KBSEntertain YT

[STREAM] 150321 Jonghyun's Instagram Video Update

Credits: RYU J YT

[STREAM] 150321 Onew on Amber's Instagram Video Update

Credits: iloveshow quietlim YT

[STREAM/ENG SUB] 150313 SHINee on 'All Night Nippon Gold' Full Cut

Credits: Arpheda

[PHOTO] 150321 Key Instagram Updates with Onew & Jonghyun

"welcome to SMTOWN"

"This hyung was excited"

Credits: @sfinee, bumkeyk

[STREAM] 150321 Minho on SNSD Tiffany's Instagram Video

Credits: @almightykeybeom

[PHOTO] 150321 SHINee on SMTOWN Twitter Update

Credits: @smtownglobal

[STREAM/ENG SUB] 150320 SHINee's Greetings for Sepang F1 After Race Concert

Credits: Sepang Circuit FB

Sunday, March 8, 2015

[STREAM] 150305 SHINee on The Saem's CF

ONEW ver.


KEY ver.

MINHO ver.


Credits: globaleco The Saem

[STREAM] 150302 SHINee for Baskin Robbins' CF

44 seconds version


30 seconds version


15 seconds version

Credits: Baskin Robbins Korea

[STREAM] 150305 Jonghyun on Picnic LIVE with Zion.T & Younha

Credits: nekonekohero

[STREAM] 150304 SHINee Quiz Cut on Weekly Idol

Credits: dondontcha

[STREAM/ENG SUB] 150304 SHINee's Jonghyun phone call with Younha on '4 Things Show' unreleased clip

Credits: Arpheda

[STREAM/ENG SUB] 150302 Minho at 2015 Konkuk University Entrance Ceremony

Credits: Arpheda

[PHOTO] 150308 Key Official Weibo Update

"recording baby"

Credits: @sfinee

[PHOTO] 150308 Key Instagram Update

" γͺんとγͺくまずは食べγͺいとw "

Credits: @bumkeystagram

[PHOTO] 150307 Key on Yoppy's Instagram Update

" fun night with them あ〜 η¬‘γ£γŸ η¬‘γ£γŸ "

Credits: @almightykeybeom

[PHOTO] 150307 Key on David Melger's Instagram Update

"Tokyo dinner with the buddies @bumkeyk @littlesunnybiteyoppy #keyshinee #shinee #tokyo"

Credits: @sfinee

[PHOTO] 150307 Taemin on Match Made in Heaven Returns's Twitter Update

Match Made in Heaven Returns Twitter

Credits: @sfinee

[STREAM/HD] SHINee 'Your Number' PV

Credits: λͺ¬λ“œ λͺ¬λ“œ

[PHOTO] 150307 Onew, Key & Taemin on Modelpress' Twitter Update

Credits: @almightykeybeom

[PHOTO/TRANS] 150307 Minho on Super Junior Eunhyuk's Instagram

"Did you hear that, Minho-ya? Hyung said "Minhow" #DandE #FlamingCharismaMinhow #GrowingPains #MusicCore"

Credits: @sfinee

[PHOTO] 150307 Minho on SMTOWN Now Update with Donghae & Eunhyuk

Credits: @almightykeybeom

[STREAM] 150307 Onew, Key & Taemin on Tokyo FM 'Happiness x Happiness' Radio Full Cut

Credits: @sfinee

[PHOTO] 150307 SHINee on Brunch's Twitter Update

Credits: @sfinee

[PHOTO] 150307 Onew, Key & Taemin at Tokyo FM 'Happiness x Happiness' Radio

Credits: @sfinee

Sunday, March 1, 2015

[PHOTO] 150301 SHINee heading to Japan

Source and credit as tagged

[VIDEO] 150301 Key instagram update

bumkeyk: sure it wasn't a jpg file

Source and credit: bumkeyk

[PHOTO] 150301 Key weibo update

bumkeykM: bye~~~

[STREAM/ENG SUB] JongHyun Performs Juliette / Crazy (Feat.Iron) [Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook]

Credits: KBSWorld YT

[STREAM/LQ] 150228 SHINee's Baskin Robbins' CF

Credits to uploader.

[PHOTO/TRANS] 150228 Jonghyun Twitter Update with Minho

@realjonghyun90: The trophies that I won during this solo promotion!!
Minho took the photos 
Roo also participated!!!

Credits: @realjonghyun90
Trans : Mod Ryo (MSW)

[STREAM] 150228 Jonghyun Instagram Update

"Stupid Roo"

Credits: @sfinee

[STREAM] 150228 SHINee Japan Official Instagram Update

"Jacket shooting sketch1#YourNumber #SHINee

Credits: @sfinee
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