Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[PHOTO] 151123 Minho In Sunny's Instagram Update

빛나는 #샤이니 의 불꽃 카리스마 #민호 ... 와줘서 고마웡👍 #shinee#minho #girlsgeneration #smtown

Trans : Flaming charisma #minho from shiny #SHINee ... Thank you for coming 

👍 #shinee#minho #girlsgeneration #smtown

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Friday, November 13, 2015

[PHOTO/TRANS] 151112 Key's Instagram Update

oh my.....
**Trans on the note : Hi, I am Jo HyoJoon from Korea's MacDonald. I send some coupons as appreciation for SHINee's Mr Key's halloween outfit which brought positive exposure of MacDonald. I hope this will reach you well. I will be thankful if you can contact us after you received the coupons. Thank you.

thanks... to

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[PHOTO] 151112 SHINee In The Shilla Duty Free Weibo Update

cr : The Shilla Duty Free Weibo

[ARTICLE] SHINee's Jonghyun to officially release his very first novel this month!

He sings, he composes, and he's an author too? SHINee's Jonghyun is the definition of an all-rounder as his very first novel 'Skeleton Flower: Things That Have Been Released and Set Free' will be coming out!

 His novel will be officially released on November 19 and pre-orders begin on November 12!

 Now you might be thinking, wasn't it released already? Well, it was only partly released as a special back on October 2. It was available at Jonghyun's solo concert at the SMTOWN Coex Artium, and through some online bookstores. But since it received such an amazing initial response, it's been decided to be released again officially!

 His book will include all of the behind stories of 12 of his songs and SHINee songs, into a novel about love and breakup. There'll also be some on-set photos in the book! This is a book SHINee fans won't want to miss.

 His novel will go on sale both online and offline on November 19, and he'll have various events to promote his book as well.

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[PHOTO] 151112 Jonghyun In MBC Blue Night Twitter Update

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[PHOTO] 151111 Key's Instagram Update

uhm!!! VIP Sounds Good

수능 대박
Trans : SAT the best

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[PHOTO] 151110 Key's Instagram Update

it maybe long to get me there feels like i've been everywhere but you know that i'll be coming home

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[PHOTO] 151109 SHINee In SNS Update

cr : Kondo Natsuko Blog

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[PHOTO] 151109 Key's Instagram Update

Black series jeans

Picture from my mother jeans


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[PHOTO] 151108 Onew In Instagram Update


Trans : #HeartAttack

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[PHOTO] 151108 Key In Instagram Update

솔직히 이건 좀 쎕니다.
Trans : To be honest, this one is quite strong.

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[PHOTO] 151107 Key's Instagram Update

wow !!!! the coolest guy in korea?? thanks to ck!!

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[PHOTO] 151106 SHINee in Instagram Update

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[PHOTO] 151106 Key's Instagram Update

고태용x키 콜라보레이션 맨투맨이 두장 출시됩니다.제가 키우는 강아지 두마리에서 영감을 얻어 같이 상의해서 만들게되었습니다.수익은 전액기부이고 우리 강아지들이 다른 강아지들을 도와줄수있도록 많은 관심 부탁드려요
Trans : Ko TaeYong x Key collaboration, chapter two of man to man is released. Inspired by the two puppies that I am raising, this is done after both of us had a discussion. The profit will be donated, I hope we are able to get your interest so that we can help the other puppies out there.

sold out!!!!!! thanks to my lil freaks

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[PHOTO] 151104 Key's Instagram Update

meeting with good friend

meeting with another good friend #kud

cr : @bumkeyk
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