Thursday, June 9, 2011

[FANACC] Arrival of SHINee + TVXQ + F(x) @ Charles De Gaulle, Paris, France

We arrived at the airport around 15h30. We initially stood at the front row for arrivals but after having had a chat with some people, it seemed that they will exit from the other side from where we were standing because the exit was closer. There were around 100 fans at the terminal at that time.  So we decided to move outside and wait in front of the vans, we could then move and since there were fewer fans, it will be easier to see them. Around 1h30, there were already 200 fans and the number just started to increase, more and more rapidly, gradually filling the terminal. Meyluzine regularly made rounds among the fans to post photos on twitter, while waiting for the arrival of the boys. We talked with HeeGi and Sue, Sue involved us to guard the outside, we discussed with the policemen and tried to look after a neat line of fans. The driver who was supposed to drive the boys was a very very very pretty woman, we were jealous XD and she was very nice, we chatted a little bit with her, she had no idea who she would be driving…obviously.

Around 18h it began to move, screams could be sometimes heard indicating that the number of fans could easily be around 400/500 even the corridor that led to the terminal was filling up at that moment. Korean TV was there and filming the fans, there was SBS in particular. Meyluzine continued to make the back/front between the inside and the outside and the posts on twitter to keep everyone informed. At 18h40, the time at which they should have arrived, still nothing. So we then waited patiently, with a lot of stress. Then, around 19h we had the confirmation through some people from the Korean Connection that their plane just landed at 19h59, they would then arrived in 10 to 15 minutes, by the times they go through customs etc…

At 19h20, the screams were so loud that we knew that they were arriving. Meyluzine kept watch on the inside, waited to know who was arriving (Yunho and Changmin first, we thought that they were divided from each other but in fact no, the 3 groups were together). Meyluzine ran to the outside to alert Murasaki and another friend who tagged along, by the time arriving towards the door, a horde of fans appeared on the outside, we were about a hundred. Yunho, Changmin and the numerous policemen that encircled them had stopped at the door and stood there, we thought, it was a mistake on their part. The crowd of fans has surrounded them. We noticed Key and his bandanna just behind the boys and just a little behind Jonghyun. Yunho and Changmin were smiling, we felt they were happy to be here perhaps very impressed by the crowd of fans. They started to move and all the fans that were on the inside were following them.

We saw Jonghyun, wearing shades, who was bowing all along to whole line of fans. Key was in Diva mode, we thought he was amazed by the number of fans, has finally cracked a smile, then Taemin, a little bit lost by the number of people present, followed Key, Onew and Minho were smiling and also surprised. They were all very very very handsome, even more than in photos and seemed happy but tired (Jonghyun, Key and Taemin were wearing shades and Minho and Onew had dark circles). While getting on the van Onew waved to fans, Minho had an amused smile and once in the van Taemin pushed the curtain to wave to fans too.

They had to get into the vans who were intended for F(x) (they didn’t get in the van of the super pretty woman kkk). Amber of F(x) wanted to get off the van to go to the one with SHINee but returned back, Krystal wanted to follow her but could not, finally the F(x) got onto the van again that was meant for SHINee.
All of this happened in the most confusion, everybody screamed, run everywhere while holding their cameras, it was a battle!  We thought so because of the great number of fans, it is impossible that this large crowd of people stayed calm but it was regretful and fortunately to my knowledge nobody was hurt…There were many reporters (including one who stepped on Meyluzine’s foot, who made her bleed…they were really nags who are capable of everything T_T) French or overseas, we thought that it would not be impossible that images of this arrival were to be seen on national French televisions…even if no logo was visible, we don’t know more…
Anyway SHINee and TVXQ (we saw them first in particular since they had stopped just in front of us for a few seconds) were extremely magnificent in real life, many times more than in video…Taemin has a really perfect skin *__* But to be honest this was really too fast and we didn’t had time to really realized that we have seen them…o_o and we still don’t realize till now….
Amber from F(x) has waved in our direction while getting in the van, she is really very very pretty in real life and seemed very cool and happy to be in France!

Fanaccount Source and All Right Reserved ©:  SHINee-source-france
English Translation and Credit: kiana78
Team Dubu-Nuha-

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