Monday, March 13, 2017

[PROJECT] JjongD Blue Night Letter Project

Hello Shawols! 
MBC has confirmed that SHINee's Jonghyun will be leaving his DJ position on FM4U's 'Jonghyun's Blue Night' and they are having special project for his last broadcast on April. 
We are granted chance to write him letters that contains our happy moments we have shared with him throughout his 3 years as Blue Night DJ. 

To support this project, we are opening letters collection for everyone to send your beautiful words to him. 
Below we provided the instruction that you can follow in order to send them. Do read till the end :) 

Collection period:

14/3/2017 ~ 17/3/2017

Date we will send the letters to Korea
19/3/2017 (Sunday) or 20/3/2017 (Monday)

Reason for the chosen date
All letters must arrive at MBC address within 22/3/2017 ~ 24/3/2017

Courier use
As this is short notice, we will have to use EMS to send to Korea

We will put the letters in big envelope and sealed it with secure plastic to avoid any damage

Options to send the letter: 

  1. Send your letter to us by courier (Poslaju recommend). Only send us handwritten letter. Please email to us to get the address. All letters must be received before or by Friday 17th March 2017. If you use courier, please send us the tracking number and also help us track your letter whereabouts
  2.  Write your letter on any paper (blue colour paper recommended), scan them, save as PDF and email to us. We will print out the letter for you 
  3. Write your letter in email. We will re-write the letters for you. If you have specific colour for your letters to be written on, please do request. (p/s: Mind you my writing is not that pretty. But i will try my best XD )

For the envelope 

  1. For those who sent us using courier, it advisable for you to send your letter inside a dark blue / navy envelope. Please write your name, address on left top corner of the envelope. You can write To : Jonghyun at the bottom corner right of the envelope. We will update you with the visual instruction soon
  2. Also For those who sent us using courier but if you need us to find you the envelope, we will prepare the envelope for you.
  3. For those who choose option 2 and 3, we will prepare the envelope for you. 


For each letter, we have to charge RM7 to help us bear the cost for EMS fee.
 Any extra cost we will bear by us. We will not ask for extra charge for shipping. 
Donation are also welcomed

Extra charges 
For envelope prepare : RM 2 
Letter printing for those use option 2 to send letter : RM 1 per page

If we have extra from payment collection, we will try to put each letter into zip lock plastic  

All email must be sent to with subject [PROJECT] JjongD Blue Night

What to email us? 


Name :
Contact No :
Twitter / Facebook :
Options to send letter : 1 / 2 / 3
Envelope : Self prepare / Request help to prepare

(If choose Options to send letter  2)
- Address 
- Please attach the PDF file
- Request

(If choose Options to send letter  3)
- Address
- Your letter
- Request


1. When will you send the letters ?
19/3/2017 (Sunday) or 20/3/2017 (Monday)

2. If i choose option 1, do i have to email you before or after i send the letter?
Do email us beforehand so we could provide you with address to send also prepare to receive your letter 

3. Why do i have to pay for the RM7 charge?
As this is short notice and we have a deadline to send the letters, we will have to use express courier to send to Korea and this method require an expensive cost. We are sorry that we couldn't bear the cost 100% by ourselves. If we have extra from payment collection, we will try to put each letter into zip lock plastic 

4. In what language should i write the letter and what should i write to him?
It does not matter to write in English or Korea as long it contains your support to our JjongD.  But we advised to refrain from any sad words to avoid Jonghyun feels sorry or worried. 

5. Why do we have to send in dark blue / navy envelope?
MBC has requested us to do so as significant to "Blue Night" 

6. How do i send the payment? 
You can send us through bank transfer (CIMB / Maybank). 
Or you can put the money together inside the poslaju parcel (We does not recommend this to avoid any unforeseen matters) 

Any other question can be directed to the emails or to our Twitter DM. we will try our best to assist :) 

Thank you

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