Thursday, September 23, 2010

[CONTEST] Key's Birthday Contest:Contestant & Photo

Name : Winlee

Name : Damia

Name : Alia Key

Name : Dayangku Norfaaiqah

Name : Adiba Rosli

Name : Tsyyong

Name : Effie Fifie

Name : Joongmin

Name : Liyana

Name : Keyying Hwang

Name : Nur

Name : Ezaty Idris

Name : Huishi Lee

Name : Nurul Hadirah BT Shaharudin

Name : Vivian Arishanti Zain

Contest Made By : MYSHAWOLS

WINNER will be reveal next week . Who do you think is the winner and will get this : ??


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- First Admin

[WISHES] 193 For Key The Almighty Diva :)


1.This is from the one who collected all these wishes : MYSHAWOLS = 키 .. 생일 축하. 모든 당신의 인생에서 최고의. 나머지는 잘하시기 바랍니다. 자신과 다른 사람의 너무 잘가요. 우리는 말레이시아에서. 우리가 당신을 사랑해! 제발 말레이시아에 가능한 한 빨리 와서. 우리는 당신이 또는 그러나 우리는 여전히 이들이 당신에게 소원을 보낸 싶지 안 읽으면 몰라요. 다시 한번 생일 축하 키. 숙박 건강! 그리고 아주 많이 주셔서 감사합니다 우리를 즐겁게! 샤이니 굉장! 샤이니 짱이다! 샤이니 우리가 사랑 해요! 최선을 샤이니! 제발 해달라고 떨어져! 그리고 당신은 항상 샤이니 세상을 위하여 할 수있는 모든것 주셔서 감사합니다!

2. From Malaysia : ARQYLA = 키 ... 내 생일 축하를 소원 싶어요. 난 그녀가 직접 말할 수있는 소원. 당신은 말하고 싶은 최고의 디바는 내가이 만난 있습니다. 당신은 여자를 때려! 당신은 크게 소녀의 춤을 다룹니다. 그리고 당신은 멋진 사람입니다! 비록 때로는 어머니 같은 경우네하지만 걱정하지 마세요! SHINee 세계가 사랑하는 그! 파이팅! 모든 당신의 인생에서 최고로! 생일 축하 그리고 내가 당신에게 사랑 <3

3.Aya- Happy Birthday sexy diva~!!!! XD keep on doing what you always do..and that's being awsome and sexy!! May you have an awsome birthday~! favorite key,KiBeom Oppa happy birthday ! i'll always love you ! please wait for me,i'll be flying to you soon !! Fighting Oppa ^^

5.saengil cukahamida key oppa!!! saranghae! oppa hwaiting!:))

6.Gladyn --> Key oppa , sangil chukae hamida :D SARANGHAEYO ! <3 Stay handsome yeah ! ((:

7.AZ, Key oppa! annyeong! i hope you will have a fantastic birthday this year! Happy birthday! Key oppa!

8.kibum oppa! happy birthday hope your hair will grow faster kekeke ^^ saranghae

9.Hope u become more successful in ur work as well as ur study. Please be healthy and handsome to entertain ur fans.

10.annyeonghaseyo almighty key!!!hey!!wanna wish..saengil chuka hamnida!!!hope you will be the best artist ever and be the shining with SHINee!!!love you big bro!!haha^^V

11.fifi,생일축하합니다 kibum oppa!!annyeonghaseyo.Best wishes for your future.May you always be bless.oppa,hwaiting!!

12.안녕하세요Happy B'dae Key Oppa^^:DD wish u all the best almighty key!!:))

13.Key oppa((: Happy b'dae! Saranghae^^ -Peiyi

14.Heera_ Key oppa! Saengil chugha hamnida! may God bless you and don't forget your Shawols, especially MYShawols! omo! i getting excited for your birthday! saranghae Key oppa! SHINee is always in my heart. SHINee fighting till the end! Happy 19th birthday!

15.happy birthday our Smexy Diva hope u will be more baeutiful and more diva haha =]

16.Jemina, Key oppa! Have a very happy birthday and remember to thank from all the gifts you will have! 생일 축하 합니다 키붐오빠!

17.oppa!saengil chuka hamnida!hope ur wishes comes true! ^.-saranghae SHINee~

18.(ô ^ ô) Happy Birthday Key Oppa~ Mika

19.Our Birthday are seperated by 2 days!, Happy birthday KEY <3 !

20.Happy birthday husband. Dont forget to come home for dinner lol. Almightykey <3

21.Happy Birthday my dearest Key Oppa. :) Hope you'll enjoy your day and take good care of yourself. Best wishes! MWAH! :)

22. Hey key, i'm really not sure if you'll be reading this but just, happy b'day and keep shinning. i'll be supporting you from far, xoxo. - :D

23.I wish you always fine and always smile

24.happy b'day Kibum sshi! i cant wait to know what 'special' gift Jonghyun will give you ^^ ok this is Jongkey shipper talking LOL

25.key oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saengil chukka hamnida!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be the umma in SHINee ok..?? always happy ok..?? be mine ok.. kidding lol.. oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish ur fine.. hahahhaXD.. thats all.. bye bye!!!! love u oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27.happy birthday from the u.s get some rest :)

28.wIsh U aLl dA bEst in Ur lIfe and a suCcessfUl fUture..!! SARANGHAE!

29.tiWiE -- Happy Birthday Key, always be healthy, wish u all the best.. take care ur lovely son taeminie...^^


31.Happy Birthday Keyyyy oppa! :) 키 오빠 생일축합니다! 화이팅!

33.Oppa.! Happy Birthday. wish you all the best. i will always be here supporting and loving you. Oppa Fighting! ~Danica

34.Key oppa~ Happy Birhday! Saranghae~ :D -Ece almighty key :last time i like guys that have big eyes, so i liked jonghyun at 1st in SHINee, and didn't notice much bout you(sorry bout this). but when RDD was released, i've noticed you! you're eyes are small & unique(although small). haha. i like your unique voice too! ♥you caused me started to like k-star. i kno......w there will be million of fans that wish you, and you might not notice me, but its okay. your new hair style was great, i like it much. hwaiting~ oh. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, KEY KIM KIBUM. take care yourself well. rest more. ps : i support jongkey all the time! HWAITING! ♥-ooi jia ying (malaysia) KEY KIM KIBUM :생일 축하. please take good care of yourself. and jonghyun too. please ask him to rest more, and i LOVE him the most. and you too ofcourse. but you're the 2nd for me(i'm so sorry, doesn't mean to hurt you). hahaha, hope you don't mind bout this. erm, and one more, one of my friend who is also your big fan...s, she ask me to pass this message for you : "don't always nag like old woman." haha. i think thats all i want to say. saranghae to JJONG & you. ♥-teh shu yong (malaysia)

37.annyeong oppa~ saengil chukhahae ♥ hope you're given prosperity & long lives.. same goes to other members^^ & may GOD bless u =D take care ur n other's health esp ONEW XP ur age nw increase bt maintain cute, so no worries XD hihi SARANGHAE SHINEE OPPA!! best wish for SHINEE! SHINEE JJANG!!! anw have a blast =D *cheerin...g* SHINEE JJANG, SHINEE JJANG SHINEE JJANG *cheering* oh before i forgot, my friends said,'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' & my magnae, kamaliah said 'SARANGHAE ♥' she is ur big fan anw XD with hope that u read this although my words nt special as other shawol >.< -Brunei Shawol, RAHMAH ♥

38.Lau Soo Moei, Saengil Chukahamnida x2, Saranghaeyo Key Oppa, Saengil Chukahamnida! Tell jjong i love him if you ever see this. KeKeKe. <3 ^^

39.Saengil Chukhae Oppa~ Wish you all the best. Fighting! \m/ SHINee FTW! Saranghae~

40.happy birthdayyyyyyy SHINee to the max KEYIE!(: have a really good day!(: -prof_jojozxzx

41.Dear Key hubby , your birthday is coming ! :B I can't wait ~ I am counting down the dates on my phone ~ as well in my mind ~ , your smile , your voice , your actions , your care and concern to other members is what makes my day ~ Saranghae KEY <3 !

42.key oppa~ happy birthday~ please keep healthy for best perform~ we always love you~ SHINee fighting~

43.key oppa~ happy birthday~ i hope you always keep healthy~

44.KIBUM ah,,, annyeong??? WEll, I gatta say: "Saengil chukhahamnida...wish u all d best, take care of U'rself n others, love U SO!!!" n PLEASE COME TO INDONESIA... keke love: Fitri Feehily ^_^

45.anyeonghaseyeo! hello. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! my birthday is the same as yours min is on the 23rd too..^^ hope you success in your career..GOD BLESS! have a nice birthday, come to MALAYSIA!!! and lots of love from me, Beatrice...SAENGIL CHULKA HAMNIDA...

46.oppa.. saengil chulka hamnida. HAPPY BIRTHDAY..MINE is on the 23rd as well. ^^ lots of love from me; BEATRICE~^^

47.key oppa,,, happy birthday..... GOD BLESS 23RD SEPTEMBER BABIES!!!!

48.happy birthday, kibummie! for me, you are the prettiest in the world! much love ;) -jackie marcos (from the Philippines) wishing we could meet, just once! :D

49.saegil chugha hamnida KIM KIBUM! may god bless you always ^^ wish you all the best please come to MALAYSIA <3 -sheera(malaysia)

50.Hi.Annyeonghaseyo. I am even.I wanna wish you a happy birthday and hope that you will always be happy with all the shinee members. i hope you guys stay well and don't forget to take care of your health while working.I love yo sarangheyo Hwaiting ..

51.FAWA,saegil chugha hamnida Key oppa!!hope all your wishes become real!!chu~<3

52.saengil cukahamida key ! wish u'll success in your life . and smile always =)

53.saengil chukkahamnida , key oopa ! do the best in whatever you do , SHAWOL's and LOCKETS <3 you .

54.anyong!KEY!!saengil chukahamida,saengil chukahamida saranghaeyo key,saengil chukahamida!!!key,saengil chukaye!!!key,i want to wish u happy birthday!!!

55.SHINeeholicNADY : oh! its already your birthday on 23rd september . i hope you stay in a good life . KEY , . also stay healthy huh ~ ehm , 생일 축하합니다!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH . annyeong .. muahmuah . hahaha

56.annyeong :) oh my god ,its already your birthday ! i'm wishing for you from here ^^;' i love you key . also , i'll support SHINee forever . 당신을 사랑합니다!, 생일 축하해!

57.Key! Happy birthday! I hope you have a good one being able to celebrate with your closest family and friends. Take good care of your health and stay strong. Dont give up because me, Yvonne, your CANADIAN FAN will support you till the end ♥ come to toronto

58.Shera , KEY OPPA ! ! Saengilchukahae ! ! happy 20th birthday oppa ! stay health and be happy always . . remember shawol always with you and SHINee no matter what happen . . SHINee DAEBAK ! Saranghae ~

59.syafinaz ; oppaa!! saengil chukka hamnida! happy birthday to you! please be healthy always, please be more cuter ^^ and please dont hate any of us (SHINEE WORLDS), we will never stop supporting SHINee until our last breath!

60. IQRA : Kibum oppa!! Happy Birthday..May god bless you and we'll always love you!!! ;D Best wishes~!! :*

61.Annyeong ~ Saengil cukkahamnida saranghaeneun Key oppa . . Saengil cuka hamnida . . I hope all your wish will come true :D and all the best just for you :D SHINee hwaiting !! Key oppa hwaiting !! Saranghaeyo ~~

62. 안 녕하세요! Supriya imnidha. I'm from India. ^^ Kibeom oppa,senggil chukka haeyo! <3 I love you LOTSSSSS!! :D You're my most favourite in SHINee! ;D Wish you and the rest of SHINee everything the best in life <3. Fighting! ^^ Be healthy and happy :) Hope to me

63.Happy Birthday Key!! USA LUVS YOU!

64.Happy birthday Key :D I hope you have a great time celebrating it with the other SHINee members. Always be a sexy diva and umma of SHINee! you are awesome. tell the rest i said hi :D

65.Ena: Annyeong, Key Oppa! After Taemin oppa, its your turn!! ^_^.. I dont know what I want to wish.. I just make a simple one. Happy sweet 20th birthday! I hope you'll achieve success in the future! Dun forget to come to Malaysia!

66.happy birthday our diva almighty key. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIBUM!!

67.key!saengil chukahamida!im arisha,from malaysia!:)i want to wish 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEY'!i hope u stay healthy,stay still ur handsome,stay still ur stylish as a'KIM KIBUM'that i know!i love u key so much!and also i won't forget,ur dream group 'SHINee'!!!jeongmal saranghae

68.Lecia Chua Ying Xuan,키 생일 축하!!!그리고 기억 유근 <3 자신을 돌봐...모두 제일 좋다 !!!

69. to mr key :hello mr key :) you're hot. and i love your hair, its way awesome. oh btw, cheer up! i like it better when you smile! ☻intan nazeerah, malaysia. ☻

70.heyyy happy birthday key! :) you're my favorite ♥♥♥

71.Annyeong Key oppa !On your great day , i wish you a Happy 20th Birthday . i hope you always be happy and having a very meaningful day . Do the best for your life . Im sure there's alot of your fans are wishing for you on your birthday.

72.Key Umma! Happy Birthday! Nice hairstyle=)SHINee Hwaiting! <3

73.happy birthday KIM KIBUM, key oppa!!! wish you luck and succes with SHINEE!! =D

74. happy birthday key opaa^^ i'm your fans from indonesia, you have never come to indonesia, please once you visite your SHAWOL's indonesia. i wish you have a best party in your birthday ! always succses with all shinee's oppa . i really love youu ^^

75.Happy Birthday, KEY oppa =D Fighting! Love ya =)

76.i hope u and SHINee always shining... <3

77.Yusirah, Key oppa! Happy Birthday 2 you!! Hwaiting oppa!! Saranghae <3<3<3

78.Monica : Key, Happy Birthday! You're now 19, congratulations! I hope, in the next chapter of your life, that you can become even more successful and shine even brighter with each day! Hopefully you, and the rest of SHINee, will become world famous with all the hard work!

79.Happy birthday Almighty Key! Always do the best, still handsome and pretty ^o^ saranghae key oppa :))


81.natasya~ saengil chukka hamnida key oppa... saranghaeyo key oppa... i hope SHINee will come to Malaysia one day... my sister and i will wait for that day.. saranghae.. key oppa hwaiting... SHINee hwaiting..

82.안녕 기붐오빠!! 재가 재리오예오. 저는 오빠가 너무 좋아요!!! 오늘 오빠의 생일여서 난 기붐오빠한데 "생일 축하해" 란말고 십어...사랑해... 사실 기붐과 날 동갑예오...^___^...

83.Angel : Key,,Happy Birthday to you,,,^^ I wish; -u can be more handsome (and SEXY of course...hihihihihihi^^) -u can be more smart -the best for you, your family, and for SHINee.. And last thing i wanna say is, "You are THE BEST OMMA for SHINee ever..!!"

84.key oppa! happy birthday!!!!! shawols always love u..

85.Mindy---> key oppa, saengil chugha hamnida!!! Take care of yourself and stay healthy!! :D saranghaeyo!<3

86.Ena: Annyeong, key oppa!!! For your upcoming birthday, I want to wish you, happy sweet 20th birthday!! Dun forget your fan that always remember you.. Tell me your wish, i'll be your genie.. Hhahhahaha

87.monKEY oppa!saengil chukkahae!XD you're my favourite in whole korea!keke..wish you enjoy yourself and be happy everyday,stay healthy,handsome,cute,funny,diva-ish and sexy forever!saranghaeyo,keybum oppa!XD lastly,please do come to MALAYSIA,es. PENANG!keke

88.Dear Kibum aka KEY, selamat hari jadi (happy birthday)! We from MYShawols will always give you our endless love and support. Please take good care of your health. Congratulations on your success :) Shinee Key Shine Forever! ~ Mazni

89.Kibum oppa happy birthday! ^_^ Be very succesful and healthy. Saranghae <3 Hwaiting!!- Jenny (a fan from London,UK)

90.Key oppa happy birthday!saranghae <3 Be healthy and very successful ^_^ Hwaiting!

91.Be happy, Key gun - Shawols

92. annyeong:)nady: oh my , i'm so nervous . okay , key ! stay healthy , stay cool , stay handsome ,stay cute , stay good , stay nice and what else . ehm ~ i hope once you can reply me when i text you at me2day. i really want to talk with you .i love you.



95.happy birthday key =)

96.key oppa(can i call u that??)Saengil chugha hamnida~ i was one of your fans which from malaysia~ i like your dance and voice~ i also like jongkey couple~ so that i hope you and jonghyun oppa got more interact in between~

97.happy birthday! :D i wish i could see you!

98.Saengil chuka habnida~ :D Happy birthday, Almightykey! Take care of yourself, oppa. Shawols will always be supporting you, supporting SHINee! Loves, Joawesomena.

99.Saengil chuka hamnida Key oppa!! I love youu!! Wish you all the best. -Katrine (SG fan)

100.Almighty Key!! Kibum Before the clock strikes twelve let me take the opportunity to let you know that you have grown a year more... Happy birthday.

101.key annyeong^^ happy birthday <3 may god bless you~ SHINee daebak !! hwaiting ! ^^

102.Happy birthday key, Love you!! Hummy x

103.Hey Diva Key Happy birthday and stay cute!! xx

104.Happy Birthday , Key oppa . Saranghamnida gudaeul <3 . Key jjang :D - NIYA

105.hppy key oppa :) you are the best

106.Key oppa ! Happy birthday , saranghae :)

107.Annyeongg , Key oppa , happy birthday !

108.Gray : key! love you so much! love SHINee so much!! faster come to malaysia!!!!!! and lastly..happy birthday!! continue to work hard but take good care of your health k? hwaiting!!!=)

109.-ummie- happy birthday key!!! i'll pray for u n shinee for your success.. me as shawols will always support you ni matter what. stay healty key. hope u'll be happy for your coming birthday!. saranghaeyo..=) my present for u..MMUUAAKKSSS..=) love u!

110.Saengil Chuka hamnida Key-shi,Lia Farhana here..^^..SHINee is my OBSESSION..=)

111.Dear Almighty Key, Kibeom: As we observe your birthday now, Your cake and gifts don’t matter much. These common things aren’t really you, ...Ribbons, paper hats and such. We celebrate a person who Brings happiness to everyone, Someone who gives more than he gets, And fills our lives with joy and fun. So Happy Birthday, and many more! We hope you make it to a hundred and two, Because we cannot even dream ,What life would be like without you. - Aina Ilmardiah

112.Annyeong. Key oppa :> I'm Femxdee from the Philippines. And Happy Birthday to you (: i hope you have a great health and many birthdays to come. i hope i will see you again in my country. :) iHEARTyou and also other SHINee Members :>>

113.Addina , Diva Key ! Happy Birthday !!! Keep shining...I'll always support SHINee!!!

114.happy birthday oppa key long may u nuts, the more successful, is always blessed, always healthy, I expect the best from me to you

115.Dear Key, have a wonderful birthday with you hyungs and dongsaengs! Listen to Onew hyung well XD Do come to Malaysia, Malaysian Shawols love you and you guys should know that SHINee has awesome fanbase here. Always be healthy, always be happy. Best of luck !

116.Happy Birthday Key Oppa!! :DD SARANGHAE!! All shawols wish you a happy birthday ^^ Stay as the same diva you are today ;) Saranghae ^^ -SakuraDeSlayur

117.Happy Birthday Key !!! Addina here ^^...May God Bless you !!! SARANGHAE =)

118.i'm SHAWOL from Indonesia. Happy B'day to My craziest Oppa,,!!Almaigthy Key ..!! be your self N keep crazy..hehe I wish U'r pobia is gone... I'm Waiting for U to come in Indonesia

119.wish you all the best in your life...Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. - Tom Wilson ^^

120.KEY KEY OPPA! Happy Birthday!♥ saengil chukahamnida key oppa! 생일 축하 ! All the best to you, i will always love you. FIGHTING ! I love SHINee forever & ever :D Loves ♥ Joanne SG

121.This is a joke, right? :D Key will read this little message? Wow. By the way, By the way .. What is my wish? I do not know why, but I feel that my biggest dream will come true, so there is no need to write it. I just want to wish a happy birthday to Key.

122.KEY! :) Diva of SHINee and an awesome singer,dancer,rapper the list goes on!You are amazing especially in Girl Group Dances! You're talented! <3 Saengil Cukahamida! HWAITING! From:TharsikaDR

123.Saengil chukka hamnida KEY ! Saengil chukka hamnida !!! ^^ ^^ ^^ ... fighting

124.Happy Birthday Oppa Key!....Wish u all the best Take care always and God bless....:) :D --TaeKey-- (jannjann)

125.key oppa! i'm from malaysia! you have a lots of fans here...♥ i just love u!i even combines our name 2gether~hehe,its KEYnul i really hope u have a great birthday and stay cute! saranghae♥♥♥ awesome key oppa ~ happy birthday!!! please continue to SHINE!! oppa FIGHTING! - Katin

127.Key oppaaa! happy birthdaaaay!!! i wish you a very awesome birthday <3 oppa FIGHTING!!- Taehyon

128.Keyopta..happy bornday..sexy19th.wish u all the best in ur life and hope u will have a lot of happiness in ur day..always do ur best..hope u will come to Indonesia,we will shopping togetha here^^ (deasy agusti)

129.key oppa, advance happy birthday~ stay healthy and always be happy. we love you oppa~ <333 SARANGHAE. your LOCKET will always be here for you :D

130.Lecia Chua~~~ Happy Birthday kibummie~ SHINee has helped alot in my exams! Really! I had lots of stress which i do not know about... Iwas not a kpop fan last time thats why i have stress hehehe... My results was terrible... But when i became a kpop fan , ITS AWESOME !

131.Deasy Agusti - Key..Happy Bornday.. what is it "saengil chukka hamnida" wish u all the best in ur life..hope all of ur day will lot of happiness^^..KEY JJANG!!happy 19th..hope u will come to Indonesia,,,we can shopping together in there..hha..=D

132.Leciachua~ Happy Birthday to 키! SHINee has helped me alot during my exams! Last time I was not a kpop fan and my friends told me that i was too stress and i need to relax... I did'nt care much about that comment and just move on.

133.CjingT-YEOBO!hapi bday!pls take care n stay healthier than me!hwaiting!pls come to malaysia!i'll gv u my favourite spongebob toy! ya!*wink wink!

134.happy birthday!! god bless you!!i'm really3 like you(>_<) hope to see you caome to malaysia!!=)

135.Happy Bday KEY OPPA!!!! Jesus Bless you oppa !!Wish you all the best oppa, I'm your big fans from INDONESIA- Loly .

136.anneyeong Key Oppa...Saengil Chukahamnida..Saengil Chukahamnida..Saranghaeyo Key Oppa..Saengil Chukahamnida!i hope all your wish will come true...stay cute...handsome & style...have a blessing & nice birthday...GOD BLESS YOU DEAR KEY...SHINee Key fightin

137.Saengil Chukahaeyo Key oppa . Hope u will get success with SHINee . Saranghaeyo .

138.Nadii -> annyeong, Almighty Key~~ happy birthday! i'll always love your divalicious attitude :> stay healthy and love you, oppa~ >:D<

139.Bea Adinda S. Shawol , Key oppa, i hope when i made english fanfic you can read it..saengil chukae.. and be a more good chef for SHINee member.. hehe^^


141.Happy Birthday Key oppa ! I love you !

142.Key Oppa.. Sengilchukahamnida... Wish u happy always .. Take care of Jjong , Minho , Onew and your son Taeminie... Oppa.. Sarangahamnida.. <3 - minnie

143.Kim Kibum Oppa, happy birthday! wish u're the best and become the good member of SHINee! I Love You, oppa! Angel =)

144.HAPPY Birthday KEEEEY <3 HAVE A GREAT Birthday !! <3 Dubai Fan

145.saengil chukka hamnida~ saranghae key <3

146.HaPPY birThdaY keyy oppa .. wish u happy always and always shines~ saranghae key oppa <3 from nana , malaysia~

147.i want to meet you(key).because i was the big fans of you.. - AnieSHINee

148.thanks so much tht u guys are working so hard for music:) keep fighting~~ love you and SHINee:) love u most!! by kriskwok:P

149.Happy Birthday Key~!! Stay healthy, take cae of yourself~ Know that people love you all around the world, okay? There's even fans in Ireland~ <3

150.Elaine - HARPI BIRD DAY Key oppa/umma! Saranghaeyo~ I love Toy Story Potato Men toooooooo. Your version of Tik Tok is much more better than Ke$ha's one okay! ♥ Hope that when the day you come to Singapore for K-POP NIGHT, i can see you clearly. ^^

151.SAEGIL CHUKAHAMINIDA KEY!!!!! have a great birthday and please get enough rest with the other members! ^^

152.Anneyeong Key...saeng-il chugha...hope all your wish will come true..stay cute always..have a blessed birthday...GOD BLESS YOU..SHINee Key fighting!!with lots of love,enara juliette...^^


154.Happy birthday Key ! <3 ~ Finally 20 ~ ^^ Stay handsome and divaish yeah ~ melt me more :B ~ You really made my day , no matter what ~ 키 , 사랑해요 ! <3 ~ Rest well for Kpop night concert ! ^^ Lots of luv ~ Kisszxc <3 ~

155.Happy birthday Key oppa! :) saranghae~ God Bless. And come to Malaysia please? SHINEE HWAITING. :D I just made you as my 3rd husband along with Taemin oppa being 1st and Ryeowook oppa the 2nd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D - Wong Jen Andrea

156.Key oppa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) Hope you do well and have a really good birthday! ^^

157.Happy Birthday to Key oppa~~~~~~ Saengil Chukahamnida~~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Saranghae oppa~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ;DD

158.Sengilchukahe Key oppa.... Take care of Jjong, Minho, Onew and your son Taemin. .. SHAWOLS always beside you and will support you forever... !! oppa.. Saranghamnida.. >.< chuu~ - minnie

159.Keybum oppa~ saengil chukka hamnida/happy birthday. ^^ may God bless you always.stay handsome. SHINeeWorld loves you.we hope that we could celebrate together with you on your birthday.have a blast, you! -zieaqilah,Brunei:)

160.hey hey hey!! key! happy birthday!have a fantastic one with your shinee members yeah? key~ hope that u will never change! i love u when u talk!! it's a blast, everyone will shut up u u said somethg or sometimes they liugh.. u r the mood maker key!!! key..

161.SAENGIL CHUKKAHAMNIDA, 생일 축하, Happy Birthday to my ALMIGHTY DIVA KI KIBUM aka KEY, 김기범 !!!! ♥♥♥ Take good care of your health kays. WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU & ALL SHINee MEMBERS! <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIVA KEY

162.happy birthday key oppa <3! Stay healthy always okay, shawols will forever be supporting you ~ Saranghae SHINee <3 - Vanessa .

163.SAENGIL CHUKKAHAMNIDA, 생일 축하, Happy Birthday to my ALMIGHTY DIVA KIM KIBUM aka KEY, 김기범 !!!! Btw you're never a bad grandson, I bet everyone young that time sure is a bad grandchild, so don't blame yourself okays? First time saw you sad, all of us also sad !

164.Ahh! Key I definitely hope that I can meet you one day ^_^ I hope you`ll be healthy all the time and be better and better at your dreams! Come to Europe and spread your love for the shawols for here too ~ Happy Birthday!!!!!! ^^ <333 - Claudia [Romania]

165.saengil chukka hamnida ALMIGHT KEY ! oppa hwaitingg ! key daebak !:)

166.KEY오빠. 생일축하해요!!!<3>

167.shira-Key oppa!!happy birthday!!hope all your wishes come true...sarangheyo!!

168.Justin - Happy Birthday Almighty Key! LOL. Im a big fan of yours and SHINee of course.. Wish you all the best and I wish for the Progress of SHINee! Thank You!

169.Happy birthday metal person~^3^ i hope you will have a memorable and happy happy HAPPY birthday~~~!! =)

170.Happy Bday Key! I love you! from Tobias Vo

171.Happy Birthday Kibum! <3>

172.Happy B-day(though a bit late) okay really late but better late then never....*haha I'm blabbering =.= anyways I just want to wish KEY Happy Birthday and that he will always be the "SHINING DIVA" of SHINee.

173.happy b-day key! I hope you have a wonderful; birthsady with alot of Jongkey love!

174.I wish u always stay healthy, key-umma saranghae... ^__^

175.Happy birthday Almighty Diva! Hope you have a great one~ ^^

176.Happy belated birthday key .

177.Happy Birthday SHINee Key! Wish you all the very best and more birthdays to come! more success in life, good health, more power, and love :) Saeng il Chuck ha Hamnida :) --- minjung ",

178.Hope you'll have good health and a prosperous career. :>

179. happy birthday key ,, saengil chukka hamnida , i am your fan kekeke since you'll become 20 , it's not just a year older ,, but a year to be better fighting ~ and shawols will always hwaiting ! bbyoooo~ng


181.happy fricken birthday, you QT 3.14 love you forever and always <3>

182.I can't come to Korea to attend your birthday... I can only comment on website to you... I wish you have birthday very happy and happy with your family, your friends and SHINee... I always love you... I always hope you can smile and happy... I love you...

183.23 is my favourite number that kibum and i shared the same birthday date!Saranghae!

184.Happy B'day~! All the best in whatever you do! <3>

185.Saengil chukha hamnida Key oppa ;))))))))))))

186.KEY SARANGHAE . I wish one day I can see youu and take a picture with you ! *smooch*


188.hey! I wish you all the most beautiful in life, to stay as cute as ever xD (to become more popular here in Serbia) card to claim all the goals in life and have the best birthday with family and friends ... Jelena loves you

189.Umm i don't know how could i start it and i don't know u read my sms or not ??? But i really want to say" Happy birthday to u, key oppa wish u all the best" . I just want to see ur smile oppa please smile when u read our wishing 4 u :-) Anyway enjoy !

190.key oppa<3>

191.Happy birthday key!!!

192.Happy Birthday KEY!!~~~ u r cool ^.~ ~Sarah

193.HAPPPY BIRTHDAYYY KEY-UNNIE GUESS WHAT i got yer card in LUCIFER nd you got sexy eyes and sexy hands X3 HWAITING LOL TELL JONGHYUN I SAID HI -sincerly call me , Naru? :D

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[CONTEST]Key's Birthday


Example (Credits goes to as tagged and HERE ) :



  1. We are not lying . We are sending the prize to the winner .

  2. You may join ONLY if you are staying in MALAYSIA .Sorry Overseas , it costs a lot if we send overseas .

  3. The prize is this (Thanks to Ad Arqy and Ad Mira ) :

You want this ? We'll give you ! So create the prettiest one and You'll have it !


  • Edit a photo of Key with your wishes written in the photo.

  • Submittion only acceptable at our FACEBOOK and TWITTER .

  • When you submit ! Fill in and send in with this details :

  1. NAME



  • You'll receive your presents in OCTOBER for SURE !

  • Your adress ? We will ask you personally (FOR THE WINNER)


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[Video] Taemin's Cuteness

Kyaaa~! Taemin's So Adorable! These Are Some Moments Of His Cuteness. [:

You Must Watch It ! [: It's To Cute To Resist!

[DISCUSS] Taemin almost lost his first kiss to Heechul

totally freaking out about this!!! This occurred at the SMTOWN in Shanghai but heechul went to kiss Taemin! Apparently it was just a fake kiss, but this was Taemins first kiss we could have lost tonight!

haahahaha heres the link:
Heenim stealing a kiss from Taemin

if anyone has anymore info or footage please post it!!!!!!!

i feel like such a stalker...but my heart is about to jump out of my chest!

was able to find more pics 'leading up' to the scene, you can see it is taemin and heechul smile.gif Heres the link:

Taemin and Heenim smtown Shanghai

p/s : no one can resist TaeminTemptation effect LOL

[DISCUSS] Taemin goes hyper!! mubank BTS

OMFG i am still fangirling over THIS!!! I've seen Taemin go hyper a couple of times seems like a rare jewel!! I know other SHINee members have said that Taemin can be really crazy and hyperactive, but this is my first time seeing this before.

Finally .the day has finally come for us Taemints to witness the shocking, grinding and hyperactive side to our beloved Taemin

Enjoy the link:

Taemin going hyper

This was a fancam of their recent practice for music bank..
Im now on an internet hunt to find more of these precious videos, please post some links if you have them!!!

Taemin love love love love love love love

[RANDOM] Key eating..sexily?

I'm talking about this video here! that was on an episode of Star King.
looks like Key being all sexy and what not while eating a donut? uhh yeah well just watch for yourself! XD
the reaction of Jonghyun & Minho are pretty funny :3


omg Jonghyun got a little excited XD can't balme him Key is super sexy ! haha jjong! we all know that you liked it ;)Jonghyun is officially Key´s master-Fangirl xD JONGKEY FTW !

[DISCUSS] English Version of "Your Name", which is better??

There is an english ver of "your name" too...the song onew wrote.....many of their album songs have an english ver. like obsession, a-yo and wowowow....and now "your name" {Eng ver}
Both versions are nice!!
But onew wrote the lyrics!! So talented.....the translated lyrics is so sweet~~

[CHART] Top Ten Korean Idols who Look Better Without Clothes

An online poll was done to see what the netizen's opinions are about the 'good figure' of various korean idols. The results came out and according to list of the 'best body', our maknae Taemin got the 3rd spot! =))


1. Leeteuk
2. Kim Hyun Joong
3. Taemin
4. Siwon
5. Jaejoong
6. Nickhun
7. TOP
8. Yunho
9. Jokwon
10. Dongho

[CHART] Asia most famous chart

1):Asia most influential groups :

NO.1 Super Junior
NO.2 Wonder Girls
NO.4 S.H.E

2):Asia most talented with good looks groups:
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 H.O.T
NO.5 Wonder Girls

3):Best-selling albums within these 2 years:
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.2 Super Junior-M
NO.4 SS501

4):Most popular among the well-known artists:
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 ShinHwa
NO.5 Super Junior-M

5): Accomplished with good rankings in TV shows and movies:
NO.1 Farenheit
NO.2 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 Lollipop

6):Band members that are best in MC:
NO.1 SJ LeeTeuk EunHyuk
NO.2 Farenheit ChenYi Ru
NO.3 CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa
NO.4 SJ ShinDong
NO.5 SJ HeeChul

7): Band members that are best in actings:
NO.1 SJ Kim KiBum
NO.2 Farenheit all members
NO.3 SJ Choi SiWon
NO.4 SHINEE Lee TaeMin

8):Band members with the best vocal:
NO.1 SJ YeSung
NO.2 DBSK Xiah JunSu
NO.3 SJ KimRyeoWook
NO.4 SJ ChoKyuHyun
NO.5 DBSK Kim JaeJoong SHINEE LeeTaeMin Kim Jonghyun

9):Band members who are best in RAP:
NO.1 SJ EunHyuk
NO.5 SJ ShinDong KiBum

10):Band member who are best in dancing:

NO.2 SJEunHyuk
NO.3 SJ HanKyung
NO.4 SHINEE Lee TaeMin

11):Band members who are best in DJ:
NO.1 SJ Kim HeeChul
NO.2 SJ LeeTeuk EunHyuk
NO.5 SJ ShinDong

12):Most popular among the stars for imitation:
NO.1 SUPER JUNIOR (U, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana)
NO.2 Wonder Girls (Nobody)
NO.3 SHINEE (Ring Ding Dong)
NO.4 SUPER JUNIOR-M (Super Girl)

Korea/Chinese male stars ranking (Looks)
1. SJ Kim HeeChul
2. DBSK Kim Jaejoong
3. CNBLUE Jung YongHwa
4. SS501 Kim HyunJoong
5. SJ HanKyung
6. Farenheit WuZun
7. Show Luo
8. SHNEE Lee TaeMin
9. Lin Jun Jie
11.SJ LeeTeuk
13.Lee JunKi
14.SJ Lee DongHae
15.Hyun Bin
16.Wang Lee Hom
17.Lee Seung Gi
18.DBSK YunHo
19.SJ Kim RyeoWook
20.Kim JongHun

cr : dkpopnews

*IDK why but Taemin is popular if there any chart . im suprised Dubu , Puppy & Diva didnt have much O___O <3

[TRANS] Minho is Popular Amongst Elementary School Students

Minho of SHINee drew everyone's attention when he picked himself as the most popular member amongst elementary school students.

The members of SHINee came out on the all night variety show "Night Star" recording. The question asked which member is the most popular amongst each age group to which Minho responded, "I am the most popular member amongst elementary school students." The reason was because a CF about a snack you break(Ppushyeo Ppushyeo) was a popular sensation to young kids. Minho said that after the CF was aired, a lot of elementary students recognized him. Maybe it's because they feel close to him, but they always shout "It's Minho!"(Meaning the younger kids don't call him formally by "oppa/hyung"). And even when he's with all the members of SHINee, the kids only recognize Minho and shout "It's Minho!".

Minho also mentioned that there are many more young fans who recognize Minho on "Let's Go Dream Team 2". Minho revealed that thanks to "Dream Team", elementary school students have been shouting "Ready~ Go" that Minho just gets ready to start running without himself even realizing, arousing laughter.

SHINee said that they are recently becoming popular overseas. They imitated the way their Thai fans called their names on the spot, making the Night Star MCs burst into laughter.

Source: Joy News

[NEWS] SHINee have never date before

Idol Group SHINee attracted attention of their fans and viewers by confessing that they haven’t dated anyone before.

The group starred on the show on KBS 2TV Night Star and the group was asked if any of the members in SHINee had experience in dating a girlfriend.

Onew answered “I have had no experience” and received some suspicions from the MCs of the show. The MCs then asked “who has the most experience within the group?” trying to draw a confession out of the group.

Key then confessed “I’m serious, none of us has dated anyone before” and added “Our management told us not to date anyone during our trainee days and it was even harder to date anyone after debut.”

Key then continued to say “dating includes talking to the person and seeing the person often but all we have is a mobile phone.”

Are the SHINee’s fans glad to hear about SHINee’s innocence? Some comments indicated that they would be happy dating any of the members with just a mobile phone between them.

translation: netizensusadae @
Shared by: Fuchsia@SMTownJjang / minh09zta @

to be honest.. I'm HAPPY knew about it~!
but, in other side, this little bit sad for them.. I feel this is poor~

[TRANS] Performance Fees for Korean Idol Singers

Singers being paid over 60million won

Lee Hyori
Wonder Girls
Big Bang
Dong Bang Shin Gi
Park JinYoung

Singers being paid below 60million won

Ranking, Singer, Perf fee (million won), Per member (if in a group) (million won)
1. 2PM, 6000, 1000
2. SNSD, 4500, 500
3. 2ne1, 4000, 1000
3. Taeyang (bigbang), 4000
4. KARA, 3700, 740
5. SuperJunior, 3500, 270
6. CNBLUE, 3400, 850
7. Son Dambi, 3200
8. 2AM, 3000, 750
8. Brown Eyed girls, 3000, 750
8. After School, 3000, 375
9. Lee Seunggi, 3000
10. MissA, 2600, 650
10. Secret, 2600, 650
11. 4Minute, 2500, 500
11. T-ARA, 2500, 360
11. BEAST, 2500, 500
11. SHINee, 2500, 500
12. FT Island, 2000, 400
12. NARSHA, 2000
13. Rainbow, 1600, 228
13. Davichi, 1600, 800
13. SISTAR, 1600, 400
13. Orange Caramel, 1600, 533
14. MBLAQ, 1500, 300
15. f(x), 1300, 260
15. ZE:A, 1300
16. GIRLS DAY, 1200
16. Nine muse, 1200
16. IU, 1200
16. Infinite, 1200
17. TMAX, 1000
18. Jay QT, 700
18. G.Na, 700
18. Teen Top, 700
18. F.CUZ, 700

Source: Naver

* SHINee is paid less than the newer groups?? I think SHINee deserves more than that! They have good voice and great performance! ;(

Sunday, September 12, 2010

[SPECIAL] Malaysia Boleh !

these girls proved it ! they are Epsilon Dance Crew from SHINee Malaysia .

[TRANS] SHINee’s Onew, “I Can Drink 5 and a Half Bottles of Soju”

SHINee’s leader Onew recently revealed his ability to drink on the variety show he stars in as one of the hosts.

SHINee, who is currently gaining popularity through their latest album ‘Lucifer‘, starred as a guest on KBS 2TV Night Star.

The MCs of the show asked the group who could drink the most alcohol, all of the members did not hesitate in picking their leader Onew.
Key then explained “Onew was not good at drinking at first, but all of a sudden his amount increased.”

The members also revealed that “Onew does not drink with SHINee members, so I am curious as to who he is always drinking with” cornering Onew into a nervous and awkward situation on the show.

Onew was asked what his maximum limit in drinking was and he answered “I’ve drank 5 and a half bottles of Soju before” surprising the rest of the members and the MC.

Translation: netizensusadae @
Credit: SMTownJjang

[TRANS] Onew Confesses "Jungah of After School is My Ideal Type"

Onew of SHINee chose Jungah of After School as his ideal type.

Onew appeared on KBS CoolFM 89.1 "Lee Sooyoung's Music Show" that aired on August 21st. He revealed his honest thoughts about his ideal type.

Onew never said anything specific about his ideal type. He always replied with vague answers such as "like Yoona of SNSD in that cosmetic CF" or "a girl with a pretty voice and pretty hands". But on this day, Onew picked Jungah of After School as his ideal type, which generating interest.

DJ Sooyoung continued to bombard Onew with questions to which Onew replied, "I don't know her exact age. I just know that she's a noona." When DJ Sooyoung, who has always liked Onew, found out that she was not his ideal type, she pretended to be upset, making Onew flustered. Onew then said that his ideal voice was Lee Sooyoung's, following it with a unique killer smile that resolved the awkward situation.

Source: Newsen
Translation: kimchi hana @

[NEWS] SME to take action against copycat SHINee group in Cambodia

Recently surfacing through YouTube, a video titled ‘KH Stars – Ring Ding Dong‘ has been gaining the interest of netizens.

The video reveals a 5-member Cambodian group performing a song very similar to SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong. From the song to the choreography, the Cambodian group is seen trying their best to copy SHINee, but one can notice right away that the quality isn’t as great as the real version.

Netizens have shown their opinions, commenting things such as, “Their group’s name is even ‘Ring Ding Dong’,” “If you’re going to copy, at least do it well” and “In 2009, they copied Wonder Girls. Now it’s SHINee.”

Regarding this issue, a representative of SM Entertainment revealed on the 7th:

We have never received any notice from them asking if they can use the song. This is definitely an illegal action. After confirming the details, we will take appropriate legal action.

Furthermore, SHINee in the past on February of 2010 performed in Cambodia. It was their first time visiting the place, and the country’s reaction was great.

Meanwhile, SHINee recently finished their SM Town’s Live Tour 2010 in L.A, and they returned to Korea on the 6th.



source: AKP

[NEWS] AB Gathering, Jonghyun Mentioned

On August 2nd, Heechul of Super Junior uploaded a photo on his Twitter account that showed him with his ‘brothers’ who have AB as their blood type.

As you can see from the photo above, his AB brothers include F.T Island’s Lee Hongki, Supreme Team’s Simon D, and Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu and Jo Sung Mo.

The boys are all a member of an AB blood type celebrity meeting group called Jjo Ko Bol (쪼코볼), which in Korean is the initial of, “People who are a little bit psycho, yet attractive the more you know them.” Other celebrities who are a part of this group include Epik High’s Mithra, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and Natsun.

Hongki and Simon D also showed love to their AB brothers as they each shared the photo through their respective Twitter accounts as well.

Translation Credit: maestro-J
Credit: SHINee Forums
Source Finder: seoyounglee

* Interesting Fact: Koreans often say that people who are AB Blood type are geniuses or psychos. BTW theres no scientific evidence to these things but they are all superstition. If your intrigued I suggest you google this stuff on blood type traits smile.gif

[NEWS] (Exlusive Interview)10Asiae with the Boyband SHINee

"Buy version A of our album as well. (laugh) We took a lot of the photographs in version B so version A is better executed." Key explained the difference between the two versions while looking at the album 10Asia brought to the interview.

The five boys, who had prepped for their new album "Lucifer" starting when their second mini-album "Juliet" was made, were able to experience every process this time around including singing, dancing, styling and even the photos to go into the album's jacket, and it seemed to have had an important influence on SHINee's current state. While making a single album, they came to understand the process through which an album is created and started to find their unique color which was rich enough to fill all the tracks on the new record with their harmonies.

Their such efforts may not appeal to the public immediately but as 'a group doing music,' it may be prove to be an asset which will guarantee SHINee's next few years. The young men talked about their music and dreams as of now, as idols and musicians.

10: Let's go straight to talking about your album. Which song do you like best from it?
Key: "Electric Heart." It's written by Hitchhiker. I don't think a song of that genre would have been able to make it into an album was it not for this album.
Onew: It has a different vibe to it. I like "Your Name." I wrote it. (laugh)
Jonghyun: For me, "Yok [translated into 'obsession']".
(All laugh.)
Jonghyun: Well, it does have a bit to do with me having written the lyrics for it, (laugh) but I have always liked the song. It's been a while since we've recorded the song and I have said I really like it a lot.

Taemin: "Life." It's a peaceful ballad.

10: What about you, Minho? Is it not "Ak [translated into 'Shout Out']" by any chance? I think it may suit you since it goes with your nickname 'firey charisma.' (laugh) There's a lot of rap in it too.
SHINee: Ak! Ak!
Minho: No. I like "Lucifer."

10: The reason I ask this is because you released a full-length album this time and all 13 songs on it are new songs. It's something that happens rarely these days so I think the process of making the album itself must have been meaningful to you.
Jonghyun: That's true. We've participated more in the makings of this album than in the past and we talked a lot with the directorial staff for it.
Key: I felt very happy upon hearing that they wouldn't include title tracks from our previous albums into this album. A lot of full-length releases these days contain songs from previous records and this may make the album to go in a direction different from what we had intended.

10: In particular, it seemed that there are a variety of genres in this album but you gave a uniformity to it with your harmonies. That means you must've needed to spend a lot of time together.
Jonghyun: Yes. Every member had to understand each song very well so we talked with the director of each song a lot in terms of comprehending the lyrics or beats. And when we recorded the songs, we didn't all record at the same together in the booth but did so after listening to the singing and vocal style of the member who sang ahead of me. Even when recording the chorus, we'd compile on what the main vocalist has sung and everyone would match their vibration to each other. We listened to each other a lot.
Key: We all figure it out after listening to each other. On what we each have to do. It's your own loss if the harmony turns out bad. (laugh) Certain songs suit certain members and we all know that so there's an understanding we share when it comes to that as well. There is no need for dispute. Our voices have never not suited a song or stood out when we're practicing. Everybody is different so it shows better as well.
Onew: When we're looking at every detail, we even pay attention to each breath we take and the points we need to focus on. Instead of saying, "I'll do this and that at this part" we say "You do this part. I'll do this part."

10: I think that's more an issue of how you live together than music. You would have to know each other well even for singing the harmonies. Key: We're not the type to go looking for our members whenever something happens but we share everything that we have to. Even if we do get into disputes, we don't ever end them on a bad note. Of course, there's five of us so it's impossible not to get into disputes but we don't fight or hurt each other's feelings. And that's how we get to know about each other better.
Jonghyun: You just need to stay alert. We need to be very focused when rehearsing. We'd rest separately then give it our everything when we're together. (laugh) I don't know if this is unique of our team but I think we distinguish our work and personal life. And I think that rather has a positive influence on us. We're pretty quiet at home because nothing in particular happens which I think helps us accept each other for who we are.
Onew: It's an area of ceasefire. (laugh)

10: Then are there also ways in which you influence each other? When I met you last year, Minho liked soccer and Key like to shop, which shows you were very different from each other.Key: I was simple-minded just two years ago. I was only a junior in high school. If someone is different from me, I'd think that but not find any strengths about that person. But I've come to realize after living with these guys for two years that being different doesn't mean there is nothing to learn from them. (laugh) I think we would have rather fought a lot if we were too similar. (laugh) Anyway, is there something that... we learn? (laugh)
Minho: We don't fight. (laugh) It's been almost three years since we've lived together but in the beginning, there were many times I'd think 'that's not my style' when I look at Key. (laugh) But by living with him, the more I get to know and understand him, the more we're coming to understand each other better because of our differences. For example, Key has his own sense of fashion but I'll ask him when I'm buying clothes. And the same goes for music. We'll have each other listen to what the other person likes. I think we're getting to know each other in a better way.

10: I think your lifestyle shows the most on your performance for "Lucifer." You have to do harmonies, belt out at parts, and all dance in time with each other. (laugh) How were you able to practice? You were all individually busy.
Taemin: This is what I felt. That people can just do when they go for it. (laugh) When they're faced with whatever, you just have to go for it even when you don't know [what you're supposed to do]. But we had actually thought also that we wouldn't be able to pull off the song.
Onew: But you can if you just go for it.
Minho: I was shocked the first time we rehearsed live after practicing the choreography. [I thought] This is impossible. We can't do it. Or let's put in a lot of MR. (laugh)
Key: We wondered whether we could just say we were sick. (laugh)
Minho: The funny thing is, we had gotten better the second day. We became okay to listen to and on the third day we were practicing, we thought, "Oh, we've gotten better?" So that's when we realized ah, we can do it if we practice.
Taemin: I was in Hong Kong a week before our comeback because I had to appear on "Let's Go Dream Team" in place of Minho since he got injured. Everybody was against it, including myself, up till the point I left. But everyone did just fine when I got back. I wondered what was going on, really. (laugh)
Jonghyun: When we're prepping for an album, we go into the agency around one or two in the afternoon and get back home after midnight. We practice together the whole time during that time. Shooting the music video means we're done with practicing the choreography so we sort of start practicing singing live after that.
Minho: I think a month before we shoot the music video, we practically live at the agency.

10: The mood of your team seems to have changed as well. I saw on a variety show that you're much more outgoing than you used to be.
Taemin: We're definitely night owls. We become a bit more alive at night. (laugh)
Minho: What we felt this time around was that hadn't adjusted to appearing on television before. It partially had to do with us being nervous but mainly that we didn't know what to do. But after monitoring ourselves for the past two years and watching what other people do, I think going on TV has become much more comfortable. We're mostly always laughing backstage or in the car, which we showed quite comfortably on that show, and we're just thankful that people seemed to have watching it.
Jonghyun: We should do reality shows. (laugh) I think it has a lot to do with us having become used to being around each other.

10: From that show it seemed that you all monitor how each other do?
Minho: Not really. We'll watch if someone says something was fun or see something by chance on the Internet. We can't monitor everything that everyone does.

10: Minho, how do you feel when you meet your seniors on KBS' "Let's Go Dream Team"?
Minho: I'm always the youngest. Even when other idol singers appear on the show, they would always be older than me, so I had a hard time in the beginning. There was also a lot that I didn't know about. But there are things that I've become used to over time and I'm increasingly enjoying the show more because people know that I'm a regular on the show now and will tell me when I've done well. You get to know a lot of people when you're a regular on a show and you experience a lot from it so I'm happy.

10: A video of you winking on KBS' "Music Bank" surfaced which was received very badly by your members. Maybe you should have monitored that. (laugh)
Jonghyun: It really was quite annoying. (laugh)
Minho: The members of my group actually hadn't known I would do it but right before we went on stage, the show's writer came to me and asked me to wink. So I said I couldn't but the writer said the producer had asked for it and pleaded that I do it. I couldn't not do it when I had been asked to that extent but I thought my members would tell say, "What? Don't do it, don't do it!" if I told them. (laugh) So I ended up doing it so I told them I was asked to but they wouldn't believe me and just walked off. (laugh)
Key: You did it many times even when you weren't asked to. (laugh)

10: I guess your members don't trust you. (laugh)
Jonghyun: Minho is good-looking so he keeps getting asked to do such things. So we act like this to him more because it would be no fun and the atmosphere could seem more awkward if he acknowledge it. We're all just playing around. But that was a mistake. (laugh)
Minho: The criticism. (laugh)
Onew: It's envy rather than criticism. Because he's so good-looking.
Minho: They're going to attack me after this.
Jonghyun: You should be thankful. There are so many people who only do the attacking! (laugh)

10: I think your group is forming a style unique of yourselves while living together and pursuing your careers together. What do you think is SHINee's style right now?
Jonghyun: We say this everytime but I think we're contemporary singers. We each have our individual characteristics but I think that's what should be expressed the most when we're within SHINee as a team.

10: You're contemporary singers but aren't you expanding on that increasingly? I felt that this album was not about SHINee performing or SHINee singing a ballad but rather if songwriters toss you songs (laugh), you put in harmonies to the songs in the style of SHINee and dance to it.
Jonghyun: That's what we were striving for from the very beginning.
Onew. We do all of that now. There's nothing we don't do. (laugh) We were able to experience the entire process of making an album this time, from start to finish, which I thought was very important. On one show, we sang several songs from our album and we each sang the songs we could, which is when I realized we can all do more and more.

10: You're talking about music program "Muzit" right? The show where you sang not to the MR but to a band.
Jonghyun: Yes. That was fun. We kept rehearsing with the band starting the previous day.
Onew: We'd exchange opinions and they gave us suggestions. We went through the same process as when we made our album. I think the show implied who we are today.

10: Weren't "Up & Down" or "Your Name" the songs that in particular show where SHINee stands right now? They weren't neither ballads nor dance numbers and there were many parts in "Your Name" which you guys filled with harmonies.
Jonghyun: That's right. They were fun [to work on]. "Your Name" is a song we had recorded since preparing "Juliet." And there's a lot of harmonies in it. About 60 tracks on average are recorded for the vocals for a song but there were about 140 for "Your Name." That's how much harmonies and vocals there were in it and we put in that much more effort into it. I'm not saying the sound was weak -- it was our a cappella, ad-libs and sounds of breathing that could bring out the song.
Key: I think "Up & Down" and "Your Name" were songs that were very necessary for this album. I was thinking that our image would become too fixed without the two songs. Fans could see us in just one light if we had a title song like "Lucifer" and they could also think why buy an album which has so many similar songs? It was important that we include a lot of our own color into the two songs.

10: But that's why SHINee this time seemed different from before. Some responded it could be better to maintain the color you had from before.
Jonghyun: We know there was response that we had lost the innocence from when we sang "Replay" and were continuing to sing dark songs. But we wanted to express the various songs in our style and we're satisfied with it in our own way. We also want to take the various opinions into account and improve. I personally don't like reproduction.
Onew: Because we think an album shows how we progress.

10: Don't you ever think that you also find your own voices in the process? I think you'd be able to think about your voice while harmonizing for various genres of music.
Onew: That's right. There were several genres so we were able to make various attempts. We could sound more piercing in "Lucifer" and more soft for "Your Name." And after making such attempts, I think there is more we can do now. And rather than singing songs which have limits, we like to be able to express in the way we want to. Sing as we please, in the way the songs would sound good. Maybe that's why our singing skills don't improve. We should focus on one thing but we keep going at several things so we're improving bit by bit, but it's worrisome. (laugh)

10: Onew, you seem to open your vocal chords completely when doing musicals. Has doing musicals influenced the way you sing?
Onew: Rather than the musicals having an influence, I did a bit of working out to manage my physical strength while doing musicals, which I think helped more. (laugh)

10: Key, unlike Onew or Jonghyun, it seems that you focused on singing the songs in a stylish way. I noticed that seems to be the case more so these days after seeing you sing "Boom Boom Pow" on "Muzit."
Key: I prefer songs like "Boom Boom Pow" to slow songs. And I think my voice is in the process of changing. That's why I sometimes wonder whether the voice that has been recorded for the song is my best voice but many people around me have helped me in that aspect. So that's the direction I've been going in.

10: What do you think is SM's color?
Key: I think it's extremely diverse now.
Jonghyun: Hmm, the basics because I think everyone is very strong when it comes to the basics -- the choreography, appearance and wardrobe. It's as if everyone starts with the basics down. I've felt this from when I was a trainee but our lessons were always about the basics. We used to practice vocalizing and bounce everyday.

10: That's what I've been curious about. How on earth did they train to be able to dance in such uniformity as they do? (laugh)
Onew: We undergo very systematic training.
Jonghyun: We really do. We repeat the basics. I underwent vocal training for three years.
Onew: I didn't take vocalization classes. (laugh)
Jonghyun: You came in a little late so you missed the timing to. But maybe I had to do it for three years because I was bad at singing. (laugh)

10: In a video of your "SMTOWN" show that fans have taken and posted on the web, the scene where Taemin dances with his seniors was impressive. The video was shot from far away but I could still tell it was you from far away because your movements were so exact and refined.
Taemin: I consider lines to be important for motion. And maybe it's also because I'm so skinny. (laugh)

10: You're allowed to say you have a good physique. (laugh) Taemin, has your body still growing had an influence on your vocals or dancing? It seems that your voice has become stronger.
Taemin: Many people have been telling me that rather than me feeling it myself. But people have also been telling me that I have a youthful voice.
Onew: I think Taemin has gotten better because he practices a lot.

10: You seemed to dance right on beat for "Lucifer." (laugh) Do you think you've started to find your style?
Taemin: When I learn choreography, I try to dance in a way that is most similar to the vibe that the choreographer wants. But this time, the choreography was dynamic while the beats are very strong so I just rehearsed as much as I could in a straightfoward manner.

10: How was is dancing the moves for "Lucifer"? You have to keep cutting off the beats so it must've been complicated to even rehearse the moves.
Taemin: We had a hard time learning the choreography because it was the most difficult that we've ever done while the song was fast. So it was hard to memorize and the style of choreography was... should I say old-school? When we do the group dance, we look at each other's motions, point out what we need to work on making uniform, even down to every finger.
Minho: Everyone is looking at each other. (laugh)

10: But from other concerts, it seemed like you like to sing while playing the piano. You also said you like New Age music. Are you usually quiet?
Taemin: I'm actually quite the introvert.
Jonghyun: Yeah right.
(All laugh)
Onew: No look. He's not done talking. (laugh)
Taemin: I'm an introvert in front of people I've met for the first time but I become very lively when I become close with them.

10: Taemin, how is it being with the other members of the group who are all older than you?
Taemin: I'm becoming like them. It's not good.
Minho: Taemin wasn't able to adjust to us in the beginning but he's turned out to be the funniest after he adjusted. And it's not because he makes jokes but he makes us laugh in everyday life.
Jonghyun: His life is like a sitcom. The five of us all living together in itself is like a sitcom.
Minho: It's the most like that when he loses something. Once we came home and Taemin was looking for his bag, saying he left it in front of the door because it had been heavy. So I asked him where the first place was that he went to when he came home and he said it was his room. So we went to his room and it turns out his bag and mobile phone are there. He then said, "Oh, why is this here?"
Taemin: Oh, I even saw a ghost recently. A ghost of Onew.

10: A ghost?
Taemin: I'm sure I saw Onew in the living room and then I needed to go to the bathroom so I opened the door to it. But it was locked so I said, "Minho, Minho" but it turns out Onew was inside!
SHINee: ......
Key: Next question please.
Jonghyun: It's because he's tired.

10: Let's talk about music. I think your group has become able to broaden the range of music you do through this album. Is there a particular genre of music you want to do as a member of SHINee?
Jonghyun: Soul. Because we've never done that sort of music before. Or rock or metal? A man just has to do some metal. (laugh)
Onew: Because there's more we can do, there's a song that wasn't released this time around but it contains electronica, hip-hop, ballad and reggae. I'm also writing ballad songs these days as well.

10: What about you, Taemin?
Taemin: I guess a dance number would be good to be used as a title track. And I want to try a quiet ballad as well. I'd also going to make sure to include Minho's narration to the beginning of the song. (laugh)
Minho: I'm not going to do it anymore. (laugh) For me, our team has been doing various genres up till now so I actually want us to try doing something that's more common than drastically different.

10: Minho, being in charge of the rap, how was it working on it this time around? For hip-hop songs, the rap is the center of the song whereas for dance songs, the rap is used to connect melodies and you have to write it so that it goes with the rhythm rather than being able to focus on the lyrics themselves.
Minho: I think there were many cases where people thought the lyrics were difficult to understand when I write them to go with the rhythm. So I wanted to be as easy as possible but it was quite difficult working on the rap for "Lucifer." I even had to have parts of the rap be in different tones depending on the rhythm. It was hard having to write the lyrics to go with the rhythm yet make sure it delivers as well as possible. Plus, the song itself was a very fast number but the rap has to be even faster so it was difficult. My rap also had to connect the melodies while lifting the mood so it was also tough trying to show this in a dramatic way.

10: Key, what music would you want to try doing if you could do the producing?
Key: I'm hoping I won't be given that responsibility. I might end up going with too much of only my own work. But if there were one or two songs I'd like to try making for an album, you know how there are a lot of songs that are fun even though there isn't much singing in them, like David Guetta, right? I want to try something like that.

10: You'd like the clubs in France then.
Key: I love those types of songs. So I think I'd want to try a couple like those for a full-length release.

10: Like so, since every member has various tastes, I think you'll also each think different thoughts. What sort of group do you want to become from working on this album?
Onew: The Himalayas. Everybody knows what the Himalayas or South Pole are. And you immediately know what they're like. I want us to become like that too.
Jonghyun: Did he really have to compare us to the Himalayas? (laugh)
Onew: I needed a proper noun. (laugh)
Jonghyun: I just hope we're a team that continues to grow. Constantly develops.
Onew: I want to grow taller as well.
Jonghyun: Yes, of course you do. (laugh) I also want us to become a team that can self-develop the concept we can express naturally rather than setting on a fixed concept and focus on expressing just that.

10: I think you've sort of gotten onto taking that path after this album.
Jonghyun: We've finally started up. I think that's crucial to teams.
Taemin: I still haven't figured out our members nor myself. (laugh) You know, I'm quite young. We're still in the beginning sages and haven't been able to show everything that we have. So I'm hoping we'll be able to do more of that in the future. Of course, I'd like us to reach the top and I'll always try hard till we do.

10: You said in another interview that you want to earn tens of billions of dollars. So till you make that much money?
Key: No, hundred of billions. (laugh)
Onew: I think Taemin said he wants to make enough to get on the boat in film "2012" should a similar incident occur. (laugh)
Minho: I think we haven't been able to show everything that we have to the audience. And we'll also improve with time. Those are the sort of things I want to show.
Key: I was thinking that I would like this album to somewhat 'be worth buying' and I think we achieved that goal to a certain extent in terms of the number of songs, that they're all new and we put a lot of effort into taking the photographs as well. I think we fulfilled our goal of making an album that can show who we are instead of it being an album that is released for the sake of us appearing in public. I'm hoping we'll continue to make songs that many people will acknowledge. And I'm also thinking I'd like us to break certain record scores that other people have set.
Jonghyun: Everybody has such big dreams.
Onew: And we're very greedy. I guess our album this time is worth buying. (laugh)
Jonghyun: Of course it's worth buying! (laugh)


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