Friday, January 11, 2013

[FANPACK] Collection of Kpopstorm Fanpack on Jan 15th.

Hello everyone! As you all know, SHINee will be attending the 27th Golden Disk Awards on the 15th of January. Those who purchased the Fanpack from the Malaysian SHINee World Union for the 2012 Kpop Storm live in Malaysia can arrange to collect it on the 15th itself at Sepang International Circuit.

Those interested in collecting it then please email us @ with this form included:
  • Name:  
  • Contact Number: 
  • Quantity of fanpack already purchased:

We will also try our best to reply everyone within 24 hours.

Please note only those who have submitted the form can collect their fanpacks on the 15th of January at SIC.

- MYShawols 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

[NEWS]The faulty sound system at ’2012 KBS Music Festival’ reveals the actual kings & queens of live K-pop

The ‘2012 KBS Music Festival‘ suffered from numerous audio problems to the frustration of many viewers. However, one positive from the audio issues was that it managed to separate the actual kings and queens of live K-pop.

Many idol groups came onto stage to put on brilliant performances. However, most of them could not keep up with their vocals. The only ones who showed off they could excel at singing live were 2AM, K.Will, Hyorin, Ailee, SHINee, Noel, and TVXQ.

As well-known vocalists, 2AM, K.Will, Hyorin, Ailee, and Noel were able to overcome the difficulties of issues with the sound system to belt out their notes while SHINee and TVXQ were able to pull off an incredible performance even with the addition of complicated choreography. SHINee’s lead singer Jonghyun was especially praised by viewers, whom he awed with his ability.

What did you think of the performances of the ’2012 KBS Music Festival’?

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