Sunday, February 28, 2016

[PHOTO] 150226 Taemin KBS Sukira Kiss The Radio

Source and credit : KBS

[PHOTO] 150225 Taemin Cultwo Radio Show

[PHOTO] 160523 Taemin YHY "Sketchbook" Pre recording

Source and credit: as tagged

Thursday, February 25, 2016

[PHOTO] 1602225 Onew's Instagram Update

미안 내일나와요..^^ 
Trans: Sorry I will come out (regarding his appearance on drama Descendants of The Sun) tomorrow..^^

Cr:  @dlstmxkakwldrl

[VIDEO] 160225 Taemin Press Your Number + Drip Drop + Soldier Performance

Press Your Number

Drip Drop


cr: Skpb K-Music Live YT

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[TRANS] 160222 Jonghyun's Twitter Update

[TRANS] Everyone please admit what you all are going to admit. I am Taemin's mom since I was a trainee. No matter how fast you are, you will be later than me by 3 years. Taemin's mom number 1, it is me. 

-From 11 years Taemin's mom Jonghyun 


[翻譯] 各位, 請認證/同意你們要認證的事吧。我從練習生時就已經是泰民媽了。無論你多快, 和我相比, 還是慢了三年。泰民媽一號, 是我。



cr : @realjonghyun90 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

[TUTORIAL] Log In and Streaming Genie

Tutorial post credit : @support_SHINee . Please follow them for more information how to support Taemin - Press It comeback 100% 

Genie has now changed its streaming rules and you must now be signed into a Genie account for your streams to count. Making a Genie account is easy and all you need is a Kakao Talk ID.

Warning : Please do not attempt to listen to the streaming without log in first. It will be wasting the point as there's limit for each playlist


1. Go to Genie’s website and click on the KakaoTalk icon.

2. Enter your account details in the pop-up and press login. If you do not have an account with KakaoTalk press Sign Up (bottom left)

Please make sure you signed up before you stream. Usually it will log out when you turned off your laptop or your KakaoTalk on PC/mobile is signed off.

3. Accepting all the terms and conditions by clicking the first tickbox.

4. Choose an ID and confirm your Kakaotalk email and then press the blue button. Note your ID must have both letters and numbers in it (you will see two green ticks if your ID and email are suitable/correct.

5. If you see this screen you have signed up to Genie successfully and can now stream!


Warning :  Please do not attempt to listen to the streaming without log in first. It will be wasting the point as there's limit for each playlist

1. Search “*title song* *album name*” on twitter to find genie links where you can listen to the full song. If its just a one minute preview it will not count. find @shinee_genie or  or   on twitter continuously post genie links to stream.

2. Once you find the link, open it and this will appear. Just click on the big button and a window playlist will appear

3. Play without pausing until the end. Pay attention to the RED number on the upper right –> it tells you how many plays left for the stream to be used out of 100 plays.

Example of useable Genie links

This is example of expired Genie playlist as the counter already 0.

3. If the red number hasn’t reached 0, CLOSE THE TAB (instead of replaying), open the same link and do the process over and over again until the red number is 0. 

4. Look for another link on twitter that let you stream the full song. Repeat process 2 and 3.


Please look out from Log-In button on your playlist. Its on the upper left

This is the example of have not log in user. 

2. Please log in by clicking the the button. Choose KakaoTalk to Log In just like the registration step. Another window will appear for Kakao Log In 

3. You are ready to stream once the button changed to LOG OUT after you log in through Kakao 

The streaming is important. But the most important that we enjoyed the music that our Taemin has worked hard for us to listen. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

[PHOTO] 160222 Key's Instagram Update

샤이니 태민 '저기요!!! 제가 먼저 왔거든욮 !!!!'

Trans:  SHINee Taemin ' Excuse me!!! I am the one who came first!!!!'
(Key is teasing Taemin's pose kekeke)

[PHOTO] 160222 Onew's Instagram Update

Trans: Support????!!!!!!! Du doong???

cr: @dlstmxkakwldrl

Friday, February 19, 2016

[PHOTO] 160119 Key's Instagram Update

예민... 예민해 진 걸 느껴
Trans:  sensitive... I feel that you have become sensitive

cr: @bumkeyk

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Item : Taemin - Press It
RM 79 (WM) / RM 84 (EM) [POSTER IN TUBE]

Package deal
Taemin - Press It
2 album
RM 144 (WM) / RM 149 (EM) [POSTER IN TUBE]
RM 140 (WM) / RM 145 (EM) [FOLDED POSTER]

3 album
RM 210 (WM) / RM 215 (EM) [POSTER IN TUBE]
RM 206 (WM) / RM 211 (EM) [FOLDED POSTER]

4 album
RM 270 (WM) / RM 275 (EM) [POSTER IN TUBE]
RM 266 (WM) / RM 271 (EM) [FOLDED POSTER]

23.02.2016 [2.00PM] [FIRST BATCH]
04.03.2016 [2.00PM] [SECOND BATCH]

1. How to order ?
Fill the order form below
Quantity :
Additional Album : (Optional)

and send to with subject [Preorder] TAEMIN - PRESS IT

2. How can i make payment ?
We will reply your email regarding the total price and the payment information

3. What bank do you use?
We use CIMB and Maybank

4. The price include postage or exclude ?

5. When is the deadline?
23.02.2016 [2.00PM] [FIRST BATCH]
04.03.2016 [2.00PM] [SECOND BATCH]

6. Have poster?

7. The poster will be sent in tube or folded?
You can choose. Both have different price
RM 79 (WM) / RM 84 (EM) [POSTER IN TUBE]

8. Can i order first and make payment later.
You can make deposit RM50 first. The item will only be sent after full payment have been made

9. Can i request other album together ?
Yes. Please fill in the [Additional Album] with the name of the album. Special price await ^^

10. Any free gift ?
Yes! But secret XD

11. Is the purchase counted in Hanteo chart?
We bought directly from Synnara. Yes. All purchase are counted in Hanteo chart so that all sales reflect in weekly music chart such as Inkigayo, Music Bank, M Countdown and Music Core

[PHOTO] 160117 Key's Instagram Update

go boy go!!!!

cr:  @bumkeyk

[PHOTO] 160117 Taemin Comeback Teaser Pics

cr : Taemin Official Website
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