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[VIDEO]SHINee at MBC Gayo Daejun Performances

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[OFFICIAL]SHINee First Concert Official Goods

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[INFO]SHINee @ 2010 MBC Gayo Daejun.101231 Spoiler

- SHINee will Hello and Lucifer in the concept of Good vs. Evil.

- Battle with 2PM.

- Onew and FT Island sing “Run the Sky”.

- Taemin to sing ID Peace B as a tribute to BOA (probably with other idols?)

Source: DC Shinee Gallery Credit: Jujugal.

[FANPHOTO]Jonghyun at SBS Gayo Daejun

[FANPHOTO]Taemin at KBS Gayo Daejun 2010

[FANPHOTO]Minho at KBS Gayo Daejun 2010

[FANPHOTO]Key at KBS Gayo Daejun 2010

[FANPHOTO]Jonghyun at KBS Gayo Daejun 2010

[FANPHOTO]Onew at KBS Gayo Daejun 2010

Cr : With Onew
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[FANPHOTO]SHINee at KBS Gayo Daejun 2010

[SUBS]Minho SBS New Star Award 101230

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[OFFICIAL]SM Staff said something

정~~~말 오랜만에 인사 드립니당!

바로 내일 앞으로 다가온!

반짝반짝 눈이 부신!
빛나는SHINee 의 첫 번째 콘서트를 기념하여!
팬 여러분께 살짝쿵 공개 합니다!

앞모습은 콘서트 현장에서 확인하는 센스!
편안한 밤 되세요~오!

종현이와 함께하고 있는
손짓의 주인공은 누구일까요?

: )


[PHOTO]SHINee's Official T-Shirt

Source : Shakizi

[NEWS] SHINee Voted Star of the Year 2010

In the category of male group, SHINee sprang up from 3rd to the top at the last moment with 24.4% (17,223 votes).

MBlaq came 2nd with 21.44%(15,133 votes) and 2PM 3rd with 17.71% (12,500 votes).

SHINee’s leap to the top was made as comparatively fewer netizens participated in voting for the category.

The top three are followed by Beast 13.89% (9,805 votes), 2AM 11.61% (8,193 votes), CN Blue 10.96% (7,739 votes).

[from Jaekyeong Ilbo]

Trans by jujugal

[INFO]SHINee No More Faces for Mexicana Chicken

@mexicana1: 너무너무 아쉽지만 샤이니 재계약 불가를 통보받았습니다. 2011년 샤이니관련 많은 내용을 계획하고 있었는데 무척 안타깝습니다. 불가피하게 새로운 모델을 알아보고 있습니다.

“Regrettably we received a notice our contract with SHINee won’t be renewed.

[NEWS] SHINee Become New Faces for Maypole in 2011

It was announced on Dec. 31 that SHINee, an idol group that has led this year’s Korean Wave, will become new faces for Maypole in 2011. Maypole, a casual wear brand for European Neo-preppy looks, is one of the fashion brands led by IN THE F, a leading total fashion company in Korea...

[FANPHOTO]Onew at SBS Gayo Daejun

[FANPHOTO]Minho at SBS Gayo Daejun

[FANPHOTO]Minho at SBS Gayo Daejun *UPDATED*

[FANPHOTO]Taemin at SBS Gayo Daejun

[FANPHOTO]Taemin at SBS Gayo Daejun *Updated*

[FANPHOTO]Key at Japan First Concert

[FANPHOTO]Key at Japan First Concert *Updated*


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[NEWS] IU thanks ‘Heroes’ members for her New Star Award at SBS Entertainment Awards

Singer and rookie actress IU won the Variety New Star Award at the 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards‘.

The New Star Award was just created this year, so IU had the honor of being one of the first recipients along with actor Song Joong Ki, f(x)’s Luna, After School’s Kahi, Super Junior’s Shin Dong, SHINee’s Minho, Gary, Lee Kwang Soo, CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa and 2AM’s Jo Kwon of the award.

IU gave thanks to her fellow ‘Heroes‘ members, saying, “This was my first fixed appearance in a variety show, and all I did was follow what my 11 unni’s (older sisters) told me to do. Thank you for looking at me favorably, and my 11 unni’s are the most important bond and biggest gift I have received since becoming a celebrity.”

She finished her acceptance speech, saying, “I am truly thankful, and I will become an IU who does not fall behind the hard work of the staff.

Source: TV Report

Photo: SBS capture

[INFO]MBC Gayo Daejun Date + Time + Performers

MBC Gayo Daejun - 31th December 2010 at 9.55PM - 1.40AM KST

MCs: Ryu Si Won, Tiffany Hwang & Kwon Yuri

Performers line-up: 2AM, 2NE1, 2PM, 4minute, After School, B2ST, BoA, CNBLUE, Da Vichi, F.T. Island, f(x), Homme, Hong Jin Young, GD&TOP, INFINITE, IU, KARA, K. Will, Lim Jung Hee, miss A, Narsha, Rainbow, SECRET, Seo In Young, SG Wannabe, SHINee, SISTAR, SNSD, Son Dambi, Song Dae Kwan, Super Junior, Supreme Team, Tae Jin Ah, T-ara, U-KISS, Younha, ZE:A

Special Stages: Khuntoria mini drama

source: allkpop

[SCAP]Minho won Variety New Star Award at SBS Entertainment Awards 2010

Credit : lala_land

[VIDEO]SHINee at KBS Music Festival Performance

Credit : UnknownCarrot170
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