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[PHOTO]SHINee for 《いま、音楽を聴こう。》 Tower Records



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[NEWS]SHINee’s Debut Single Sells 90K & Makes New Oricon Record

SHINee sold a total of 91,000 copies, the highest number in Korean groups’ debut single sales in Japan.
Korea’s 5-member male group SHINee’s debut single “Replay – you are my everything -” (released on 22 June) sold 91,000 copies in its first week  and was placed 2nd in the Oricon Weekly Single Ranking Chart for July 4th. Their first weekly sales broke the previous record by Super Junior’s Bonamana, which sold 59,000 copies, and made a new record of sales in the category of Korean group’s debut single (excluding group units).

Source : Oricon Weekly Topic
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[VIDEO]SHINee M/V Briefly Introduced on HEY! HEY! HEY!

Monday, June 27, 2011

[INFO]SHINee recommended songs on Arirang Golden Goodies

donny hathaway - a song for you
Michael Bolton - How am I supposed to live without you

Radiohead - creep
Queen - Bohemian rhapsody
Eagles - Hotel california
Boys Ⅱ men - End of the road

Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father
John Denver - Take Me Home Country Roads

Forever - Stratovarius
Now And Forever - Richard Marx

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[INFO]SHINee Debut Single on Oricon Chart 110625

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They dropped all the way down to 4th place! :C  Well, we can still look at the bright side. Since June 22nd, they had been in 2nd place. That’s 4 days in a row! We must remember that although SHINee has been in the music business for 3 years, they’ve only been in Japan for 5 days now. To put it into perspective, think of it like this: How many times do you see a rookie group competing for first place in the Korean music shows? Only the best groups are even able to make it onto the top ten! Don’t worry, SHINee’s future is still very bright, despite this set back. Fighting, SHINee World!   

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*1 8,695 前田敦子
*2 4,035 AAA
*3 3,933 薫と友樹、たまにムック。
*4 SHINee
*5 T.M.Revolution
*6 AKB48
*7 GReeeeN
10 新撰組リアン
     前田敦子 SHINee
火 102,483  50,270
水 *28,571  18,415
木 *14,201  *7,408
金 *10,104  *4,912
土 **8,695  **,***
日 ***,***  **,***
合 164,054  81,005+??
週 ***,***  **,***

Source : DC Gallery

[INFO]Taemin’s Growth Blast Hot Topic

SHINee Taemin’s growth blast is now a hot topic.
On 26 June, KBS2 ‘Chulbal Dream Team Season 2′ aired the second round of “With Asian Stars”, a project to support the 2011 Daegu IAAF World Championships.
The Dream Team’s first player for the iron man pentathlon was SHINee Taemin. Taemin attracted attention for his more mature manly appearance in a shorter hair style and well-defined features. Taemin said it is his first time playing the pentathlon, but surprised everyone by calmly completing it in 1 minute 11.17 seconds, the fastest.
Taemin said, “I thought I should win as I was representing our team, so I did my best.” SHINee Minho also admitted to Taemin’s competence.
Netizens responses to Taemin’s growth blast were: “He’s become a man. My heart is beating fast,” “He’s even good at sports. Is there anything he can’t do well? “Noona’s heart is fluttering, Taemin-ah.”

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[INFO]Singers’ Singing Trainer Cho Wants SHINee Jonghyun

Cho Hongkyung is a vocal trainer in Star King’s “The Vocal King of Miracle,” a project corner to cure the tone-deaf. He also trained Mnet Super Star K 2 top ten contestants and most recently MBC TV “Great Birth” top 3 contestants. Seo Inyoung, VOS, SG Wannabe’s Kim Jinho and Lee Seokhun, Yangpa, and Lee Kichan also received a vocal lesson from him. …
He counted SHINee’s Jonghyun as the singer he wants to train most. He praised Jonghyun saying, “I even want to train him personally. I think Jonghyun could develop his voice more, but he doesn’t seem to know it. If he tries harder, he will be able to make diverse voices.”

[from Newsis]
source: Jujugal

[INFO]SM Stock Price Continues to Rise with SHINee Effect

SM Entertainment’s stock price has been increasing for two days in a row as idol group SHINee’s venture into Japan is expected to be successful.
Currently at 11 a.m., 27 June, SM’s stocks are being traded at 21,250 Won, 1,100 Won (5.46%) up from the previous day (20,150 Won). SM’s stock price was 10% down due to its slump in the first quarter sales on 17 May and then rebounded to go over 20,000 Won on 24 June.
Lee Sungheon, High Investment Securities researcher, explained, “The New Korean Wave led by Kpop has been proved to be competitive enough to advance not only to Asia, including Japan, but also to the world stage. The Korean Wave is not a temporary event, but is expanding to the world as a trendy growing industry.”
He added, “It is on the rise because of Kpop’s possibility to grow as the center of the New Korean Wave. SM’s chance to improve their sales in the latter half of the year and next year is higher than any time thanks to the diversity of SM’s singer portfolio, including SHINee’s successful debut in Japan.”

Credit : Trans by jujugal
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[NEWS]SHINee’s “Replay” Japanese Premium Edition completely sold out within a week

After celebrating their official Japanese debut with their performance at Abbey Road Studios in London, SHINee performed at the MTV Video Music Aid Japan Awards.

After releasing their debut Japanese album “Replay - Kimi wa Boku no Everything (You Are My Everything)” on June 22nd, it appears that all of the Premium Edition copies of the album have sold out. There are two versions, normal and premium. The Premium Edition includes the original Korean versions of the two songs, a 68-page photo booklet, a trading card (randomly chosen from six possible styles), a bonus DVD with two versions of the “Replay” music video and the teaser for “Replay.”

The CD and DVD tracklist is shown below:

01 - “Replay -君は僕のeverything-“
02 - “Hello”
03 - “누난 너무 예뻐-Replay-” [Korean ver.]
04 - “Hello[Korean ver.]”

01 - “Replay -君は僕のeverything-” Music Video
02 - “Replay -君は僕のeverything-” Dance Music Video
03 - “Replay -君は僕のeverything-” Teaser

The Premium Edition of the album was popular. All of the copies of the Premium Edition album were sold out within a week at major stores CD Japan, HMV, Amazon Japan, and YesAsia. Check out the images below from CD Japan, Amazon Japan, and YesAsia!

CD Japan:

Amazon Japan:


After a major restocking of SHINee’s debut Japanese album, fans are now able to purchase the album on all of the sites above except for YesAsia. The normal version is available on these music sites as well.

Have you purchased SHINee’s Japanese debut album “Replay - Kimi wa Boku no Everything (You Are My Everything)” yet?

Source: theminho.netAmazon JapanTower Records JapanYesAsia, and HMV
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[me2DAY]Key update in Japan with Taemin

[Key] 일본 입니다 ~~~:-) 열심히 하고 돌아가겠습니다. 태민군하고 안부 전해요 ‘_’
From Japan~~~:-) We’ll work hard and come back. Saying hi with Taemin-goon ‘_’

이거는 보너스! ㅋㅋ
This is a bonus! ㅋㅋ

Source : SHINee me2day

Translation credit : jujugal

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[VIDEO]Replay 君は僕のeverything - Shooting Sketch

Photographer: 1 , 2 ,3 Minho ah , I can't see you

Jonghyun : Seriously can't stand properly like that , it's so shaky haha

Taemin : ahh, it's so ticklish

Minho : Let's start

-the boy's are having fun with the balloons keke! --

Jonghyun : The photo shoot is under the theme of freedom shooting , it's not bored at all it's fun and enjoyable , now I don't have the feeling of working at all

Taemin : Like that? Am I handsome am I handsome?

Minho : In korea now filming for our First Japan debut single how do I put it? It's a new and challenging feeling although it's the first time doing it, but it don't feel like first time we will work hard and present to the Japanese Fans a new look . Everyone please look forward to it Thank you

Replay Mv Filming :

Onew : Now we are at the place for our Mv filming , my role is a engaging art student I am in the process of making a beautiful piece of art

Minho : Hello , now we are filming our Japanese debut single , Replay's MV . My role is a teenager who plays the basketball , while filming I have always been so regretful because there's only 1 chance so I am feeling regretful . If I could see the video , I will do it slightly better I will go film now

Jonghyun : This is the place where SHINee film their Japan debut's Replay Mv scene

Taemin : Japan fans , we are currently shooting a very handsome mv everyone
Please be patient and wait for it

Minho : Everyone thanks for the hard work, thanks for the hard work everyone
The first day of filming ended , it's very fun and we ended the filming smoothly tomorrow we will continue to work harder ! we'll end the filming gorgeously fighting !

Director : music please.

Onew : the most important point is this pair of shoe there's a lot of thing hanging on this shoe while dancing it will sway gracefully

Taemin : ohh~ I have a camera

Interviewer: how do you feel filming a Japanese language mv

Jonghyun : it's very new and refreshing because Japanese there's a difficulty

Onew : It's hard on everyone , it's not the end of everything yet thanks for the hard work

Minho : Everyone thanks for the hard work

Key : Thank you

Taemin : That's the look while practicing dance , now filming look while practicing dance hope that it will turn out nicer

Interviewer : Key what's your role?

Key: Fashion designer , Ah should be a student who dreams to become a fashion designer everyone says that. This time round the filming special point is individual based , everyone act as a person that suits character , the role can make us show more of ourselves . Seems like the filming is smooth and well, looking forward to it and the story line

Taemin : Main hit / Title song , Replay this time round we got a Japanese Version with a different feeling to show everyone now while filming this mv , feeling nervous and curious about how everyone reaction will be how to say it? Looking forward hope that everyone will give us loves of comments and feelings on it , see you in Japan

Jonghyun : The filming for our debut song Replay mv has officially ended there's really a lot of crew has work hard and help us a lot in this filming of the mv hope that everyone will look forward to it we will also work hard with our fresh look to repay everyone's love just a while more , we will comeback soon and let everyone see us on stage we'll meet the next time

Minho : Japanese Mv filming ended just like that, looking forward from the beginning of filming the Japanese debut mv being able to finish the filming successfully , I'm really very happy . We are making our first step [going into Japan] in the future will continue to take step by step and go forward and we will work hard to show everyone our better side , thanks a lot everyone for your support everyone please wait a little while more Bye Bye

Key : Everyone has work hard, It's very happy in today's filming , we will work harder and everyone please root on us WE ARE SHINee , I AM SHINee's KEY

Onew : Hello everyone , I am Onew , really the feeling this time round for releasing album is a different feeling , have been feeling of working even harder all this while now we are not using Korean debut's song , but in Japanese so we will put in more effort , it's like a new feeling of debut-ing again . It feel's like a new challenge and a new environment , so in future will work harder to show everyone a better us .
So above is Onew at Mv filming place, Annyeong

Credit : Minhoney
[Chinese Translation: MINHOney ]
[English Translation: Forever_SHINee]

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[INFO]SHINee Ranked 1st on Tower Records Single Sales Chart

3位 Dir en grey「DIFFERENT SENSE」、2位 前田敦子「Flower」、
そして1位は、2日連続!で、SHINee「Replay -君は僕のeverything-」でした!
All Tower Records Store Single Chart on 22 June!!
3rd Dir en grey「DIFFERENT SENSE」、2nd 前田敦子「Flower」
and 1st is SHINee「Replay -you are my everything-」for two days in a row!

CR :!/TOWER_Info
Source : jujugal

[INFO]Worldwide fashion show emerged from Paris!

Worldwide fashion show emerged from Paris!
Worldwide music emerged from Abbey Road Studios in London!
‘Worldwide’ SHINee, successful performance at Abbey Road Studios in UK, a sacred place of pop music! 
The first step toward the global marketplace, great start for their debut in Japan! 
SHINee made successful performances on their Japan debut showcase which is the first gateway into the global marketplace at Abbey Road Studios in UK, a sacred place of music as the first Asian singer. 
SHINee had a showcase stage at Abbey Road Studios, London at 3:40 p.m. (local time) on 19 June. The showcase was held in London, in which EMI Music headquarters are located, to celebrate SHINee’s official debut in Japan. They performed for about 30 minutes in front of media and interested parties of the music industry.
Especially, it was unprecedented to have the first debut reception at Abbey Road Studios, a sacred place of music in which musicians such as Stevie Wonder and Brian Adams performed. This special plan was made for SHINee, a team set for global activities on the world stage. SHINee’s official debut in Japan is actually the first step toward their venture into the world, so considering the global team’s nature and color, they planned and pursued a differentiated showcase at Abbey Road Studios hand in hand with EMI Music Japan affiliated with EMI Music, a world-wide record company.
David Kassler, CEO of EMI Music (in Asia and Europe), stated, “SHINee has something overwhelming and unique, not found in the West, in appearance, style, and dance. I think they have potential to stand shoulder to shoulder with great artists in the future” and showed high interest and expectation for SHINee.
SHINee performed their Japanese debut song ‘Replay Kimi Wa Boku No everything,’ which is Japanese version of their Korean debut song ‘Replay’ and the Japanese version of ‘Hello.’ They also attracted attention by singing their hit songs such as ‘Juliette,’ ‘Ring Ding Dong,’ and ‘Lucifer.’ 
In addition, SHINee specially arranged ‘Replay- Kimi Wa Boku No everything’ with the piano and string instrument and presented it under the title of ‘Replay- Kimi Wa Boku No everything- Abbey Road Special.’ The musician from London Metropolitan Orchestra who participated in movie soundtracks and performance of famous artists such as U2, Sting, Pet Shop Boys, Pink Floyd, etc.
After performing total 6 songs, SHINee garnered compliments from the attending interested parties of the music industry. Jonghyun who could not perform in the showcase due to high fever, participated in the last performance 「Replay-Kimi Wa Boku No everything- Abbey Road Special」 with his strong will and received a big applause. 
Also, the UK fashion magazine, ELLE UK flooded with the inquiring calls for attending the showcase due to the news of SHINee’s performance at Abbey Road Studios. So ELLE UK collected entries of the readers who wanted to watch the performance and selected about 40 European fans in random drawings. The selected fans were the envy of many fans who had formed a long line around the Abbey Road Studios since morning. 
After the showcase, a member from SHINee, KEY stated, “My mother is a fan of Beatles so I feel very pleased to perform at the place, where Beatles recorded, as the first Asian singer. I feel so proud to add a new history in this place where the history is breathing.When I saw the pictures of worldwide artists such as Beatles and Steive Wonder hanging on the Abbey Road Studios hallway, I wished we could hang our pictures on the hallway too and thought we should make a greater effort.” The leader, ONEW said, “If Paris is the birthplace of fashion then UK is the birthplace of pop music. It’s a pleasure and honor for SHINee to perform at the Abbey Road Studios, a sacred place of music, as the first Asian singer. Since we made the first step with the meaningful performance, SHINee will be highly active and will extend farther and farther away.” 
Meanwhile, SHINee will leave for Japan on 22nd after finishing their Japan debut showcase in London and start their promotion activities for their debut single ‘Replay.’ They will also participate in ‘MTV Music Video Award Japan (VMAJ)’ to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan

Source :SMTOWN

[INFO]SHINee Sells 50K on the First Day of Single Release

*1 102,483 前田敦子
*2 *50,270 SHINee
*3 *20,368 AAA
*4 T.M.Revolution
*6 GReeeeN
*7 新撰組リアン
*8 ねごと
*9 薫と友樹、たまにムック。
10 KinKi Kids 
前田敦子, SHINee Single sales chart:
前田敦子 SHINee
火 102,483  50,270
水 ***,***  **,***
木 ***,***  **,***
金 ***,***  **,***
土 ***,***  **,***
日 ***,***  **,***
合 102,483  50,270
週 ***,***  **,***

Source: DC Shinee Gallery
Credit: jujugal

[NEWS]SHINee is the ‘Beatles of Asia!” “There hasn’t been such a fever since the Beatles.

SHINee is the ‘Beatles of Asia!” “There hasn’t been such a fever since the Beatles.” 
Japanese Sports Newspapers Highlighted SHINee’s showcase at ‘Abbey Road Studios’ in London!
K-pop fever in Europe to be introduced as well
Japanese sports newspapers highlighted ‘JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION in LONDON’ which was held at ‘Abbey Road Studios’ in London on 19th and has created high expectations.
On 21st, 6 Japanese sports newspapers, including Sports Hochi, Junichi Sports, Sankei Sports, Sports Nippon, Nikkan Sports and Daily Sports published extensive reports of SHINee’s showcase held at ‘Abbey Road Studios’ in London, UK.
In particular, Sports Hochi described about 1,000 of fans waiting in front of ‘Abbey Road Studios’ by quoting from officials that “There hasn’t been such a fever since the Beatles.” And also, they gave a special meaning by explaining that “to perform at a sacred place where masters, such as Stevie Wonder and Rod Stewart, have performed is the first milestone for Asian artists. SHINee has taken the first step towards making their mark in the global music scene.” 
Moreover, by mentioning SHINee’s speech, “we wish to go down in history just like the Beatles,” and also mentioning the success of SMTOWN LIVE concert in Paris, they stated that SHINee’s popularity in London and K-pop’s popularity has been growing remarkably.
Junichi Sports reported, “SHINee is the ‘Beatles of Asia,’ first Asian artist to hold live session in Abbey Road Studios” as the newspapers’ headline article and stated that “SHINee showed full potential with their outstanding dancing and singing ability.  
In addition, Sankei Sports also delivered the news of SHINee fever in London by stating that “An enthusiasm since the Beatles,” and Sports Nippon reported “SHINee made the first step toward the global marketplace.” These broad interests of SHINee are proving how Japan has a high expectation for SHINee’s debut.
Meanwhile, SHINee will release their Japanese debut single “Replay” on June 22nd(today) and will attend “MTV Music Video Awards Japan(VMAJ)” which will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan on June 25th. 

Source : SMTOWN

[VIDEO]SHINee went shopping at Odaiba , Japan


[INFO]SHINee ranked 2ND on Oricon Charts

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CR: soundtracklove @ soompi
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