Sunday, April 26, 2015

[PHOTO] 150425 Onew in Amber instagram update

ajol_llama: Foozball with @redgod26 & @dlstmxkakwldrl #이진기님 #박홍신님 #진기는온유 #brazil 

Source and credit: ajol_llama

[PHOTO] 150423 Key Instagram Update

we going to brazillll #잊으시오 #닥터마틴 #hyeinseo #drmartens

우리떠나요 with#잊으시오 #drmartens #닥터마틴

Credit : bumkeyk

[NEWS] SHINee's Jonghyun revealed to have written and composed a track in Kim Ye Rim's new album

You know you're a good composer and lyric writer when you not only create songs for your own group, but you create songs for other artists. That man happens to be SHINee's Jonghyun, as he's been revealed to have made one of the tracks in Kim Ye Rim's 'Simple Mind' album.

A representative from Kim Ye Rim's side told OSEN on April 22, "Jonghyun self-composed a track for Kim Ye Rim's new album. Jonghyun wrote the lyrics, composed, and even arranged the the album's 5th track "No More."

When you check out Kim Ye Rim's new album, make sure to take a listen to "No More"!

Credit : allkpop

[PHOTO] 150422 Hotshot twitter update with Taemin

#문규 사진이제야 올리넹 컴백한다고 많은 조언해줘서 고마워 #태민아 조심히와!

Credit : Hotshot_Kosound

[PHOTO] 150422 Onew Instagram Update


Credit : dlstmxkakwldrl

[PHOTO] 150422 Key Instagram Update

주세요달콤한그맛아이스크림케잌 #우빠딸 #더우니까먹고파 #베스킨라빈스 #br31 #baskinrobbins #왜나도모르는사이에내뒤에있는가
[trans] Please give me that sweet taste, ice cream cake #strawberryinmilk #sinceitshotIwanttoeatit #baskinrobbins (in korean) #br31 #baskinrobbins #whydidntIknowsomeonewasbehindme

Credit : bumkeyk
Translation : @thaluuu

[PHOTO] 150421 Trenta China instagram update with Onew

Credit : trenta_china

[ENG SUB] 150414 Taemin & Gain cut l'm Going to School Ep 1

Credit: funpurpo

Thursday, April 16, 2015


ITEM : SHINee - SHINee World III in Seoul
PRICE : RM150 (WM) / RM155 (EM) 

1. How to order ?
Just click here ->  PREORDER FORM and fill the form given

2. How can i make payment ?
We will send you email regarding the total price and the payment information (please make sure to use correct email address)

3. What bank do you use?
We use CIMB and Maybank

4. The price include postage or exclude ?
Include. For Semenanjung RM150 and Sabah/Sarawak/Labuan RM155

5. When is the deadline?
As stated 1.5.2015

6. Have poster?

7. The poster will be sent in tube or folded?
 In tube (if the poster not packaged inside the DVD)

8. Can i order first and make payment later.
You can make deposit RM50 first. The item will only be sent after full payment have been made

9. Can i request other album together ?
Yes. Please fill in the [SPECIAL REQUEST] with the name of the album. Special price await ^^

10. I already ordered and paid before 25.4.2015. Do my item affected by the extended deadline.
Thank you for your purchase. We already send your order to our supplier today (25.4.2015). Item will arrive within 14 working days

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