Thursday, April 7, 2011

[NEWS] Shin-Chunsu ( the CEO of 'OD company' (musical) ) interview (Onew mentioned)

Oh, and there's an article that mentioned Onew about his musical again :)
It was an interview done with Shin-Chunsu (the CEO of 'OD company'), one of the biggest musical companies in Korea. He touches upon the good and bad points of idols doing musicals.

{Extracted from Shin-Chunsu's Interview. Onew-related parts only}

Only some idols who have passions on stages keep doing musicals. They choose to do it by their will and decision.

(T/N: He mentioned before that not all idols were able to do musicals.)

The musical industry was revitalized and more audiences were flowed in because of some idol musical actors/actresses like Ok-Juhyun, Bada, Kim Junsu and Onew keep doing stage works and getting good reputations.

Source: Arts News
Eng translation: iamaprila + vivz @ soompi

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