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[VIDEO]Minho in Salamendar Guru Epi 1 Cut

[LINK]Download SHINee OnTaeKey in Barcelona

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[News] SHINee’s live concert album tracklist released, to go on sale February 1st!

Note: Although their description says February 1st, their “Product Release Date” says February 2nd.
Product Description

“SHINee’s live album, “THE 1st CONCERT ALBUM: ‘SHINee World’” will be released on February 1st.

The album consists of live recordings from SHINee’s two Seoul concert dates that took place at Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on January 1st and 2nd. By listening to the album, fans will be able to experience the emotions of a real SHINee World Concert.

The album consists of two CDs carrying a total of 34 tracks. The discs will include the concert versions of “Juliette”, “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer”, as well as each members’ solo stages. Their hit title songs “Replay”, “Love Like Oxygen”, and “Hello” are also in the tracklist. SHINee’s passionate and explosive performances are showcased vividly in this concert album, that is sure to incite a positive reaction from fans.

The studio versions of “The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)”, “A.Mi.Go” and “Lucifer” will also be included.” — Leesmusic

The album is currently going at a retail price of 16,900 Korean won on Leesmusic.
Tracklists are as follows:

1. Into The SHINee World [Opening]
2. The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)
3. Señorita (세뇨리따)
4. Get Down
5. A.Mi.Go. (아.미.고)
6. Juliette (줄리엣)
7. Hello
8. Your Name
9. Stand By Me
10. Love Still Goes On (사.계.후)
11. Girls [Jonghyun’s Solo]
12. OMG [Minho’s Solo]
13. Romeo+Juliette (소년 소녀를 만나다) [Taemin’s Solo]
14. My First Kiss [Key’s Solo]
15. A-Yo
16. Romantic (너아니면 안되는걸)
17. Obsession (욕)
18. Graze (화장을 하고)

1. Replay (누난 너무 예뻐)
2. Love Like Oxygen (산소같은 너)
3. Quasimodo (화살)
4. Life
5. Nessun Dorma [Onew’s Solo]
6. Island Baby (섬집아기)
7. Ring Ding Dong
8. Up & Down
9. Ready or Not
10. Lucifer
11. Jojo
12. Bodyguard (보디가드)
13. One (하나)
14. The SHINee World (Doo-Bop) [Studio Version]
15. A.Mi.Go (아.미.고.) [Studio Version]
16. Lucifer [Studio Version]

Details may be viewed in full here:
Credit: Leesmusic via: dkpopnews

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[VIDEO]SHINee, Exo, f(x) for W Live with S.M fashionistas

[VIDEO]SHINee JongTae at W Korea Subbed

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Subbed by : Jujugal

[PHOTO]Prince Minho for Salamender Guru Sitcom

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[INFO]SM Singers create a 500000 record for W Live Photoshoot

SM artistes participated in WLive Photoshoot and its Behind the Scenes footages have gained approximately 500,000 views

On the 19th of this month, SHINee’s Jonghyun and Taemin, f(x) Sulli and Krystal as well as the highly anticipated new SM group EXO participated in this photoshoot. The videos uploaded on youtube received explosive reactions.

Especially this time round, this broadcast was passed via video and facebook, and have received 500,000 views - this rare phenomenon have clinched a record. (s/n : for WLive I guess?)

Members Kai, Luhan and Sehun participated a photoshoot for their first time. They received praises for their seemingly experienced poses - totally unlike new artistes. In addition, Kai received photoshoot tips from SHINee’s Taemin sunbae.

The second broadcast will be shown on 21st noon via video portals. Participating members include SNSD and EXO

Source : http://www.asiatoday….asp?seq=586693
Kor-Chi Translation : Renaka
Chi-Eng Translation + img upload : soundtracklove@soomp

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[VIDEO]SHINee World 1ST Concert DVD Cut

-BTS , Movie , Bodyguard , One , Juliette , Jojo , Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong-

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[INFO[Introduction of Minho’s Character in the upcoming new SBS sitcom ”Salamander Guru and the Shadows”

Genius hacker with social phobia: Minhyuk, whose father is a computer genius, played with a computer like a toy from when he was little. He grew up learning hacking skills through his dad who was terminally ill and ran an illegal gambling place for his family’s future. After his dad passed away, Minhyuk was adopted abroad. He immersed himself in playing with computer and got social phobia. When he turns 20, he returns to Korea and starts chasing the guy X who drove his dad to death. Following clues from his memories, he finds Salamander Guru’s fortune telling house and meets Seondal and Wonsam. To find Salamander Guru who knows the secrets of X, Minhyuk has no choice but to help the fake gurus. With his brain and excellent hacking skills, Minhyuk controls Seondal behind a mirror and finds codes his dad left by recalling his childhood memories one by one. Minhyuk, who has been secretive with social phobia, gradually becomes more open while living with Seondal and Wonsam.

Two episodes will be aired at 11:05 pm, every Friday from Jan. 27 on SBS.
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[PHOTO]Minho the hacker in Salamender Guru

[DOWNLOAD]SHINee World 1ST Concert Photobook

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[NEWS]SM Entertainment to have their own booth at the ’2012 MIDEM’ in France

SM Entertainment, the label that’s home to major K-pop artists such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, and more will have their own SM Entertainment booth at ‘MIDEM 2012‘ in Cannes, France.
The Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale (MIDEM) is the largest music industry trade fair in the world, and has been taking place every year in France since 1967. The event brings together musicians, business people, and others from all over the world to “showcase new artists, musical trends and music-related products.”

This year, the ‘MIDEM 2012′ will be taking place in Cannes, France from January 28th to the 31st, and SM Entertainment will be holding their own booth to meet with internationally-acclaimed musicians.
SM Entertainment has been attending the MIDEM for the past 15 years studying the international music market, securing the copyrights of famous artists’ songs at the MIDEM, but this is the first time that SM Entertainment will be opening their own independent booth. In the past, they acquired music samples from Europe and the US, or joined with another corporation to open a joint-booth, slowly expanding their name and presence.

Seeing that a Korean entertainment company is able to confidently set up a corner at the largest music industry trade fair in the world proves just how much K-POP has impacted the world. SM Entertainment is more determined than ever, and they’re prepared to make a break through in the international music market.
MIDEM representatives remarked, “SM Entertainment has been attending the MIDEM even before the MIDEM name carried any weight. Their efforts have paid off, as they’re now able to come independently and open their own booth.”

Source & Image: SportsKorea via Nate
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[PHOTO]Minho for Salamender Guru Sitcom

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[INFO]SHINee - ‘The First’ Japan Arena Tour Showtime Schedule

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[VIDEO]KOALA KID 코알라키드 '' Way To Go! '' MV

[INFO]Infinite’s “She’s Back” originally SHINee’s song

The composer of INFINITE’s She’s Back has been revealed.Originally the composer had given this song to sm ent. and it was chosen to go to SHINee.So, the song was in SHINee’s “Lucifer” album (already recorded)They had a quick conference and they said that She’s Back didn’t match their “Lucifer” album concept.

The feeling of the song itself had a boyish feel and cool atmosphere (while lucifer had a darker feel) so they decided to leave it out.So the song was out, then it was given to Infinite

The composer, although dissapointed that the song couldn’t be part of SHINee’s album “Lucifer”, said that infinite did a great job in making the song lively and thanked them.

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[VIDEO]JongKey at Sim Sim Tapa Radio Official

[PHOTO]Minho at the first script reading session for his new sitcom “Salamander Guru”

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