Monday, May 14, 2012

[PIC+TRANS] 120513 Staff Blog update – SHINee Japan Mobile Fansite

When you talk about Kobe…
(you think of) trendy [1] - > Kobe beef- > Sweets!
Speaking of which, the Kobe’s specialties being introduced are fashionable specialties! Kobe beef & sweets <3

A “wine glass”! What the…??
It’s nottt alcohol!
It’s just for the atmosphere, it’s grape juice (laugh)

The members fell in love with Kobe beef at first glance!
(Everything) up to the cake for dessert seemed delicious when they ate it!
Seemed really delicious~

([1] oshare means fashionable or nicely dressed, I think in the next line he wanted to say that the members who were introducing the Kobe were fashionable but didn’t. Or he set you up to expect it and then didn’t. *overthinking*)

Credit: crissan , Forever_SHINee 
Photo: minoutshine

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