Friday, May 11, 2012

[JJONGTWEET] Update on 8 May 2012

Update 1:
엄마 사랑해요
Trans: I love you, mom
Picture translation: From Sodam and Jonghyun. To mom who we love. (Sodam is Jonghyun's Noona)

Update 2:
내 트윗 본사람들 달려가서 사랑한다구 하구 자요 그럼 그집 사람들 모두가 행복할꺼야 자 하나 둘 셋!!
Trans: To the people who saw my tweet, run to someone and say you love them and go to sleep. Then everyone in that house will be happy. Okay, one, two, three!!

Update 3:
주무시면 fail 귓가에라도 속삭이세영
Trans:  If they're sleeping, whisper fail in their ear.

Translated by @shiningtweets
via @realjonghyun90
By, Mod. Meeko

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