Friday, May 18, 2012

[JJONGTWEET] Update on 16 May 2012

Update 1:
종현아 늦은 생일선물로 디아블로3를 선물해줄게 잘가라 이종현
Trans: Jonghyun I'll give you Diablo 3 as a late birthday present. Bye Lee Jonghyun

Update 2:
보이스 여러분 씨엔블루는 끝없는 휴식기에 들어갑니다 디아블로 팩키지 네개를 구매했어요!!
Trans: Boice, CNBlue is going to be in an indefinite hiatus. They bought 4 Diablo packages!! (T/N: Boice is CNBlue's fanclub name)

Update 3:
플레이전엔 언제나 목욕재계를 마치고 경건한 마음으로...헷...
Trans: Before I play, I should bathe and purify myself and then with a devout heart... heh...

Update 4:
아이건 내꺼에요
Trans: Ah, this is mine

Update 5:
걱정마요 샤월 문명도 이겨내고 나온 셜록입니다 앨범엔 영향끼치지않아!!!
 Trans: Don't worry, Shawols. Sherlock overcame Civilization and was released. It won't affect our album!!!

Update 6:
 ....고작 렙10짜리 바바리안이 절기다려요...들어가게 해주세요...어제 새벽에 만든아이인데...들어가게 해주세요...보고싶어요...
Trans: ....A mere level 10 Barbarian awaits me... Please let me in... I made him late last night... Please let me in... I miss him... (P/T: is under maintenance. Please try again later. (Error 33) Confirm)

Trans. by @shiningtweets
via: @realjonghyun90
By, Mod. Meeko   

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