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[FANACC]120514 Star King Recording

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1)Thighs/lap? Arm-rest? Pillow?

SHINee is just a fascinating group; there will always be those skinship moments like when 3 little things cuddling together being touchy all over the place.

Seemingly glued together like conjoined triplets. Once Taemin settled down on his seat, he smacked Key's thighs then moved his hands to his inner thighs. Then Jonghyun (joined in) and smacked his hands on top (of Taemin's hands) - feeling extremely comfortable. For the entire recording the most common situation between these 3 people --- Kim Jonghyun will put his hands on Kibum's thighs. Kim Jonghyun will lean on Kim Kibum's shoulders. Taemin will place his hands on Kibum's thighs. Lee Taemin will place his hands on Kim Kibum's shoulders. Lee Taemin and Kim Jonghyun will both place their hands on Kim Kibum's thighs. Of course, there will be more to just putting their hands on the lap.. Occasionally they will pinch and sometimes their hands will slide inwards... In conclusion, Kim Kibum's legs are the most comfortable arm rest.

Of course when the recording gets a little too tiring, Kim (S/N : I'm assuming Jonghyun) will place his head down (on Key's lap), treating it as his pillow. When Kim Kibum laughs too hard, he will fall on Taemin's stomach. And there are several times where Kim Jonghyun will brush Key's hair using his hands. (There is a time where) 3 of them were pinching one another's arms - Taemin probably used too much strength and also he pinched with both hands in the opposite direction (???), causing Key to scream in pain.... However normally, when a person experiences pain, his/her first reaction would be to retract their arms back right? However despite being in pain, Key had no intention of trying to avoid it.....

2. Straws? Rings?

At some part of the program, some white straw-looking prop was used. Jonghyun and Taemin teamed up and poked around 20 straws in Key's hair. After that, Taemin was bored and started to wrap it around Key's left pinky. Upon realising, Key wanted to remove it but Taemin grabbed hold of his wrist to prevent Key from taking it off... so the ring-looking straw was left there and there was even a long "tail" behind it.

3. Star King? Hello Baby?

There were 2 young guests in the show : a four-year old mixed-blood little boy and a five-year old little girl. When the little boy sat on the left side of Taemin, he took the remote-control and mimicked it as a telephone. Taemin immediately joined in the telephone game. He pouted his lips and had a long conversation using the remote-control - not sure what he said. Is Taemin's imagination world the same as the little kids? Kim kibum and Kim Jonghyun joined in soon after. Kim Kibum hugged the kid over and placed it on his lap and the 3 of them started to play with the kid....... Kim Jonghyun impersonated a dinosaur, baring teeth and doing craw-like actions as if trying to eat up the little kid, while the kid was lying on Key's lap.

After that, Taemin and Key went up on the stage as the Magician's assistant. Kim jonghyun finally got his opportunity to play with the kid. He hugged the kid over and place it on his lap - he kept whispering to the kid while they were watching the magic show. When they were exchanging places, Taemin carried the kid to the rotating stage. When the kid was about to leave, Jonghyun carried the kid back into the father's arms. Indeed, (you can tell that they) have taken care of kids before - the 3 of them were really good at handling/carrying kids. The 3 of them will be good fathers T___T

At the end, the three of them stood on the stage and clapped according to the music, teasing the little girl's dance. Kim Jonghyun kept bending down low to make eye contact with the kid to talk to her.

4. Jonghyun can still be really cute even when he panics.

When the show was was recording its most important segment, Jonghyun's remote-control slipped off his lap and fell onto the ground "pak!". It was considered quite quiet in the studio (at that time)... Jonghyun's eyes grew bigger, really helpless as to what he should do, at the same time he tried to scan around his surroundings calmly. He then scrunched up his body and waited til no attention was on him then he picked the remote-control up.

There was also another segment that required him to do a gun-firing action in response with the performer. Jonghyun did his action slower by a beat. After the sound effect has been released, he then took out/fired his gun. The PDs did not mention anything, (but) Jonghyun felt really bad and kept mumbling to himself - judging from lip-reading (he probably said) "I am so dead.." (*unsure*)

5. Bunch of eating machines.

During break time, Noonas placed some bananas, cherry tomatos and other food on jongtaekey's chairs. Jonghyun returned back to his seat first and immediately took a banana and started eating. After that, Key and Taemin opened a box of cherry tomatoes and started munching on them. After finishing the 2nd banana, Jonghyun wanted to throw the banana skin away while still having a portion of banana in his mouth. Walking down the stage, the PD pointed to him where he should throw it; and Jonghyun threw it behind his back with much poise...

Regarding the box of cherry tomatoes, Taemin love eating it the most.... Even when the show is still recording, he will open the box and continue to stuff (the cherry tomatoes) into his mouth..  Normally, people will only eat one cherry tomato at a single time, however Taemin squeezed many cherry tomatoes in his mouth at one go and then started munching like chubby squirrel. After eating the fruits, Taemin took out a box of sweets from the gift bag. He kept fondling with the box, trying to catch hold of an appropriate time to open it... then the 3 of them started to share ... (they) kept eating (the sweets), almost always seen having a sweet in their mouth until the end of the recording. = =

Upon entering the stage, Key opened a bottle to drink a mouthful. Jonghyun wanted to drink so he tilted his head and opened his mouth.  The fact is that Key poured the water in slowly however Jonghyun still choke on the water and coughed out several times.

Taemin was drinking water and  Jonghyun wanted to take water from other people (Taemin) again. Taemin did not let Jonghyun take (his water bottle) away for the first time. But Jonghyun reached out his arms again. So Taemin drank and kept a mouthful of water in his mouth before passing it on.... After drinking, Jonghyun passed to Key to drink.

he reached out his hands to ask for it... asking the noonas to throw it up to the stage. During the recording there was Jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) and Mum's Lovely Bento, Taemin's gaze was fixated on the food - (we) were able to admire his sexy adam's apple moving up and down his throat, his pink lips opening and closing.... his frozen mouth salivating..

6. Teasing

Jonghyun's nickname is Teaser-Teacher Kim. Teaser-Teacher Kim teaches you how to stretch while showing off your huge chest and muscular arms...and even kept making bored little puppy noises..................... is this even scientific? (S/N : Meaning "Is he even real/ Can such human even exist?")............................. After each sound made, the noonas shrieked with a high pitch voice (out of delight).. and you did it again.... what good can there be trying to kill us.............

Lee Taemin..... You asked if the noonas have eaten - such a good kid. However, by blowing kisses and wriggling your fingers is totally not scientific!! (S/N : Meaning "Is he even real/ Can such human even exist?")
Every time 3 of them took a break, they will wave to the fans to greet them TT good kids, really good-mannered.

7. Various small actions.

Kim Jonghyun's mouth will be wide open whenever guests are performing. Whenever something shocking appears, his mouth will be stretched to the extreme.... no wonder Star King's PD love to use cuts of his gaping mouth..... because he always kept his mouth hanging open.

Taemin love to use his right thumb to touch the ring on his index finger. Whenever Taemin wants to tuck in his shirt or pull up his pants or yawn, he will do it really open - no attempt to cover it up/hide his actions......

Whenever Key laughs, he really sound/look like a fool - he has no intention in taking care of his image - he will open his mouth wide open and laugh "HAHAHAHAHAHA". When the recording was about to end, Jonghyun tried to do "clicking" sounds with his tongue next to Key's ears, however a "Tak!" sound rang and frightened him and (Key) gave a condescending look to Jonghyun (hahaha)

8. So cute to death!!

When the 3 of them were playing with little kids, the 3 of them looked at the kids  like how fathers will look at their kids in a sincere, honest, kind, loving way; using a really really really charming smile to play with the children. Some uncle was so attracted by Jongtaekey's cuteness that he actually shouted 3 words ----"IT'S SO CUTE" and even said "Jonghyun is really charming". When "Sherlock" music was being played, some other army boy even shouted out the fanchant along (with the song). There was a soldier who performed earlier on, did not even ask for the girl group's autograph, instead he gave the pen and paper to Jonghyun and requested for all 3 of their signatures.

When Jongtaekey were returning to the  backstage, Taemin waved to the noonas - after waving, the army boys below the stage actually shouted "WE WANT IT TOO!".. After Taemin waved his hands and thanked them, the soldiers gave an unusually manly roar of cheers.....

One of the MCs, Park Misun (whom acted alongside with Taemin in "TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun" and hosted "We got married") she even called Taemin out specially to have a small talk with him. After recording, Jonghyun lead everyone on the stage to bid farewell to all the soldiers. There is a PD who was in good relationship with SHINee, kept talking to the kids during their breaktime and even carried Jonghyun down the stage!

There were too many cute points, we will add it if we remembered others. Perhaps some noonas might have found this long paragraph of words too naggy?
Source : TSCONDITIONAL (王立宏)
Shared by : Vanypinkk
Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

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