Friday, May 11, 2012

[JJONGTWEET] Update on 9 May 2012

Update 1:
기범이가 써줬다 장난꾸러기 녀석(^-^) 죽여버려야징...^^
Trans:  Kibum wrote it for me. That mischievous punk(^-^) I'm gonna kill him...^^

Update 2:
여러분 가득이 바른말 입니다.
Trans: Everyone, "gadeuk" is the proper word.
T/N: He searched the word "manddang" which is a slang for "fill/full" usually used when talking about gas. The search machine told him to look for "gadeuk" instead which is the proper and formal term.

Update 3:
아이쿠 문열어줄뻔했네..!!^^ 
Trans: Oops, I almost opened the door for it..!!^^ (He's playing Starcraft.)

Trans. by @shiningtweets
via @realjonghyun90
By, Mod. Meeko

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