Friday, May 18, 2012

[JJONGTWEET] Update on 17 May 2012

Update 1:
 자 오늘의 준비물입니다!!^^
Trans: Here are the materials we need today!!^^

Update 2:
 저 포장지는 제 포스터랍니다..포스터위에..
Trans:  The wrapping paper is my poster.. Put it on top of the poster..

Update 3:
  그위에...찰떡블라블라를 올리고 
Trans: Put the sticky rice blah blah on top... 

Update 4:
  이로케 포장
Trans: And wrap it like this

Update 5:
   이러케 그리면 이종현선물 완성!!!^^
Trans: And then you draw liks this to finish up Lee Jonghyun's present!!!^^

Update 6:
금방 줬는데 이렇게 됨 
Trans: I just gave it to him but this happened

Update 7:
온라인으로 사서 줬습니당 보이스분들 안심하긴 일러요 
Trans: I ordered one for him online. Boice, you can't relax yet.

Update 8:
  아까 전화도왔었음 선물을 기대하는 이종현의 목소리란..!! 으이구!! 한심!! 넌 대어다 대어
Trans: He even called me before. He sounded so excited..!! Ugh!! You're sad!! You're a big fish

Trans. by @shiningtweets
via: @realjonghyun90
By, Mod. Meeko    

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