Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[NEWS] "Shinhwa Broadcast" tops viewership ratings on cable channels

Shinhwa's "Shinhwa Broadcast" on cable channel jTBC achieved the top spot in terms of ratings and is the most watched show on cable channels. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, "Shinhwa Broadcast" reached a 1.312% in viewership ratings and was the most watched cable channel show last Saturday. The rating alone was higher compared to their June 2nd episode which was viewed at 1.272%.

"Shinhwa Broadcast" started with a 0.336% rating on its first episode with their highest at 1.371% last May 12th. It was also reported that SHINee's appearance as special guests also helped in the slow and steady increase in their ratings.

Both Shinhwa and SHINee were able to showcase their playful side on the show paired with a variety of games and performances, attracting the interest of their audiences.

Source: EToday + Koreaboo

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