Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[NEWS] 120605 SHINee Featured in Singapore's "The New Paper"


From their smart-casual get-up of tees, vests, jackets and jeans when they made their debut in August 2008, to the masculine, slinky black outfits in their second studio album Lucifer (2010), to the current boho-chic, hippie-inspired look for their latest EP Sherlock, nothing seems visually impossible for the youthful quintet that is SHINee. 

Lee Jinki (Onew) and Kim Jonghyun, both 22, Kim Kibun (Key) and Choi Minho, both 20, and 18-year-old Lee Taemin have a knack for springing constant surprises on fans – a winning trait of theirs, they say. 

“SHINee, as a group, has very strong characteristics,” leader Onew told LOUD in an e-mail interview. 

“Instead of showing similar concepts in our albums, we try new and different things all the time. 

“Like a rainbow’s colours, we show diverse images...It’s probably the reason why we stand out (from other acts).”

The group will be in town next week for K-pop musical extravaganza Boyz Nite Out. 

More in LOUD in The New Paper on Tuesday (June 5). 

View the article here : http://www.tnp.sg/loud/content/rainbow-bright 

Source : @launchSG |  realkristel97,Shawolotte via SHAKIZI 
Source : THE NEW PAPER (Singapore)
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