Friday, June 8, 2012


Everyone! MYShawols is proud to announce that with the help of SHINing Encounters will be sending fan gifts to Taemin for his upcoming birthday! Fans are encouraged to send small gifts and fan mail!

We, MYShawols will also be conducting a fundraiser to collect money to buy gifts for Taemin!!

To those who want to send small gifts:
Please make sure you send only necessary items and SMALL gifts. Do try to send useful items that he can use daily!

Fans are also required to bear the shipping, postage and wrapping fees. We also would like to request that all fan gifts should be handed over unwrapped. MSW will wrap it for you using the money given for the wrapping fees. 

As for those who want to send in fan mail:
You guys are to add a little donation to our project so we can buy gifts for Taemin. A small fee of RM5 will be charged for every fan mail as donation. 

Don't know what to get for Taemin!????
As stated, MYShawols will be having a fundraiser to collect funds to buy gifts for Taemin! All you have to do is donate! 
We encourage fans to donate at least RM5, but of course we accept more!
Like they say "the more, the better"! ^^;;

[To make donations for the fundraiser]

Bank-in your donations to:
(to be updated, but do email if you're interested)
then email to us at with this form:
and attach a copy of the receipt of bank-in along with the email.

[To those who want to send fangifts/fanmail]
Email us at with this form:
Contact Number: 
Type of Gift: (if you're sending fanmail no need for this) 
Donation amount: (not compulsary for fangift senders/ compulsary for fanmail senders)
This is a NON-PROFIT project. All donations do not go to us whatsoever. They go to Taemin and his gifts.

[MEET UP] We will also be conducting meet ups to collect gifts in the Klang Valley and other locations (to be updated) . Those interested stay updated on our FB and Twitter page. Information on the meet up will be posted there.

[IMPORTANT] We are looking for Volunteers from each state to collect gifts/ Volunteers from the Klang Valley who are willing to attend meet ups to help.

If interested, do email us at with the subject, "VOLUNTEER".
Along with the email, please include this form:
Contact Number: 

P. S Details to be changed/updated. So please check back often.

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