Sunday, June 3, 2012

[JJONGTWEET] 120602 Jonghyun's twitter updates

2:45 AM
잠이안와서 사진첩을 보다가 재밌는걸 발견했다 차마 이름을 안가릴수 없었다 이건 비밀인데 이친구는 술먹고 카톡했다가 며칠간 차단당했었다

Translations: I couldn't sleep so I was looking through my photo album and discovered something fun. I had to cover his name though. This is a secret of when my friend drank and kakaotalked so I blocked him for a few days

Picture Translations:
Friend: I'm very devastated. If you weren't a celebrity but just a friend.. If you were a friend that I made memories with, it would have been possible.  
Jonghyun: When you see this in the morning, high kick yourself.  
Friend: I know I'll be embarrassed once I'm sober but I'm still saying it! keke that's what I think. A true friend... Once I'm sober. I'll embarrassingly contact you, keke

2:57 AM
잘가라 이경훈 내친구야
Translations: Goodbye, Lee Kyunghoon, my friend.

1:04 PM
Translations: Fighting! 

Picture Translations: 
Lee Kyunghoon: ... You embarrassed me.. I'm going to break you...  
Jonghyun: Kehe. So Kyunghoon, don't drink so much. Don't drink and KaTalk.... I can clearly see you doing this to people other than me...Don't send your ex things like 'are you asleep...?' Fighting!

1:13 PM
경훈이가 어서 정신을 차렸으면 좋겠다
Translations: I hope Kyunghoon comes to his senses soon

Picture Translations: 
Kyunghoon: [truncated text] want to. Desperately. 
Jonghyun: kekekeke what kekekekekeke 
Kyunghoon: Let's fight, I can't stand this. Bringing your mother will do nothing, I see her more often. 
Jonghyun: ...Kyunghoon, why are you talking like that? Why do you want to fight... I'm just worried about you drinking... You're so mean... Kyunghoon...

1:20 PM
경훈이는 역시 내친구라서 날잘안다 내친구 경훈이!!! 일해라이제!!그만놀고!!
Translations: Kyunghoon knows me well since he's my friend. My friend Kyunghoon!!! Work now!!! Stop fooling around!!

Picture Translations:
Jonghyun: [truncated text]I'm just worried about you drinking.. You're so mean.. Kyunghoon... 
Lee Kyunghoon: You're going to write that and capture it again. Ah, you evil ****. Ah. Forget it. Just get rid of the tweet on Twitter.  
Jonghyun: No.

1:34 PM 
Translations: Kyunghoon is pissed

Picture Translations:
Jonghyun: Try saying "Please erase it." 
Lee Kyunghoon: Forget it. Don't take it down. You. ... Ah, seriously. Fine, okay.  
Jonghyun: Fighting!  
Lee Kyunghoon: Get lost.

Source: Jonghyun's Official Twitter
Translated by SHINing Tweets

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