Friday, June 22, 2012

[PROJECT] Minho's Drama Support via Dreaming1209

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As we all know, Minho is taking on the lead role of a new drama and his Korean fansites are coming together for a support union to show support.

SHINing Encounters has participated in Key's musical support union, Frankey, in the past and thanks to the support we received from the countries who contributed under us, we were able to show Korean fansites how much international Shawols are trying to help out.

SHINing Encounters has decided to once again, show our support to one of our beloved SHINee member in his undertaking of a new task.

SHINing Encounters will be doing the donations via Dreaming+Humming+MINHOney Support Project. As you may already know, these Minho fansites are big and respectable.

We, MYShawols as the Malaysian Representative for SHINing Encounters will be collecting the donations for Malaysians!

Those who donate more than 12 USD (Approximately RM40) will get a free fancam DVD from Dreaming1209 (EMS fees to be beared by donor) and if the total amount of donations exceed USD120, donors won't need to pay for the EMS fees (from Korea to country representative's house only. Local postage not included). 
Please do note that the DVDs are not given based on the total amount donated but through individual donations.  

If interested, send us this donation form 
Contact Number:
Donation Amount:

Donations will be done via Bank-in. Bank-in details will be given after receiving your donation form. Don't hesitate to ask us questions. You can make enquires via email ( and formspring (on sidebar) :).

Do join and show your support for Minho and his new drama!


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