Thursday, June 7, 2012

[NEWS]Shinhwa's Andy Threatens to make Shinhwa fall

The youngest member of legendary group Shinhwa has betrayed his members by becoming one with SHINee. 

Airing on June 9 jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast will continue the second part of‘Guest Channel: Shinhwa VS SHINee,’ where the two groups compete against each other in a battle of random games. The winning team in each round is allowed to steal a member from the opposite team. 


On the June 2 episode of the special, Shinhwa, after winning a badminton game, adopted SHINee’s Taemin into the Orange Team. 

Likewise, after SHINee won the vault horse leaping competition, the Pearl Team took Andy, who ecastatically left his group of 14 years. 

Planned next for this fierce competition is the chicken fight game, where players must hop on one foot and try to knock the other players down. 

As each team gathered around to create a strategy, Andy shouted to his ex-members, “I’m going to make all of Shinhwa fall by myself!” 

Did Andy manage to completely betray his brothers? Find out on June 9. 

Photo Credit: jTBC
Source: enewsworld 
Via : superchoiminho

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