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[INFO]Preview for 120610 Shinhwa Broadcast Episode 13 with SHINee


Highlights/Recap : Chicken Fight - The main aim is to capture the "King Chicken". SHINee team (Blue Group) was deciding between Andy and Minho; Shinhwa picked Taemin. The "King Chicken" wire a chicken crown-like shape cap. When the PD threw the caps to the King Chickens, the cap landed well in Taemin's hands, but when it was thrown to Onew, Onew was unable to catch it. Jonghyun stood up and expressed his unsastifaction. Key ended up being SHINee's Chicken King. Taekey had a Chicken-verbal fight, Key was awesome and Taemin was being told that he had no confidence. 

Jonghyun said Key looks like a Thai Chicken. Minwoo's Chicken performance was great as well. Onew and Andy came out to mimic duck's sound. When asked if it was really one of Onew personal talent, Minho commented "He already started doing this when we debuted". Jonghyun "He knows this!". Shinhwa burst out laughing. The competition started, the referee was the same as last week's. Hyesung injured his legs so he did not participate. 

Jonghyun is really active (in the competition). Minho pointed out that Shinhwa seems to have left out Minwoo. Chaos and confusion. Minho attacked Taemin. Despite Junjin's protection, Minho still managed to defeat Taemin. Taemin said that he had already tried his best to defend himself. SHINee Team won. 2nd Round, Jonghyun kept observing the direction the opponent was attacking from while Minho attacked Eric and defeated him. Eric "I actually thought that you looked like someone's brother, and had a good impression of you...." 

During the chaos, Key accidentally fell on the floor and Taemin got praised, Jonghyun went forward to confront him "You were better than what I imagined". Current Score - 1:1. Andy had a stomachache from laughing. 2 groups begin discussing their strategy. Andy advised the 4 of them to attack while Key just have to jump well - then shouted a funny cheer. Andy lead the attack. Taemin jumped towards Key... Chaos again.. Minho attacked Taemin from the back and managed to push Taemin down again. Onew was hit and pushed to a far away wall (S/N : Onew sangtae). 

Minho explained the situation. Blue team won so they could snatch another member away from the orange team. They discussed and picked Eric. Eric walked over to the Blue team with a smile on ihs face and the blue team celebrated. Junjin commented "I want to go over but I can't...". Jonghyun replied "The person we want is Eric hyung". 

New segment : To cover your teeth with your lips and mumble. Minwoo and Jonghyun did a try-out. Jonghyun articulated better than Minwoo. Jonghyun forgot the lyrics while dancing to Sherlock. Minho started practicing hard to smash the ground with the inflated balloon hammer. Andy jokingly asked if anyone had band-aids/plaster/ bandages, just in case they have to stick back in if Dongwan's eyes pops out. 

One person is in charge of punishing another member. Minwoo began the challenge first : to describe a movie. Shinhwa's team kept getting hit, Onew kept laughing hysterically at the side. Jonghyun and Minho said that Hyesung was unable to articulate properly and decided to hit Hyesung together. But they secretly sent Taemin out to hit Hyesung. Hyesung guessed that (the person who attacked him) was Eric and even beat him up back. Eric said that "If it was me instead, I would have hit you so much harder/ it would be much worse.". 

Now it was Blue Team's turn. Onew "Seems like I've picked the wrong position" - Taemin was squatting between Minho and Onew and kept hitting the inflated balloon Hammer really vigorously on the floor. Minho "Taemin-yah, what are you doing!". Jonghyun's cuteness "SHINee's friends, we are going to begin now okay~~" Jonghyun explained really well, Minho and Key did a great job by answering really fast - really compatible / good teamwork. Blue Team answered a total of 10 questions and won. 

Blue team was entitled to snatch another member away from the orange team. Orange team was given a chance to express using their body. Jonghyun wanted Taemin to do (**did not hear this part clearly**), Taemin said that he cannot do it and gave up quickly. Now it is the time for Blue Team to select the member they want to bring over to their team. Onew "Taemin-goon looks as if he has worked really hard/tired....." (S/N : Seemingly to suggest that SHINee wanted to bring Taemin back), then they shouted together "(We) Pick MINWOO!" Hye-sung said that Taemin's expression looks "worse and worse" XD. Hye-sung cheered on for Taemin. 

3rd segment : The relationship between 2 rooms. Everyone was separated by a room to pass a message. Hyesung said that the losing team has to suffer Onew's Ttakbam. Jonghyun said that they cannot lose for sure. Onew performed his walnut-cracking ttakbam and Shinhwa members got a shock. For this round, the group with more members are at a losing end. The orange team only require 4 members to pass the message. While waiting (for the messaged to be passed to them), Minho and Junjin started to "shoot" one another with a "gun" gesture. Onew came out to play along too. Hyesung "SHINee friends are shooting me with a gun! I feel so blissful (S/N : Rough meaning)" Minho requested for a change of MC if Blue team wins. 

Blue Teams start off first. When Eric is attempting his challenge, Junjin kept annoying him by talking randomly from the outside. Minho says that he shouldn't do that. Jonghyun immediately guessed the right answer for the last round. Minho and Onew hugged one another out of surprise and happiness then the entire team hugged together to celebrate. (Orange team then argued that the Blue Team) seemingly have overheard the message from the next person and requested for a rematch. Orange Team kept talking to disturb (the blue team). After his turn, Minho came out and shouted at Taemin and Junjin "Why do you keep on talking!" Jonghyun was unable to guess correctly so they had to do it again. 


(A/N : Please note that the original translator had her video connection cut off at this point so some parts at the ending are missing - please wait for the video translation to be out / watch the broadcast shared by Miut below) 


SHINee won 4 rounds consecutively, then said "It is about time Taemin should come back now" Taemin said that it seems like the members are lying again but the Blue Team really picked him. Taemin had a "It's unbelievable!" expression; he couldn't believe that he was really chosen. So Shinhwa/ Orange group is now left with the leader and another member. 

SHINee continue to appear in next week's episode preview! There will be a relay race for next week's episode. Leader Choi ran excitedly and had a really good expression - (if you would like to know how his expressions look like,) please refer to Idol Star Championship competitions. 

Chinese Translations by   好奇心大过胜负欲, CHOI_YEON1209_冰爷 
English Translation by soundtracklove@soompi

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