Sunday, December 8, 2013

[TRANS] Jonghyun Twitter Update 131207

''  더 지니어스 짱짱 이군..!! "

[Trans) ''The Genius is jjang jjang..!! (T/N: The Genius is a tvn reality show where contestants compete through various games.)

"  : ": 다음 시즌에 출연 좀. ^^;; RT“: 더 지니어스 짱짱 이군..!!”"
하게된다면 너무 재밌겠는걸요♥♥♥♥ ''

[Trans] '' @the_lastresort: Please come out on the next season. ^^;; RT @realjonghyun90: 'The Genius' is the best..!!" If I get to do it, it'll be so much fun♥♥♥♥''

Credit: realjonghyun90
Trans by: shiningtweets

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