Wednesday, December 25, 2013

[CON] 131224 SMTOWN WEEK SHINee 'The Wizard' Staff Diary

Shawols and SHINee, everyone macarena~ ♪

Hello : )
This is SHINee's representative.

Thank you very much for the support you all sent to
「 SMTOWN WEEK - SHINee “The Wizard" 」which took place on Dec 21st (Sat) at the Ilsan KINTEX Exhibition Hall.

At the first concert held in Korea after 1 year and 5 months, the shining SHINee members' exciting and various peformances along with many fans' passionate cheers made the concert even more enjoyable.

And thank you very much to the SHAKIZI managers and helpers who made suggestions and moved swiftly even in such chaos. They organized a nice event for shining SHINee and the audience with the phrase [You've worked hard today as well♥] following the previous [I love you tomorrow as well♥].

All of you who are always working hard are the driving force for SHINee to be able to shine! Don't forget that and please support shining SHINee a lot in the future~^^ Thank you!

Banner: You've worked hard today as well
Onew: Thank you ^^
Jonghyun: I love you!
Key: Shawols have worked hard as well!
Minho: You've all worked the hardest~^^ Thank you!! I love you~~
Taemin: SHAKIZI! You've worked really hard preparing the event on the 21st! Thank you~^^

I hope you give them a lot of support at the end of the year performances. Pleaae be careful of the cold from the chilly weather and I hope you spend the rest of the year happily.
Thank you. (_ _)

Credits: @sfinee

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