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[FANACC] 131210 SHINee - 'SHINee World 2013 Boys Meet U' Japan Arena Tour in Nagoya (Day 1)

(Cr: Cbaby_Br)

Taemin, towards the end.. 
"See you again~ It's a promise dashira~" he added a mysterious sound at the end of his sentence, then started to point to the audience.
"You, see you again" "You too, see you again"
"Yuuji-san, you too, see you again" "Izumi-san, you too, see you again"

Taemin seemed a bit bothered by the zip of his shoes. 
He fixed it during Juliette even though he was in the middle. During Burning Up he crouched to fix it at the center of the stage and bumped into Onew when he stood up.

During Moon River Waltz at the line "Sayonara~ Nante dekinai"...
Taemin got the wrong timing ", sa, sa, sayonara"

At the start of Sherlock, Onew & Taemin suddenly holding hands

(Cr: aionee_51)

During Start, Minho wore a hat/headdress shaped as Nagoya Castle and carried a Japanese sword, going wild on the stage as he swing it in fencing pose
Minho gloriously killed the members one by one
He attacked Key's artery from behind, making everyone laughed
He kept swinging the sword, ending the attack with shouryuuken (Street Fighter attack)!

Taemin, Minho holding close to each other during Sunny Day Hero. 
During WSS Taemin stroke Minho's head to his back, usually it's the other way around. And at the end when they bowed, Minho nonchalantly stroke Taemin's thigh.

Key: This is really the last song. 
Fans: Eh~!! 
Taemin: Bad guy~ 
Key: Not a bad guy(warui hito), just playing bad character (akuyaku)!
Taemin: Akua..?

Jonghyun about to spray Minho with his mouth as a present. Seeing that, Minho kneeled and tried to remove his mic but before it's completely removed, Jonghyun already sprayed Minho's face.. While this was happening, Onew was faithfully trying to help removing the mic and Key kept saying that's dirty.

The fans sang birthday song to Minho while Taemin kept pretending to punch Minho's stomach. Minho seemed happy though, but Taemin, that's not how you're supposed to celebrate other's birthday.

Taemin said, "To the staff who work hard for us" and spread out his right hand but Key was next to Taemin and was about to talk to him. So Taemin's hand hit Key's hand, which happened to be holding the mic and the mic hit Key's teeth. Taemin a bit panicked. I'm sorry Key, but that was funny.

During final greeting, the other members were speaking seriously while Minho and Taemin were talking to each other and hi-fived!
Then, Taemin was suddenly asked, "So, how about you, Taemin?" Well, he gave his answer, after looking panicked for a moment. There was a gap before his answer, so I'm pretty sure he wasn't listening to the talk.

(Cr: shinette0718)

Onew was talking when Taemin suddenly came close and gently removing something from the corner of Onew's eye.

Key's ad-lib line for Kiss Yo...
"Here! Hitsumabushi, tasty~"

After singing birthday song to Minho, Jonghyun "purified" Minho with the water in his mouth.
Key: That's definitely not a present.
Onew: Dirty, right?

Key said that he always the one who had to play the bad role of announcing the very last song. Taemin teased that Key was the bad guy, but what tickled my heart was what Onew said nonchalantly afterwards!
Onew: Onegaishi desu.
(T/N: I think he confused between desu and masu. Supposed to be "Onegaishimasu")

(Cr: Emu_imo)

During The SHINee World, Onew backhugged Minho, and Minho grasped Onew's arm.

During the first MC, Minho kept swaying left and right when Key was talking and gradually hit Key. Key said that Minho was tiresome.

During Kiss Yo, at the center steps, Key fixed his shoelaces with his back facing the audience. Even though Minho was bothering him, he still managed to tie both of the shoes, properly picked up the receiver when his line coming up and looked back to the crowd. Key was great.

(Cr: realrinahyun48)

At the final greeting, Jonghyun declared in front of Shawols, "SHINee will keep on dashing as 5 member group!!!"
Thank you!!!

During the intro of 3 2 1, Jonghyun moved his butt following to rhythm. He moved a bit too much that make one feels like telling him to calm down. Cute.

SHINee came from the back stage for Kiss Kiss Kiss and they're very close to me!!! Key saw my uchiwa that read "Give me a flying kiss!" and he actually gave me one!!

(Cr: __48718)

During Kiss Yo, Jonghyun touched Taemin's butt. I saw it.

(Cr: naomibutausagi1)

Onew danced moderately at first so I was worried if his neck still hurt but towards the end he went wild, dancing energetically.

During To Your Heart, Onew's "Yakusoku da yo~" line, he looked at the camera and winked.

During Beautiful, the part where Minho sang at the center with dancers around them, Onew lightly imitated the dancers' move but then Key joined and did the moved aggressively.

During encore MC, Onew was standing rigidly while facing back and the cameraman kept filming him. Onew then turned with his big smile, causing the cameraman to laugh.

(Cr: 1010_sj)

During Beautiful, Taemin seemed to be bothered about his outfit and talked to Jonghyun about it. Seemed like the button fell off and I could slightly see what was beneath that shirt.

(Cr: cmh_189)

After Minho was poured with water by Jonghyun, he tried to do the same to Jonghyun, silently sneaking behind him but it was shown in the screen and Jonghyun was looking at it so he noticed what Minho was doing and dashed to escape.

During The SHINee World, before "Naega Minho!" part, Minho was hiding something which turned out to be a swan(?) hat. He wore it then. The next "Naega Minho!" line, he wore a spectacles with "Happy Birthday" written on it!

Credits: @redndazzling

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