Friday, December 20, 2013

[NEWS] Jonghyun composed and wrote Son Dambi's upcoming digital single "Red Candle"

Son Dambi is coming back after one year with her third digital single, "Red Candle". The song for her big return is by none other than SHINee's Jonghyun. In order to escape the image of a dancer-singer, Dambi received several demos of new styles from various composers. She was recommended Jonghyun, who has a great talent for composing, so she requested a song from him.

 Jonghyun created "Red Candle", which is of a special genre made just for Son Dambi. It's a mysterious bossa nova style that goes well with Son Dambi's sexy voice. Not only did Jonghyun compose and write the song, he also took part in the vocal directing and worked on it passionately to perfect the song. The lyrics relate the characteristics of a candle to someone in love, who feels excited and nervous at the same time.

 Son Dambi's third digital single "Red Candle" will be revealed on the 23rd at 12PM KST.

credits : sfinee

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