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[FANACC] 131224 SHINee World 2013 Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour in Tokyo (Day 1)

04.Replay -君は僕のeverything-
06.I'm With You
08.Sunny Day Hero
10.Why So Serious?
12.Kiss Yo
14.Dazzling Girl
17.Moon River Waltz
19.Dream Girl(Japanese version)
20.To Your Heart
21.Burning Up!
23.Breaking News
24.Colors of the season
25.EVERYBODY(Japanese ver)
26.The SHINee World
27.Run With Me
30.Boys Meet U

Cut Song
Kiss Kiss Kiss
Credit: tickebo_suki

[Before the concert]
Right after Kibum got off the van...... he began using the car's reflection to look at himself... You stayed in the car so long, why do you still have to get off the van to look at yourself ?! Is it because the car's reflection is more comfortable and bigger size? ! Someone please invent a portable big-sized mirror for him.
Credit: human-lock

This is too funnyXD Onew is dressed up as a christmas tree. This crazy person kept on chasing those people who are on stage and after that he blocked Key from going anywhere else. Key broke into laughter and then Onew tree used the star that was on his head to annoy Minho. After that when Onew tree is pretending to plant himself on the ground, Jonghyun kept on using his energy to pull the star that was on Onew’s head.

At the end of WSS, Taemin stripped off his outer coat and threw it offstage. And he was left with wearing a translucent sleeveless shirt and started singing Password. Taemin-ah.. the people at the bottom of the stage can see the figure of your body…

During the talk, when Key was talking, the whole place was very quiet. Then when a fan shouted KEY, Key shouted ‘aye’ in a high tone in reply
Credit: Bling_NiNi

At the end of KISS YO, Key held a phone and said ‘do you wanna kiss me? ?’ then he kissed the phone and handed the phone to Taemin. Taemin pushed it away shyly.

During MC 2, Key : (not sure what kind of topics he said because there were too much) Everyone’s support is my source of energy.
Taemin: With everyone’s support, we can keep on continue going forward..
Jonghyun: We still left with today, tomorrow. 2 days. This year when we just started the JAT tour, the weather was still very hot. And now its the end of the year already.
Onew: We have reached the last song for today’s concert
Everyone: Eh ??!!
Onew: I also hate having to do this…
Minho: Yoyogi is indeed impressive. Everyone is so good

At Start, Onew wore the christmas tree clothes, in the middle of the concert, there’s a small part where he kneeled in the centre of the stage. Jonghyun then kept on playing with the star on top of Onew’s christmas tree. Then in the end he congratulate Taemin for successfully able to ride a tricycle down the steps and not getting it stuck there

After Minho rapped his part ‘I wanna kiss yo’ in KISS YO, he dash to Taemin and hugged him and kissed his head crazily

Onew: I am already 25 years old
Jonghyun: You are only 25 !
(Jonghyun of course can’t tease he’s 25, because in not more than a few months, he’ll be turning 25 too)

After encore, when the members are going back to the stage for introductions, Taemin saw that Onew was sweating a lot, he took Onew’s towel that was on his shoulder and helped to wipe his sweat. After introductions, Onew leaned onto Taemin’s shoulder and also bowed. Onew took quite a long time to lift up his head, Taemin then pulled on Onew’s shirt to pull Onew up from his bow. (Seems like Onew is very tired today)  

After that when Key asked Taemin if he has prepared anything, Taemin pretended not to hear him on the first time, Key asked again and Taemin whispered “i didn’t prepare anything at all..” Key then said that Taemin’s dancing is very good, let him use his body language to express his feelings right now. Taemin’s dance made everyone felt puzzled and after that Taemin said that he feels very troubled

After everybody, Onew said a lot of stuff during mc time, and then at the end he said “ I’m at my physical body’s limit..” Key spoke out “Is there something wrong with the age"

After that Key turned to let Minho use his body to express his feelings at that moment in time, Onew came out and also did the same too. Onew did an extremely hard acrobatics move where he lifted up one of his legs and squatted.
Key: Is that something that humans can do
Onew: I am a human..
After that the rest of the members tried doing it but they couldn’t.
Credit: 菜小绪_

When they were singing Replay just now, the chain that dropped down from Jonghyun’s clothes was dangling onto his microphone. Jonghyun then handsomely took it down and broke the chain. When they are singing Lucifer, my friend who is at the front row said that in less than half an hour to the opening of the concert, Kibum has already taken off his clothes till it was at his arms at least twice.

SHINee wore the santa claus clothes and pretend to dance Hello. Jonghyun kept placing his hands inside his clothes and dance. (Those people in the front row… probably isn’t doing good)

It’s MC-ing time now. Kibum said we can expect a lot from the concert today. Expect a lot ! ! Does the boys have surprises in store for us?

Today Onew wore the Christmas Tree clothes. After that he kneeled in the centre of the stage. Jonghyun then went to pull the star from his head. He kept on pulling~~

Jonghyun said he’s nervous because he’s in front of everyone, and also because this is the last JAT tour in Japan, so he’ll still be very nervous. very nervous…

When Key, Minho, Taemin are changing clothes, Jonghyun and Onew were finding topics to talk about and then they switched with the other 3.. Minho took out a paper and said a lot of stuff and then said ‘Merry Christmas’ at the end. Hyungs asked Taemin what has he prepared, Taemin said he didn’t prepare anything. Key said that his dancing is very good. . . After that Taemin danced a dance that left everyone feeling perplexed.. After that Key also danced. Onew performed a little acrobatics.

It has ended. Today I thought they would never come to our province.. There’s even a float ! ! ! I have never been this close, this close to see them before… Taemin-ah…. Your laughter, how can it be this cute.. T_____T I can never leave this fandom anymore.
Credit: Dark_Mocha星冰楽

Today Minho prepared a small paper, said “I have something that I want to tell everyone, but because i have difficulty speaking it in japanese, everyone…….everyone…… Merry Merry Christ-Christmas~” The whole place started breaking out in laughter. (Using Japanese to express Merry Christmas and using english, there’s not much difference. You still need to prepare a small paper for this = = But the embarrassed expression of Minho made everyone felt that he was very cute.

At the middle of the concert when the 3 members are changing, Onew and Jonghyun was chatting casually. Onew: Aish... my body is at its limit now
Jonghyun with the expressionless face: ……
Key who has changed his clothes and suddenly appeared on stage, took back the MC role and said: 'that is not because of the age !'

#Jongyu# During the talk segment, Onew: “Jonghyun, in this year that is going to pass, how has it been?
Jonghyun: ha?
Onew: a~~ hehehe, i mean that, so it’s that, this year, been been been been been… how has it been?
Jonghyun: …..ha?
After that Jonghyun looked at Onew and broke into a big laughter.
Onew looked at Jonghyun and also laughed
Credit: SHINeeBloom绽放

At the end when they are thanking the fans, Taemin went to wipe Onew’s sweat and then he asked Taemin to thank the fans first. After that Onew actually hug Taemin ! ! ! ! ! ahhh~~ I seen it happened with my own eyes ! ! !
Credit: lovelyONEW

During KISS YO, Jonghyun's nose has something dirty on it, KEY carefully helped Jonghyun to remove it

Key: Today it’s a special day, right?
Jonghyun: So do we have anything specially planned?
Key: yes… (laughed shyly)
Jonghyun: We have, right?
Key: Because today is a special day, so we might have something specially planned ~ Please look forward to it
Credit: Shirayuuu

How is this both the same person ! ! ! ! Do you play like this with the Santa Claus costume ??
Credit: Locket_J的小钥匙

During KISS YO, Minho kissed Taemin ! Just like the last time ! ! !

Onew is so so hyper tonight and Key and Taemin just keep revealing their flesh
MC: JH said something very quick and smooth and their others started teasing and imitating him
START: Onew is the Xmas tree!!!
The crazy Xmas tree is chasing after everyone on the stage and blocked Key's way and Key bursts into laughter

Onew the Xmas tree ran to poke Minho with the star on his head and JH kept tugging at the star when Onew planted himself on the ground
KISS YO: Minho kissed taemin
DAZZLING GIRL: shinee changes into Santa costumes!!!!

Looks like SHINee is planning to carry on performing in their Santa costumes
KISS YO: at the end Key kissed the receiver twice and handed it to Taemin, and Taemin simply hung up on him

MC: when it's Onew's turn to speak, he said 助けてください (pls help me) and gave a wide grin
MC: Onew tossed his sweaty fringe n the fans started screaming and he went 'Huh?
Onew announces the last song n the fans went nooooo and he said 'I know, I don't want (it to end) too~' and threw the ball to Minho

SHiNee is performing EVERYBODY Japanese version!!!!

It's Onew and Jonghyun mcs alone on the stage now!! They really have difficulty chatting with each other in Japanese

After Everybody Key was like 'I said it right? You guys can look forward to something right??

Now Minkeytaem are on stage, they are taking turns to change clothes.
Onew was like please take over, this is the limit of my energy
Onew is like, cos I'm already 25... Jonghyun said 'you're ONLY 25!'

Taemin has a handkerchief ribbon tied on his cap
While the rest were talking Onew pretended to have difficulty walking to reach for the bottle of water like an old man

Ending: Key is whacking Jonghyun with a towel and Taemin is wiping Onew's sweat for him

Onew was really tired.
At one point he couldn't catch up with the rest running from side to side of the stage during Sherlock

Minho said he prepared something special since it's Xmas, he wrote a letter. Key asked Taemin 'What about you?'
Taemin: Huh? What? I can't hear you.... Ok actually I didn't prepare anything... I'm sorry.
Key: Hmmmm. You are good at dancing right? A cool dance is boring, why not you do a dance to express the atmosphere (of the concert) now?
And Taemin did a funny dance and called it the 'troubled dance' .

Then when Onew and Jonghyun came back on stage,
Key said to Onew,
Key: express the current atmosphere with a dance!
And Onew did this bizarre Zen pose squatting on 1 foot.
Key: Wait, is this a pose a normal human being can do?!
Onew: errr I am a human being you know?
And everyone started trying out that strange pose
Credit: ipipie

During 1000-nen zutto soba ni ite. I was excited that Minho's part was coming but then only his lips that shown on the screen. Eh? Why not his whole face? Cameraman, you like lips that much?

Source: mii05minho

SHINee Santa arrived in Yoyogi ━(゜∀゜)━!!

During Stranger. In Nagoya, they're lifted up on a platform slowly but this time, Taemin's appearance was made through a jump! As I thought, could it be? Onew also jumped up gloriously♡ I guess he is fully recovered. That's great ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Jonghyun and Minho jumped at the same time! Usually Minho is the one jumps higher but from what I could see from the 2nd floor... they're about the same level today♡→I see Jjong differently now(*^ω^*)

The fact that they came out riding a cart means it's considered as not safe to let them walk near the fans. I hope that next year we can let SHINee have their tour feeling safe.

I think the number of those captured by Minho's left eye's wink increased by each concert!

Source: shinee725

During MC after the encore, when it's just Minho, Taemin and Key. Minho said he prepared a letter just for this day and suddenly took out a paper. I was teary when I saw this and when he read out, "Everyone... everyone..." I was already crying. But he continued then, "Merry Christmas!" with expression as if nothing happened.

Minho and Jonghyun were at the passage on the left side of the main stage during Start. They weren't as playful as in Nagoya but just cutely grinning at each other.

After the encore, Minho kept doing fan service till the end... Even after lights off he waved with both of his hands towards those in the right stand♡
I like that Minho ( ;  ; )♡

Minho always gives the same comment.
During SW in Nagoya, "As expected, Nagoya is the best!"
During SW in Yoyogi, "As expected, Yoyogi is the best!"
But I still like him

Onew was the one who had to wear costume today, wearing Christmas tree.
From the start till the end his face appeared from the small  circle in the tree with his full smile.
He was too cute that Minho lost from my sight lol

Minho rode something like a scooter with handle but it just won't move forward lol ... In the end he pushed it with his leg ⇨ 1,2 ⇨ stopped ⇨ pushed ⇨ 1,2 ⇨ stopped

The first song performed in encore was Everybody.
Everyone in Yoyogi was super hyped when they saw those 5 were lying down in the dark.
The chant was in sync and the lights from the lightsticks was so beautiful

During MC in encore, after Minho's "letter", Key went nearer to Taemin and asked, "Did you prepared anything?". Taemin was troubled because of that and looked at Key with glittering eyes. Such eyes were so... thank you.

At the end of VCR before Keeping Love Again, I could see SHINee was in stand by. Jonghyun was obviously just couldn't calm down, making me wonder whether he's that happy to spend Christmas Eve together among 5 of them LOL ... cute

Key: Try to express with your body on how you're feeling right now!
Taemin: That's
Key: Express your feeling!
Minho was about to do it but the elder two came out.
Jonghyun: What are you guys talking about~?
Key: Try to express with your body on how you're feeling right now.
Jonghyun: With body?
... I guess everyone forgot about Minho already

Source: minpo_is_real

At the final greeting Taemin wiped Onew's face with towel hanging on Onew's neck. After the final greeting Onew hugged Taemin.

Source: moyutm_

After Everybody, Onew was too tired and couldn't get up. Minho went to Onew with his expression as if saying, "You're tired?" and quickly hand water to Onew. Such Minho was so handsome

Source: 1214holic

MC during encore... when there were just Key, Minho and Taemin. Taemin said, "Taemin and Minho, what can we talk about with these 3 people?"
Please call out Key's name too LOL

Taemin rode a tricycle in Start today! Everyone else around him was being playful but he was pedalling the tricycle with  earnestly with a serious face LOL ... He had improved in riding the tricycle compared to the previous time. ✧

Sunny Day Hero... Today, during Taemin's part "We even give a hug to anyone we pass by (translated lyrics)", the one he hugged was none other than himself LOL. Hugging himself tightly with both of his hands ><♡

During Minho's rap in Beautiful, Onew was dancing aggressively by himself at the back without any other companion.

During MC, Onew pulled his fringe upwards and it was showed on the screen so the fans were screaming as they saw it. But Onew didn't know why fans were screaming so he asked with his mic "Hmm? What? What is it?"
It's just you being too gorgeous!♡♡

Source: taemhmh92

Encore, when Onew and Jonghyun were changing clothes and the other 3 left on the stage, it's quite silent for a short while.
Key: What can these 3 people talk about? I don't know... We're troubled.

Onew whispered, "I'm tired..." and Key replied with a smile, "It's because of your age, right?"
After silent for a moment...
"I... Onew... this year... is 25 years old..."
Onew said that softly while looking up...
Old man... LOL

Source: px_xd_

During the last part of Kiss Yo..
Key said his line "Would you like to kiss me?", kissed the phone receiver twice and held it over to Taemin. Then laughed loudly.

Onew, who was made to wear the Christmas tree during Start, seemed very, very happy and kept running around. He first ran cutely towards Key who was at the furthest position from him ♥. Key who noticed Onew then had a good laugh ♥

Christmas tree Onew, even though he ran around apparently no one really paid attention that much to him so he went to stab Minho instead.

Santa costume... Jonghyun, Key and Minho danced with it well buttoned up while Onew and Taemin kept dancing leaving it unbuttoned.

Source: muki_SWJapan

During Kiss Yo, Minho and Taemin had a glorious kiss!!! More aggressive than the one in Fukuoka!!!

After Minho's letter, Key asked Taemin...
Key: Where is your letter?
Taemin: I'm sorry, I didn't prepare any letter.
Then Key suddenly commented.
Key: Taemin is skilled in dancing, right?
Taemin: Thank you very much!
Key: So, please use your body to express how you're feeling now!
Taemin started to do a mysterious bow legged "dance"
Taemin: It's a "Troubled" dance!

During the talk before TSW. Even though Onew had just announced that he was already at his stamina limit, when Key asked him to express his current feeling using his body, Onew did a squatting Cossack dance pose, and kept it like that for a while. Seeing that, Key exclaimed, "That's not something a human can do!" so all the other members tried but only Taemin who succeeded!

During Start, Onew became a Christmas tree and running around the stage. He went to Minho and attacked Minho's tummy with the star on top of the tree. End of the song, He knelt down on the stage. Jonghyun came to him, grabbed the star and dragged Onew tree.

Sunny Day Hero... Even though Minho tried to make Taemin choose him by pointing to himself, in the end Taemin chose to hug himself. Was that why he attacked Taemin in Kiss Yo?
Key said that it's okay to expect something special today. Jonghyun asked him back whether there's going to be a special stage but Key brushed it off by saying once again that it's okay to expect something today. After the said special stage, Everybody, ended Key asked once again with proud face, "Told you, right? I said that you should expect something!"

Source: aionee_51

They performed Everybody (Japanese ver). And this time, instead of walking from stage at the back, they moved around on the cart. That's great! They should've done that from the start.

As Onew the Christmas tree was running around and audience cheering for him, there was someone who trying hard pedalling a tricycle with a lean back and a serious face.
He was Taemin (21)

Source: shinette0718

During MC, Jonghyun said "Let's get hyped together! Yoroshiku!!!" but he said yoroshiku with low tone as if uninterested.
Minho found it amusing and imitated it.

Today, Jonghyun's line left quite an impression!
"The tour started in summer but now is already at the end of the year."
"This tour started in June and tomorrow will be the last... It's a proof of our hard work"
His choice of words had increased! I think it's great!

Source: korea_shygeeks

Both Onew and Jonghyun gesturing to staff about their mic, they looked so cool doing that.

I saw the lifting part in Everybody from the side. When Jonghyun was being lifted up, he was holding to Onew's arm and Onew grabbed Jonghyun's hand firmly. That's really impressive! Onew was a bit unsteady but Jonghyun still smiled a bit and didn't look wavered. I could feel how strong their mutual trust!

After he was "kissed" in Kiss Yo by Minho, Taemin looked over towards Onew. Then Onew came to him and pat his butt.

Key was the first to notice Onew in Christmas tree costume and he had a big laugh.
Then Minho saw Onew and had a big laugh too.
After Onew ran around on the stage, only then Jonghyun noticed him and laughed.
Taemin was the last to notice and smiled.
Onew-hyung is well loved.

Source: Luno_stelo

The other members looked fine wearing it but Jonghyun looked like he once again borrowed daddy's suit when they donned Santa costume.

There's a mistake again in 1000-nen. Taemin's part got shifted in its timing, so he stuck out his tongue. The music was a bit fast this time? I think there were quite a number of time where the timing got a bit off...

When they're wearing that black and gold costume, I don't remember which song. Onew's jacket was a bit flapped open and I saw his armpit orz Thank you orz

Minho's rap part in Beautiful that I always anticipated... Today the other 3 didn't dance at the back. Only Onew did, and he glanced at Jonghyun but Jonghyun didn't join him. Onew looked once again at Jonghyun but Jonghyun still didn't danced with him in the end... Too bad

Taemin's hairstyle today was different from usual and it went messy even from the start LOL. The fringe seemed to bother him. Even during MC he would hold it up like the apple hair. Taemin, it's okay for you to tie it up... or rather, please tie it.

Source: gumi093

Kim Jonghyun was terrible at throwing the frisbee.
The frisbee flying in vertical form.
Usually it should be horizontal, right?
Onew was great in throwing it though.
In short, Kim Jonghyun was terrible at throwing the frisbee.
But his singing and dance were perfect.

Source: BFB1A4

Onew and Jonghyun's talk time while Key, Minho and Taemin changing clothes...
Onew: My stamina is at its limit...
Jonghyun: (Silent)
Key: Isn't that because of your age?!
Key, who was done changing clothes came back at the right time with the right comment.

When Onew did the gesture to express how he was feeling, Key commented, "Is that something that a human can do!?" Onew replied in a soft voice, "... I'm a human, you know?"

When it's dark and Jonghyun was about to put his mic on the floor. Even though it's dark and nobody would watch him, he still spinned his mic as usual before putting it down. So manly.

When they're about to leave the stage, Jonghyun cutely repeated "Matta ne~ matamata~ matamata~ (See you again~ again again~ again again~)" and went down the stage.

Lastly, Jonghyun nonchalantly said, "SHINee World J, thank you."
It's just a short line and no one reacted to it... but actually it reverberated in my heart. Thank you.

Source: s_s4s_m

Credits: @redndazzling, @sfinee, J.Kimkeysemily @

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