Friday, December 6, 2013

[TWITTER] Jonghyun Twitter Update 131205

"@realjonghyun90간밤에 악몽을 꿨다. 고등학교를 재입학하는 말도안되는 꿈이었다. 난...지금 대학생이라고...!! 처음해보는 야자에 24살에 고3이라니!! 실내화안신었다고 벌도 섯다고! 핫챠!! 평소 교내로멘스를 꿈꿨는데 남고라니!! 악몽이야!"

 [trans] "I had a nightmare overnight. I had thus ridiculous dream of re-entering high school. I'm... a college student right now...!! It was my first night self study and I was a senior in high school at 24 years old!! I got scolded because I wasn't wearing the proper inside shoes! Hacha!! I dreamt of in-class romance all the time but it was an all-boys school!! It was a nightmare!"

credits : realjonghyun90
translations : shiningtweets

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