Friday, December 6, 2013

[TRANS] 131204 SHINee - 3,2,1 MV Filming Episode Part 1

Part 1: Mischievous Onew

"This scene was filmed by having the members jump from a platform about 50cm tall onto a spread mattress.

 It started with Onew as the first member!! But then his foot slipped from the platform and he lost his balance, so he fell onto the mattress with a slam! He looked like he sprained his ankle, so the staff who were watching began to worry and asked, "Onew, are you okay?!"

 Onew suddenly lifted up his face energetically and answered, "I'm fine~!! Everyone, you're shocked?!" with a big smile towards the staff. Apparently, Onew's mischievous heart was at its work (laugh) Seeing the well spirited Onew made the staff relieved.

That was Onew, who was very much satisfied to have successfully tricked the staff."

credits : sfinee

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