Monday, February 18, 2013

[TRANS]SHINee’s Official LINE event - ON-AIR CHAT 130218

Dugeun dugeun dugeun~~ 5 more minutes till the start of conversation with SHINee are you ready?
Questions for SHINee that you’re curious about the comeback! Please send in from now :-]
Right now practice is in full swing for SHINee ‘Dream Girl’ comeback show on Wednesday!
Wah~~~ Even today questions are bommbed its great keke today’s teaser release have all of you watched it? Anyone who can’t see it yet please send it once more~
This breathtaking backview who’s~that????? Fans you definitely will know immediately right? ㅋ_ㅋ
[SHINeeSyasyaysasya-nim, you are wondering how we feel the day before comeback? The answer…. SHINee is back.
[Onew] Kim Eojin-nim, we want to show a studio album coming out on this look ~ And SHINee can communicate with you with the stage
[??] Songkyu-nim, What lyrics do I like the most in dreamgirl but of course..! “손에 잡힐듯 잡히지 않아~ Dream Girl” (★Who’s part? You know right ke) 
[Key] Lee Eunna-nim, Who is SHINee oppas’ dreamgirl? You already asked. My answer, all of you~ ke
[Onew] Park Hyunjung-nim, What do oppas eat to be so handsome, sing well, dance well, you already asked! I’m a Korean. I eat rice ke
[Minho] Kim Shujin-nim, You’re curious what are one of the point in dream girl MV? We each use an individual mic stand! Thats one of the point of the choreography!
[Key] Shirt-nim, In this album other than the titled song, which is the favourite of your own, you ask me? Hitchhiking!
[Key] Ahn Hyoeun-nim, the existing features of the new album to the other albums you asked about. The song is a different song ke
[Jonghyun] Yoo Yongseo-nim, Which member change their image the most in this album? Its me me I change o o
[Jonghyun] Lee Gyeongyang-nim, you asked what is the hardest in preparation of this album~ Dance practice and recording~! Worrying part is too much ke ha
Jung Yewon-nim, this song too is difficult to get high naturally. Aren’t you worried for your throat?[Jonghyun] As usual ke ha
[Onew] This song is difficult to sing… Strong possibility… hahaha?

[Jonghyun] Yerin-nim, What was the feeling when I first listened to dreamgirl. Its great good d d d d
[Taemin] Min Sojung-nim, You asked if this was sent while practice is going on?? (Im wondering) Been practicing hard for the comeback show to be broadcast soon. How about everyone of you?
Hanseol-ssi’s question! Describe ‘Dream Girl’ using colour? 
[Taemin] black and white i think? 
[Key] What ㅡㅡ? No, colourful 
[Jonghyun] Fight
[Minho] Describe this album in one word? Jiyeong-nim’s question. Dream i guess ha
[Minho] The tracks of your favourite song asked by Lee Juhye-nim. Beautiful~ You are all beautiful ^^
[Taemin] Somin-nim How do you feel knowing that for the showcase tickets fans staying up all night. Really thankful for cheering us and please watch well ^^
[Jonghyun] Lee Sangah-nim, you asked whats the name of the dance of this album. Recommendation please.
[Key] Jiyeong-nim, you asked, any girl group dance that you are attracted to recently? I got a boy A YO GG!
Today’s On air time ends now~ 20th SHINee Dream Girl comeback show please anticipate alot!

Source: SHINee’s LINE account
Screencaps and arranged by Forever_SHINee
English Translations: YangMehLin

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