Sunday, February 10, 2013

[INFO] Two songs from SHINee’s third album titled “Aside” and “Dynamite”

Two tracks by SHINee underwent review through the MBC media review system and were approved on the 7th to be broadcast. They are assumed to be included in the third album which will be released on the 19th. 

 The first track is titled “방백/Bangbaek” in Korean and “Aside” in English. “Aside” is a theatrical terminology defined as “unspoken thoughts of a character delivered directly to the audience with the other characters on stage but unable to hear what is being said.” It was composed and written by Hwang Hyun, a member of the widely known composing team, Sweetune. Hwang Hyun has worked for other SMTOWN artists in the past, having composed “Oppa Nappa” by JeTiHyun, “…Is It OK?” by f(x), “Athena” by DBSK, “SPY” by Super Junior, and more. The second track “Dynamite” was composed by Kim Bumin and written by Hitchhiker. Hitchhiker has worked with SHINee in the past, on “Electric Heart” in their Lucifer album. 

 Source: MBC Review System 
Translated and written by: kimchi hana @

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