Sunday, February 17, 2013

[TRANS]Naver LINE Chat Session with SHINee from February 15th

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Moon, Brown, and Cony are at SHINee’s practice room! SHINee’s replies will start soon. *-*
There are so many questions!!! You’re all the best indeed. ㅋ_ㅋ Everyone is watching.
They’re contemplating~~~ on which questions to reply to hahahaha.

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[Minho] Kim Chaeeun-nim! Thank you for worrying about my injury TT I’ve gotten a lot better...
[Jonghyun] Answer to the question asked by Moon Jisoo-nim! The colors I like are red and black!!!
[Onew] Lee Woojung-nim asked what I’m going to eat for dinner.
I’m practicing right now so I’m thinking about it.. What should I eat? Haha.
[Minho] La-nim asked what the 5th anniversary event will be... It’s... still a secret, hah.
[Jonghyun] A barrage of replies is coming!!
[Jonghyun] Yoojin-nim asked which member has become the best looking... It's me, Kim Jonghyun ohoh every day is my best day ohoh!!

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[Onew] Areum-nim asked to cheer on the examinees. Be strong!
Being an examinee is when you have the most worries ~ But forget about them and only think about what you want..
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[Taemin] cobb-nim, you requested for a word to the SHINee fans who are working at their offices right now!
Be strong even if you’re tired.. Always be happy and smile^^ Hwaiting.
[Key] Hyeya-nim, you asked why Jonghyun is so shamelessly good looking.... Can I laugh a bit?
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[Jonghyun] Song Juyoung-nim.. You asked what Keybum oppa’s #1 treasure is. I shall answer it for him. Kibum’s treasure is Jonghyun.
[Taemin] Heo Myungin-nim, you asked what I enjoy lately, right? I don’t know..
I think it’s always the same~ It’s practicing and I’ve been playing soccer with my friends these days.
[Taemin] Kim Leejoon-nim asked who the fastest typer in SHINee is~ Wouldn’t that be Taemin? This is Jonghyun. (Huh? keke)

[SHINee] Please look forward to SHINee’s comeback on the 19th!
Don’t forget about LINE ON-AIR every day at 6PM! Goodbye for today!

Source: Naver LINE
Translated by: kimchi hana @ 

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