Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[DREAM GIRL]Place your orders now ! 2ND BATCH Opened !

NOTICE: MYSHAWOLS are not taking orders but onyuxccy is, We believe all possible questions answered well already! So place your order now!

This is for Malaysian only. Please read through every single words below, I won't be repeating at all.

There was a 18% discount for Batch 1 buyers, now the discount is eliminated and the original price would be charged for each album.

I will still take RM65 for an album (same as Batch 1) as both batches will be combined into one shipping. If the amount isn't too big I will absorb the extra fees, however if the cost is too much, I will require top-up from everyone (only Batch 2 buyers).

There will only be 1 version of cover and poster, so please do not request for specific member's.

Batch 2 will be split into two, first 10 albums will be into 2nd week sales, and the 11th onwards will be into 3rd week sales. First come first served basis, the chance to get a poster is higher if you're in the 2nd week sale, no guarantee though.

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